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The Memorial Mob would like to invite all those that would like to remember the Fallen and those that served on whatever Front to join in the #RibbonofPoppies Memorial project.

Our initial idea was to create a carpet of crimson from Lands End to John O'Groats to remember all those that served in WW1. However due to the power of the internet, we have started to receive pledges from outside the United Kingdom.

So wherever you are, you are most welcome to join the Ribbon, to remember those that served and the lessons of history and unite to ensure we do not forget the sacrifices or the lessons.


All you need to take part is a pocket of land and a packet of seeds.

If you don't own a garden, we suggest talking to friends and landowners to get permission to sow seeds on their land, you could also look to involve local government, companies, schools, sports clubs, whoever you wish to partake.

If the price of seeds is the issue there are many unculitviated (wild) plants that you can harvest seeds from, each seed pod can give hundreds of seeds, so you should have enough to contribute to the project. All we ask is that you do NOT introduce non-native flowers to your area please as poppies will self seed - rapidly!

We aren't seeking to make money from this project as all we wish to do is to create a living legacy to those who paid the ultiimate sacrifice. To follow the project you can find details of how to grow poppies and potential seed sources @RibbonofPoppies on Facebook & Twitter.

The has been a huge amount of support in the UK from Scouts, Cubs, Beaver Scouts, Guides, Brownies, Rainbows, Explorers, Rangers and Cadets we should be very proud of our young people and the leadership teams of volunteers. More and more schools and colleges are also pledging to the Ribbon of Remembrance.

All groups, companies, sports clubs, individuals, faith groups, the Armed & Emergency Services, transport companies (etc) are all welcome.

This is not a celebration or an attempt to glorify war, and those that think so are entitled to their opinions. Much divides us in this World, so let us celebrate if a simple flower, and simple act, brings us together.

Be glass half full...

#HonourTheDeeds #SowtheSeed


PLEASE NOTE - The Eventbrite system automatically asks for full address as when used for events like concerts they need your address to post tickets out to of course. We do NOT need your full details, a town or village will do, this is to help pin the poppies to locations so we can see how far it has travelled.

Thank you for supporting.

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