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Change Your Love Choices and Begin to Love Loving!

DATE: 17th September

Price: Euro 44


Sometimes, physical pain can never compare with the deep ache of a broken heart. It consumes your entire being. It can take months if not years to recover from. Ring a bell? You’re not alone.

Ask yourself:

X Has a current or past relationship caused more pain than joy?

X Ever given your best, and gotten their worst in return?

X Were you used and abused? Abandoned? Maddened?

In this masterclass you will learn:

  • Why do GOOD people make BAD choices?

  • How to recognize toxic people BEFORE it is too late?

  • How can YOU spot the red flags… before you get in too deep?

Don't let your past pain ruin your future happiness- learn how to make smart choices and begin to love loving!


Healthy Boundaries for Healthy Relationships

Date: 18th September

Price: 44 Euro


We’re always told that relationships are about compromise. To a certain extent, sure. But; how much are you willing to compromise to be happy? You should never discard your integrity or dignity just for the sake of being in a relationship. In fact, you need to have clear boundaries that you are able to express to current or future partners – whether you’re single, married, or somewhere in-between.

Ask yourself:

X How can you set healthy boundaries, without feeling guilty?

X What are healthy boundaries, and what are the signs of weak boundaries?

X How can boundaries help you while guaranteeing safety and respect in any relationship?

In this masterclass you will learn how to:

- Listen to your body, and know when it sends out warning signals

- Set and protect your personal boundaries

- Communicate your boundaries in an assertive yet gentle and loving way

Any problem in any relationship can be greatly improved by knowing and communicating your boundaries to your loved ones. Join and learn how.


Dating 101: All You Need to Know and Do Before You Say "I do".

Date: 19th September

Price: 44 Euro


How can you navigate the stages of a blossoming relationship, before committing? Understanding and mastering your pre-commitment journey is VITAL. Knowing how to do so will ultimately lead to a happy commitment, but not knowing may lead you to an outcome you never wanted in the first place.

Ask yourself:

X Why do most couples break up in the first year, after the “honeymoon” phase and before the “commitment” stage?

X Why do people 'ghost'?

X How can you guarantee successful and effective communication throughout?

X What obstacles do you need to go through, as a couple, to reach the final stage of your pre-commitment journey? AKA, the “I do” stage!

X How can you navigate through each step effectively, seamlessly reaching your relationship goals?

In this masterclass you will learn:

Critical Stages of early relationships

The principle of “Polarity'' and the role it plays in relationship dynamics

The three secret “C’s” to relationship success (Chemistry, Compatibility, and Communication)

15 essential questions to negotiate with your partner before you say ‘I do’

With so much to gain, there’s no time to lose. A better future is out there – don’t keep it waiting and learn to navigate your pre-commitment journey:


What Past Participants Said:

'I attended Veronica's last workshop on dating and relationships. It was a very insightful look into polarity (masculine vs feminine energy) and how to navigate the first 12 months of a relationship. I realized that I still have a lot to learn! She is clearly dedicated to her work and is very patient and understanding. I appreciated the structured and objective approach. Looking forward to the next workshop!'

Nathaniel Johnson

''Regardless of your experience, age, gender, nationality and main language, Veronica talks about relationships in a very interesting and accessible way. The modern world can be very confusing for a person who is looking for a soulmate, and this requires coaches and psychologists. Veronica's workshops are full of interesting and useful information. And even if you think you know everything, believe you don't. I highly recommend Veronica to everyone. Looking forward for a next workshop!''

Dasha Loshakova

'Presented with passion and in-depth knowledge, this workshop struck a chord and resonated for days. It helped me to sort through the many emotions which surfaced and indicated the right path for healing and making conscious choices. Very interesting and highly recommended for anyone, regardless of the relationship status and history.'

Mel S.

''I attended the workshop «Change your love choices» which was organized in May.

It was a useful and productive workshop. Veronica gave us the structured information which helped us to make a quick analysis of our personality and how we do choices in our life regarding the partners.
The atmosphere was friendly and we enjoyed to listen to Veronica and share our experience.
It was a very professional job of Veronica and I highly recommend her workshops.
Thank you.''

Liudmila Epifanova

''Last month I attended the workshop called 'Healthy Relationship Boundaries' which helped me to understand the importance of my personal boundaries and what it exactly means to me. It helped me to learn ways to communicate these boundaries effectively within all forms of my relationships, whether personal, family or social etc. I’ve been struggling with saying ‘No’ to people for quite a long time in my life. Veronica and her sessions made me realise I was afraid of saying ‘No’ because my biggest fear is rejection.

Through this workshop I’ve learned how to identify different communication styles and successfully execute assertiveness. I don’t feel trapped, resentful, or guilty anymore. Instead, I feel empowered and free.

And I can’t stop thanking Veronica for this'

Mira Va

'I had a great opportunity to attend Veronica's workshop on Dating/ Relationship, called "101 Dating: All You Need to Know and Do Before You Say “I Do” some time ago. If you ever wondered how to have a happy relationship, what actually a happy relationship is and how to navigate in it, Veronica answers that question during her lecture. I have very much enjoyed the workshop, the information is offered in a very understandable and interactive way. I actually think it would be very useful for those who are actually not in a relationship yet. It's important to keep educating yourself and always keep learning, I want to thank Veronica for giving me this opportunity, it's great to see that she is really passionate about what she does and actually, does it really well!

Irina Kolomietz

'I found ‘The change your love choices’ workshop very empowering. At first I felt confronted by the content but knew that it had hit a place within me that I needed to nurture. Veronica was well informed and she delivered with a caring heart.

I feel that energy has since shifted within me to allow a change to take place.'

Joanne M.





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