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RELATIONSHIPS: Intimate Diversity

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... because we are shaped by our Friendships, Loving & Family Relationships, and meaningful bonds with New People entering our lives

About this Event

For those who care about Relationships.

★ For women who have identified an issue around their Relationship with men

For men who have identified an issue around their Relationship with women

For men and women looking to attract Love or exploring issues with Friends and Family in a supportive and very stimulating forum

You may be single or partnered, in a nontraditional polyamorous formation, straight or of any sexual orientation

For a person from the GSRD communities who would like their relationship with different genders and sexuality than theirs to flourish

For persons who feel that they belong to the BAME community and would like to engage in a forum where diversity is treated with authenticity and compassion as opposed than in a superficial or PC way.

Most importantly, for anyone who is after a group forum where they can strive to relate to one other as HUMAN BEINGS to practice the mastery of the Art of Relationship to Attract Meaningful relationships into their life

Please note that this forum is not intended to be a dating one but one where emotional intimacy and personal boundaries are valued and respected.



Whether we like them or not we are very much shaped by

past and future Friendships, Loving Relationships, Family Relationships

and Meaningful Relationships with Strangers

Hence in this workshop firstly we go about setting up a

Meaningful Dialogue amongst Participants

who wish to explore & discuss their own

significant Relationships,

whilst Authentically meeting each other.

For us this is more powerful and apt “than addressing relationships in isolated bubbles”

(eg loving relationships workshops, women or men groups, groups specifically for the BAME or GSRD communities)



Because we believe that Human beings are somewhat unconsciously tribal,

so we need to understand diversity, to master relationships

…. we need to Practice diversity

HOW will this be RELEVANT and Excitingly USEFUL to me? IF what I’m really after is Finding Love, or overcoming issues with or around Friends or Family?

→ One reason why we so often struggle with loving relationships (although an equivalent process occurs with friends and family) is that we indeed project our expectations onto a “man” , “a woman” a “ gay sibling” “an asian friend”

→ Instead, when we master how to relate to one another as HUMAN BEINGS, then we become relatively free from expectations, desires, fears and judgments. It’s paradoxical that the moment we become less attached to the Object of our Desires & Fears, that simply ATTRACTS WHAT WE WERE AFTER in the first place. We stop pushing people Away from us as we start Treating them as Persons!



In most groups (and without setting any goal setting rules) we find ourselves realising that we share an intention to build a new culture together — based on trust that comes from speaking the truth. Such intention appears to come from a desire to bridge that painful gap between who we think we are in our minds – and who we experience ourselves to be through our bodies and hearts.

Women fear intimacy with men. Men fear intimacy with women. Brothers mistrust brothers; sisters mistrust sisters. Issues of gender, sexuality and ethnicity drifted us apart making society less warm and trusting than it may feel if we had the opportunity to heal inter-generational actions, as well as misunderstandings

We can't heal these relational traumas alone.

But we can engage in simple and truthful ways of being together, by quieting down the regular, superficial chitchat of social interaction. We can enter into a meaningful and transformational intimacy with one another and with shared reality, through attuning and dialoguing



The following existential doubts are often discussed with one’s friends or even in self-growth workshops, but in our group we actually do strive to create sufficient safety and authenticity to encounter one another in ways in which we struggle to do with significant people in our lives:

How will I find fun, vitality and freedom in my intimate relationships?

How do I go about conflict in a way that strengthens my relationship to the other person?

Can I speak my truth and still be loved?

How does it feel to be actually heard & accepted with all my fears and gifts that push people away?



Improving your existing relationships by developing more compassion and empathy, even in the midst of conflict

Explore strategies that will support your wish to develop meaningful and healthy relationships

Learn how to deal with fear of abandonment and abuse

Make use of a space for healing from trauma and old patterns

Enhance your curiosity to each interaction in order to become more mindful and be less prone to boredom, anxiety, addictive behavior

Explore own limitations and enhance self awareness

Distinguish personal beliefs from those we feel conditioned by society

Unveil your powerful emotions and re-learn that that may actually feel nourishing DISCOVER how to express discomfort without feeling guilty.

Communicate one’s truth whilst fearing abandonment or rejection. Learn how to deal with feeling rejected abandonment, abuse

Grow to appreciate that our relationship struggles are often related to insufficient awareness of each person’s individual values, boundaries, and short/long term goals



RELATIONSHIPS: “Intimate Diversity” is an experiential event, primarily based on verbal expression ie group, pairs, and triads, reflections. Some complementary activities will serve as a nourishing integration ie body movement and holistic gong bath. See schedule below time to discuss

ways to apply this into our real life. Please expect to interact with others, whilst having enough room to do what feels right to you.

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Date and Time


Online Event

Refund Policy

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