Sacred Women Creative Circle "The 5 Elements"

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The Stress Project

2 Shelburne Road


N7 6DL

United Kingdom

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"Through our expression, we recover our soul, the one who hides scared of being discovered, we are paradise's painters, skin's writers, dancers of solitude, wind singers, we are creators of life, the unopened red rose . When we reconnect with our power, our inner light, we reconnect with our true/wild/nature self"

Fuen de la Cruz

First Session of Sacred Women Creative Circle "Earth"

Limited places available.

Welcome to this magic travel to your soul, to your inner essence, to your real true.​

The Sacred Women Creative Circle is created to return to your internal home, where we feel whole and light.​
Women we reconnect with ourselves calling our passions, sometimes we feel confuse and we are not sure what we like or who we are. ​

"What is the essential element of the soul? For some women, the air, the night, the sunlight and the trees. Others with words, paper and books. For others the colour, shape, shadow, and clay. Some women have to jump, bend, and run, for their souls crave it, others only long for the peace of leaning on the trunk of a tree"*​

This is travel of reconnection and rediscovering through creativity, your soul needs to play, needs to be feed with warm feelings, need to feel safe, need to be happy. We are going to create a space for ourselves and our souls to grow and come back to us.​

"The absence of new deposits of energy, knowledge, recognition, ideas and emotion is the cause of a woman feeling to die psychically"*​

Dancing with our beautiful bodies, singing our own song, reading our stories, writing our poems, feeling our music, painting our dreams, touching our energy and exploring essential questions we will be able to reach a feeling of connection, that feeling which is already inside us. ​

In our Sacred Space we are going to explore "The 5 elements" Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Light. We are going a create a space for each of these elements, recognizing them in our personalities, bodies, experiences and bring their magic to our sessions. ​

We will call in our meditations, poems, chants to all the women who came before us, our ancestors, to connect their wisdom to our wisdom and send healing to all women around the world which is not free yet to dance with their souls.

"The map of the Scars" will bring self-compassion and self-love. ​​

The circle will be organised through 5 sessions. During each session we will connect with one of the elements, and the last session we will connect with the light outside and inside us. In addition ,in each session you will work with yourself through exercises of self discovering and questions​

We will bring the best and the "worst" of ourselves to these sessions, our duality, our complexity, our whole women. ​

"the soul of women also has its own cycles and seasons of avidity and loneliness, running and staying in a place, participation and exclusion, search and rest, creation and incubation, belonged to the world or return to the soul "*​

We will bless and honour the creative work of each of our "women."

Each of us we will create a special poem, song, chant, meditation or anything which resonate in your soul as a present to our Sacred Women Creative Circle.

"the raindrops pierce the stone"*.

Fuen's Inner Woman ​

* "Women Who Run with the Wolfes" Clarissa Pinkola Estes

​ The dates for the 5 sessions are. (Please, for the best of the circle and your internal exploration you must attend at least 3 sessions)

The days are selected around full or new moon cycles. ​

One of the days of each month will be confirmed soon.

January (3, 4 or 5) 2018 (second Session Water)

February (13, 14, 15 or 16) 2018 ( third Session Fire)

March (13, 14, 15 or 16) 2018 (fourth Session Air)

April (17, 18, 19 & 20) 2018 (last One "Light")​

The fee for each of the sessions is £15.

You can book five sessions per £60.

You can attend the first one and if you feel is not your time you don't need to make the full cycle. ​

To book a place, please send an email to: fuen.cruz@hotmail.com, Payment of £15 (first session) or £60 (all the sessions) is required to secure your place.​

Paymento to reiki.fuen@gmail.com (option friends or family ) or by bank Tranfer.

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Date and Time


The Stress Project

2 Shelburne Road


N7 6DL

United Kingdom

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