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You are invited to the event of 2020! SABA 2020 Book Awards featuring special guests. Category winners announced. Worldwide audience.

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About SABA 2020 Book Awards ceremony

SABA 2020 Book Awards is an awards ceremony to award the winners of nominated authors, audiobook narrators and book illustrators from around the world.

#saba2020awards There are 5 category winners that will receive prizes. During the weeks leading up to the ceremony, the nominated persons are shortlisted. Nominees will be notified if they have reached the shortlist for each category.

The awards ceremony will be an exciting event for all those nominated and for all the online audience. It will be a fun time and you will have the opportunity to meet the winners of each category if you purchase the backstage add-on ticket.

This is an online event - so no restrictions where you are in the world. No problems with social distancing or any other challenges! As long as you have stable internet connection, you will be able to join the award ceremony as part of the audience!

Usually it is virtually impossible to get into award ceremonies! So don't miss this opportunity. Many shows charge very high ticket prices for a select few to be in the audience, but as this will be hosted online, the ticket price to attend is drastically reduced! It also extends the event to a much greater audience and from anywhere in the world.


1) Standard Ticket

The standard ticket gives you access to the main online SABA 2020 Book Awards ceremony on December 5th, 2020. Share in the excitement of being part of a global event and enjoy the range of guests that are in the show. Standard Ticket closes December 1st, 2020. To purchase these tickets, please click the GREEN 'Tickets' Button at the top of this page.

  • Special guest presenters!
  • During the awards ceremony, the short list for each category will be shown.
  • Then the winners of the 5 categories will be announced. They will each give an acceptance speech.
  • Each winner will be presented with their prize
  • The winners will give the audience a short clip from their winning publication.
  • Each winner will be interviewed (short interview)
  • News for 2021
  • Close


Backstage Tickets - Would you like to meet with the winners of each category? Well with the add-on option, you can choose to meet online with the winner of a category or you can purchase multiple categories.

You will be part of a small group (maximum 12 persons) that will be in the online room with the winner of your chosen category. The Chair of the Judging Panel will do a short interview with the category winner and then the session is open for you and the others in the room to talk with and ask questions of the winner.

Each backstage session will last approximately 1 hour.

SABA Book Club - Use this add-on to join the SABA Book Club for a 1 year membership.

Donations - One way that you can help the winners of the categories is to make a donation, seen on the Add-Ons option. This will be added to the other prizes that they receive. We will forward 85% of your donation to the winners fund. The other 15% will go towards the expenses of the SABA 2020 Book Awards.

2) Premium Ticket

The premium ticket gives you all the benefits of the 'Standard' ticket PLUS 50% discount off 'Backstage' ticket. That is a saving of £ 22.50 per backstage ticket! What is even better is that you can order up to 10 Premium tickets per person.

This is the ideal package for those that want to enjoy the show AND meet a category winner online and speak with them directly.

Winners Prizes

Everyone of you play a part in the amount the winners receive. Each Category winner will receive the following 2 prizes:

  • Promotion Package - from Sound Advice to help them promote their publications and profile. (Value £ 500)
  • Monetary prize - They will receive 35% of the ticket sales and 85% of any donations that are made as an Add-On during order. That total value will be equally divided between the 5 winners.

So the more tickets sold and donations received, the higher the monetary prize for the winners. SABA decided this would be a fair way to ensure all winners benefit from the communal support of all attendees. It means that the winners benefit from 2 sponsors: 1) Sound Advice and 2) every attendee at the event.

For more information about SABA and these events and options, visit:



Enter or Nominate someone into the Awards

If you want to enter your own book or want to nominate another author, audiobook narrator or book illustrator into the awards, please go to the following page:


SABA 2020 Book Awards Team

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