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Pre-Launch Taster Edition of UNSENSORED nights! 1st SexTech party in UK & Europe to feature the most customizable SexRobot!

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'UNSENSORED nights' are unique sex-positive parties full of immersive entertainment and performances that extend sexual experiences with the use of technology. Whilst we are working on a full-featured edition of 'UNSENSORED nights', we want to boil Your senses this winter and celebrate the end of ‘19 and beginning of ‘20 at the Pre-Launch Taster Edition!

Following the 2nd edition of 'UNSENSORED talks' Sex Robots: Are We Ready?, [S-Bots] night will fully immerse our guests into what sex robots have to offer. Spread across the main floor and hidden rooms, this hedonistic playground will stimulate all of Your senses in the most unpredictable and unusual ways. Consensual and respectful sexual activities are welcomed.



Friday 13.12 | 22:00 - 06:00



Location will be sent to attendees 1 day before the event. Thanks for your patience!



Main Room:

ОРФЕЙ [Orpheus]




Group performance curated by Olha Korovina & Metaraph

Secret Room 1: Darkroom featuring BDSM furniture, interactive toys, virtual reality experiences & LOVEDOLLS Sex Robot. Open access.

Secret Room 2 : Multi-sensory playroom. 45 min experience guided by performers. Limited access.




After successful completion of the first Immersive Study, we learned that 80% of our participants are dreaming about “more tactile” experiences, so now we are making this a reality.During this immersive play, we will challenge your perception of sensual reality by stimulating all of your senses through the use of technology and human interactions.

Your journey will begin in the main room with everyone else. Guided by an actor and hidden clues you will make your way towards the play-space. When close you will be blindfolded and escorted to the room, where your shoes and clothing will be removed by an actor. In the pure darkness, you will be led into the enclosed interactive play space where every physical interaction will have a sensory response. The more you touch the more you feel.

Experience will include the following stimuli: change of colours and light strobes, blindfolding, fragrances, change of temperature, sound, tasting, massaging, intimate parts touching. All consumables are 100% vegan and dairy-free. If you have any allergies, or are not comfortable with some of the listed stimuli, or would like to discuss the limits of tactile experience please email us at info@raspberrydreamlabs.com not later then 2 days before the night, otherwise you automatically consent for the full experience. You will receive detailed instructions on what you will be expected to do 2 days before your immersion.

In total experience will last 45 minutes and can only accommodate 2 people per slot. We will have only 13 slots available per night. Tickets for this experience must be booked in advance, no exceptions will be made on the door. On the check out select the "Sensory Seduction 0.2" ticket. Please note these tickets only come in pairs. If you wish to attend experience on your own, you will still have to get a double ticket.



This is a themed event, please come prepared! Everything from circuits and robotics to fetish wear and latex is welcomed. Here is an inspiration moodboard https://www.pinterest.ru/avladimirova200/sextech-party-dresscode/


Feel free to arrive in the casual wear, but change before entry. Casual wear will not be allowed inside.



Make sure you read and rules and accept them before attending the gathering

NO ID = No Entry. This is a 18+ event.

NO brought in alcohol.

NO solo-wanking.

NO verbal or physical harassment.

NO needles, blood, piss or poop.

DO NOT touch people without consent.

DO NOT leave behind used hygienic products. Make sure you throw them away in dedicated bins.

DO NOT take photos of random people who you don't know. Make sure it is you on a photo or you have a consent.

If you do experience any issues then please report it to a member of staff immediately, and we will be happy to assist. Failure of complying with these rules will lead to ejection from the event. We are entitled to deny entry with no explanation.



Event is going to be partially photographed and videographed. The footage will be used for marketing and promotional purposes. Buy entering venue you automatically agree to these terms.





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