"Relax and Chill Out" a mini Yoga Retreat in the heart of Bethnal Green.
 "Relax and Chill Out" a mini Yoga Retreat in the heart of Bethnal Green.

"Relax and Chill Out" a mini Yoga Retreat in the heart of Bethnal Green.

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The Yoga Nest

27 Old Ford Road London


E2 9PJ

United Kingdom

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"Relax and Chill Out" a mini Yoga Retreat in the heart of Bethnal Green

Feeling stressed and tired? Are you finding yourself rushing through things with no time ? Feeling you don’t have enough energy ? It's time all of this to stop and nourish the most important relationship in our lives the one with ourself. As February is all about love in the romantic fields, we shouldn't forgot that all is starting with our self love and respect. All other relationships are based on the relationship we have with ourself. We can see our self-love shining through in every area of our lives and we can also see the lack of it. Join us for a mini yoga retreat where you will indulge wiith fellow yoga students in "Open your heart Flow", Pranayma ( Breathing exercises ) Loving and Kindness Meditation and Yoga Nidra practise ( the ultimate relaxation practice),in the Yoga Nest, located in the hearth of Bethnal Green. A proven format, where you will leave charged, grounded and more positive.

Programm :

3.00-4.00 pm "Open your heart Flow" re-establish the relationship with yourself on the solid foundation of love, respect, kindness and compassion to one self. Because you are unique.

4.00-4.15pm Pranayama to burn up impurities and dullness from the body, increasing vitality and the magnetic and attractive aura.

4.15-4.30pm Loving and Kindness Meditation

4.30-5.00pm "Yoga Nidra" The Ultimate Relaxtion Practise

What is Yoga Nidra - "The Yogic Sleep"

We live in fast-paced world, we are loosing the connection between the body and mind. The practise of "Yoga Nidra" willl help you to re-establish the connection between your mind and body, deep muscular relaxtion, better understanding and control over emotions, getting rid of old negative habits and improving the overal psychological health. "A 20 to 30 minute session of Yoga Nidra is said to be equal of roughly 3 hours of deep sleep" You will emerge from Yoga Nidra rested and ready to engage in the world.


Sat 25 February 2017, 3.00- 5.00 PM


The Yoga Nest 27 Old Ford Road

London, E2 9PJ


Sara Kärpänen March 31, 2016

Nadezhda's Yoga is Amazing. (Really!)

For a long time I was looking for the perfect yoga teacher in London---not only perfect yoga class, but also a teacher that fits me my needs. Nadia's classes are gentle, yet challenging.

Around a year ago I started going to Nadia's Vinyasa Flow classes, which are the perfect combination of mindfulness, strength and flow. Since then, I've been also participating her yoga workshops and yoga nidra sessions. She guides through the sequences, and corrects your poses if needed. As a student, I'm always feeling like she's getting the best out of me (without pushing.) I've had some knee issues, which she has also taken notice---and even given me lots of helpful poses to do at home.

Nadia is a holistic yoga teacher, who is truly passionate about what she does. You can feel her energy!

Mary Foteinou

a month ago-

Nadia is a lovely yoga teacher, her classes are always engaging and relaxing. She is very supportive and creates a very positive and safe environment. I also had the luck to participate in one of her workshops (Autumn) which was an amazing experience. I would highly recommend her.

Bianca Barbosa

in the last week-

Nadia is an amazing yoga teacher. Her classes are great, her sweet voice in the background makes you feel relax and she teaches very well. I love the breathing technique as well as meditation that Nadia teaches after the class, I always leave the class feeling very energised and relaxed. I have been in two workshops that Nadia organised and it was an absolutely fantastic experience, it has an amazing atmosphere and it switches you in an peaceful balance. I really appreciate how much I have learnt from Nadia classes, I highly recommend it for all :)

"Nadezhda Bocheva"

I would highly recommend Nadia. She is honestly the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She is always attentive, is calm, spiritual, and under her guidance I feel much healthier, fitter and flexible. I have no hesittation in recommending her expert teaching.

Julie Daniels June 17, 2016

"Beautifully refreshing yoga with Nadia!"

I always enjoy a yoga session with Nadia and end the session feeling refreshed and invigorated afterwards. It is my time in the week when I can let go and get in tune with my body and mind, thanks to Nadia's professional guidance. I thoroughly recommend Nadia as a teacher for all levels, whether beginner to more advanced.

Domini Stone August 18, 2016

"Excellent yoga teacher"


Nadia is an excellent yoga teacher. She teaches me in my home weekly and she's the best teacher I've had.
She's incredibly knowledgable, passionate and personable and is a very energising yet calming person to be around.
I've thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with her so far and look forwards to learning from and practising with her lots more.
I'd definitely recommend her. She's a real find.

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Date and Time


The Yoga Nest

27 Old Ford Road London


E2 9PJ

United Kingdom

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