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RFW VR programme at Waterstones

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Waterstones London - Piccadilly

203-206 Piccadilly



United Kingdom

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RFW VR Programme

20 minute VR demonstrations brought to you by:

(slots every 30 minutes).

Age rating: PG





This is platform for promotion and demonstration of Russian VR projects in international markets, created by: Georgy Molodtsov (VRability), Denis Semenov (Great Gonzo Studio), Alexandra Sadikova , Natalia Severina (Cultural Revolution) uniting filmmakers, artists, producers and other creative professionals passionate about VR.

The Spacewalker VR / Время первых VR (4 min 22 sec)

Animation, Russia, 2017

Director: Alexander Gorokhov

Production: CGF Studio, Bazelevs

This VR short film is about the first human walking in space. The film immerses the audiences in the experience of the Soviet cosmonauts Alexei Leonov and Pavel Belyaev during their trip on the Voskhod-2 spaceship on 18-19 March,1965.

Hermitage VR / Эрмитаж VR (15 min)

Fiction, Russia

Director: Mikhail Antikov, producer: Sergey Zakharov

VR tour through the history of the Hermitage with the renowned Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky.

Lake Baikal: The Science and Spirituality of Extreme Water: Episode 1. Winter Spirit / Озеро Байкал: Зимний дух (7 min 22 sec, 3D)

Documentary, USA, Russia, 2016

Directors: Michael Owen, Georgy Molodtsov

Cinematic virtual reality will transport viewers to Lake Baikal in Siberia and introduce them to the dramatic landscapes and the local customs and spiritual traditions of people who live around the oldest, deepest and most voluminous body of fresh water on Earth – 20% of all the liquid fresh water on our planet.

VRability: Maxim Kiselev / VRability: Максим Киселев (6 min 32 sec)

Documentary,Russia, 2016

Director: Georgy Molodtsov

Maxim Kiselev is the only professional ice-wheelchair-skater. In this experience you'll be able to learn, what does it mean to perform figure ice skating in a wheelchair and you will become both the audience and the participant of this performance thanks to Virtual Reality 360° technology.

Between Petrov and Vodkin / Между Петровым и Водкиным (3 min 40 sec)

Animation, Russia, 2017

Directors: Denis Semionov, Natalia Severina

The first part of the immersive trilogy "Cultural revolution" focuses on the cultural scene of the Russian Empire in the year 1912. The viewer gets an opportunity to find himself in retro footage of the pre-revolutionary Russia and then to immerse himself in the most prominent picture of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin Bathing of the Red Horse.

The Story of one Jester / История одного шута (6 min 6 sec)

Fiction, Russia, 2016

Director: Alexey Bystritskiy

Scriptwriter, producer: Alexey Likhnitsky

The movie concerns the unknown details of the most famous royal jester`s last day.

The Family Circle (3 min. 20 sec)

Fiction, Russia, 2016

Director: Linara Bagautdinova

Author of the idea, producer: Valentin Rogatin

The relationships of 4 different families during the period of several years.

Out of Body / Вне тела (12 min)

Director, script: Maxim Nikonov

Russia, 2017

An ingenious scientist carries out a dangerous experiment to prove the theory of life after death. During the experiment, he must die so that his spirit leaves the body and then return back, but everything goes not according to plan, and the scientist is forced to fight for the opportunity to return to life.

Omnom Stories , unexpected guest / Приключения Ам Няма, незваный гость (3 min)

Russia, 2017

An unexpected guest arrives in the box right to Om Nom's doorstep. Who might it be?..

Kamchatka / Камчатка (3 min)

Director: Dmitry Terem,

Documentary, Russia, 2016

Amazing Kamchatka - snowboarding, nature and adventure

RT360: Spacewalk in open space / RT360: Выход в открытый космос

Russia, 2016

First ever spacewalk re-lived by a Russian cosmonaut in this epic 360 VR. The video, which shows out-of-this-world views of Planet Earth, is the first time that the so-called extravehicular activity (EVA) has been filmed in 360.

My North Pole VR / Мой северный полюс VR (4,5 min)

Russia, 2016

Director: Kustova Olesya

You will see polar bears in their natural habitat, hear the thunder of century-old ice cracking beneath the hull, soar over the silent icy desert by helicopter, and feel all the power and, the same time, the fragility of the Arctic.


Natural Treasures of Russia / Заповедные жемчужины России

The cycle of films in 360-degree format transfer the viewer to the amazing places in Russia. The unique format of the shooting evokes the sense of presence – as if you are watching the birds of the Volga River delta or breathe in the cold air of the Kola Peninsula forests.

Documentary shorts, Russia, 2017

Director: Anton Zhdanov

Scriptwriter: Ekaterina Dmitrieva

Executive Producer: Alexandra Zhmutskaya

Lena Pillars / Ленские столбы (8 min)

We will look into one of the most mysterious places of Russia to see the legendary monuments of nature and the mighty and boundless Lena – one

of the longest rivers in the world.

Kandalaksha Reserve / Кандалакшский Заповедник (8 min)

We will go to the region of the rocky coasts, many kilometers of tundra and the northernmost forests of Europe, to the region between two seas - the Barents Sea and the White Sea.

Caucasus Reserve / Кавказский заповедник (8 min)

The spectators learn about the rare ancient plants of the same age as the first animals on Earth, found in the thick of the yew-boxwood forests.

Lazovsky Reserve / Лазовский заповедник (8 min)

A real trip to a mountainous region of volcanic origin, which has existed for about 100 million years.

Kronotsky Reserve / Кроноцкий заповедник (8 min)

The majestic volcanoes, the Valley of the Geysers, hot springs and glaciers, deep and narrow canyons.

Astrakhan Reserve / Астраханский заповедник (8 min)

You will find yourself in the thick of the lotus fields on the Volga River and see how the largest flower found in Russian blossoms.

Losiny Ostrov Reserve / Лосиный остров (8 min)

An impressive journey to the wildlife reserve and one of the largest national parks in the world within the boundaries of a huge metropolis (Moscow).


The Tiger Experience (3 min)

The Tiger Experience uses VR to tell an immersive story in which viewers step into the boots of a ranger and come face to face with wild tigers. It involves the viewer wandering through the tigers’ forest habitat, where they witness the work of rangers and see how they risk their lives on a daily basis to protect tigers from poaching.

WWF has launched its first virtual reality video as part of a new awareness and fundraising campaign that aims to help double wild tiger numbers by 2022 – the next Chinese Year of the Tiger.


Please note the event may be filmed or photographed, as an attendee you consent to footage and/or images of you being used for promotional purposes. Event coverage will be posted on RFW social media pages.

Date and Time


Waterstones London - Piccadilly

203-206 Piccadilly



United Kingdom

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