Rock Solid KickStarter Workshop -The Fit Mind Project
Rock Solid KickStarter Workshop -The Fit Mind Project

Rock Solid KickStarter Workshop -The Fit Mind Project

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Ashford International Hotel

Simone Weil Avenue


TN24 8UX

United Kingdom

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The Fit Mind Project

Join Fitness Couple Barry and Laura Ash for a day to create immediate changes in you for you.

Rock Solid’s Barry and Laura Ash invite you to spend a day with them to KickStart your fitness and weight loss.

Ever feel like you are hitting your head against a brick wall TRYING to figure out WHY you keep going back to square one??

Sometimes life just gets in the way, and things “slip” we have all been there. You set out on a quest to lose weight, get fit and healthy, and change your lifestyle and then BAM something happens, and it all slips and you end up back at square one. 

If you get frustrated because you find that this ALWAYS happens to you, then this workshop could be the answer you are looking for. 

We can spend a lot of time getting our bodies fit and healthy, but what about our minds. After all our bodies are a manifestation of what we think. If you minds are "unfit" then so will your body be. The results you will get will be half hearted, and non sutstainable. If you will have experienced  YO YO dieting through emotional eating then you KNOW what we are talking about!

The Fit Mind Project Principles which are presented on the KickStarter Workshop are desgined specifically to remove the blocks and barriers that you have around your weight loss.

How are we going to KickStart you to making immediate changes?

You will be spending a day with Barry and Laura as they help you to make immediate changes on the day.

If you don't make a mindset shift on the day we will give you your money back!

Be warned this will be a day of complete immersion into how you think and see situations. It is not for the faint hearted and you will be required to be fully committed to change on the day. Be open to be coached and have an approachable view to changing. 

Barry and Laura will be covering elements from thier own tried and tested Fit Mind Project Princples which they have used to create some radical transformations in clients they work with. 


Emotional Eating

Binge Eating




to Lack of confidence, and low self esteem.

9 times out of 10 there is not any problem with the fitness or diet program you are doing, the problem is usually you, and your programming....but you already know that!

We will be talking about....

Nutrition - This is where we help you to stop allowing food to control you. You will be able to identify why you have the habits you have around food that just p**s you off!. We will give you practical tools that you can use straight away to get control of your food.

Exercise - Ah now this one is a game changer. We are going to give you unlimited motivation you will never again say "I cannot be bothered". We are going to help you get the results you want from your workouts whether your a beginner or seasonsed gym goer!

Mindset - There is a whole afternoon on this subject because is is so massive. Everything that you do starts right between your ears! You see the reason people fail epically to lose and maintain thier weight is becase they don't challenge thier pshycology of themsevles they just focus on the physicla. Trust us this will change you life in one afternoon.

On this day we WILL break down barriers that keep holidng you back from achieving what you want when it comes to your fitness and you body. On this day we will be looking to explore what the story and programming is in your mind that keeps to stuck where you are. 

2 course lunch will be provied on the day.....along with snacks and refreshments....PLUS an excusive personalised Rock Solid Notebook and wrist band!

You only need to bring you!

What others have said about the KickStarter Workshop....

"Just wanted to share with you that over the last two weeks or so I have been cutting out the crap feeling good and better about myself massively and lost 10 pounds !! I weighted myself this morning as my clothes felt better and yep 10 pounds gone !! My main happiness has come from inside and how I am changing but seeing loss this morning brought a huge smile to my face Xx" Bec (post the workshop)

"If you want to kickstart your journey to weight loss, fitness or health this is the place to go. Laura and Barry, who are real and have walked the walk place you in a safe environment. They allow you to name and face your fears and turn your talk into action" Kay

"The best use I have made on a Sunday for a long time if I am completley honest. I am so glad I did book in time, I was sitting in the session thinking "Thank goodness I signed up!" The workshop was delivered in a fun and friendly way and the learning began the minute the guys started talking. The visualisation technique at the end is firmly in my mind now and will be used daily even though just the sound track gives me goosebumps now" Anon

"Its been an amazing day a real eye opener and kickstarted my thinking. I feel like I am going away with so many tool to understand where I am where I have been and where I am going" Alison

"After the kickstarter day, I will never think the same again and that's all good! My line of thought has been turned inside out and upside donw using lots of visual examples that I will not forget. I've taken away some good tools to use in my day to day life as well as things to work on for the longer term. Nike have got it all's not "JUST DO IT" it's "JUST BE IT!".....SIMPLES" Cathy

"You really felt coached in the right way. I write my own story and that  I make the decision on my own life and that whatever I am telling myself is actually what other people have said or  what I feel I should be telling myself because  because obviously who am I so I recognise that I am as important as the next person and that I am going to get it" Helen

"I've part read many an ebook about mind power but I now realise that's been in a passive kind of way. Now that i've attended Rock Solid KickStarter Day, I realise that you actually need to apply them. Starting from now in an interactive and more concious way!" Ann

"An enjoyable day, where you will be challenged, face your fears and come out with action plans to go forward. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone. It will be the first dau of your "active" life. Stop talking and start doing! They tackle mind-set which makes them unique and was the barrier for most, if not all of us" Jill

"I found it invigorating I got a lot from it I did not know what to expect completely I had some rough ideas cause I have worked with you guys before but yet you still  find way to unlock a little bit more every time we do something. Definatley feel a lot lighter leaving. I realised that I had that evidence comfort zone where that has kept me always in that fear of  if I don’t like it I still go back to that same spot I am now going to try and move through it and change my story and accept some stuff and move on." Toni

"I have lived my life in the past because I have held onto these stories and memories that I have had for such a long time and it feels like NOW  I have got some understanding as to why it is held so strong and I now have the ability to let that go it is an alien experience  one that I cannot actually wait to see what happens long term where as I’ve never been looking forward to that before" Sarah

"I actually cried thought it and felt all different sorts of emotions  and the thing that most resonated with me was that I have pretty put pressure on myself to set goals and I have not achieved them and I felt a failure and the be and the do and the have really resonated you sort of think you know where do I want to be who do I want to be and work it that way. I thought that was amazing amongst a whole host of stuff" Zena

To see video testimionials please head over to....

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Date and Time

Ashford International Hotel

Simone Weil Avenue


TN24 8UX

United Kingdom

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