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What BDS does not teach you about running a successful practice.

“How much business skills training were, you given at dental school?”

When I ask this question to a group of dentists irrespective of when they qualified, they answer


Within a year of qualification most dentists have become self-employed and are effectively running their own business without any guidance. This continues and often dentists become practice owners, responsible for a valuable business and their team, still with little business skills training.

Every week that passes, I am contacted by practice owners and their managers because they want to discover a way to make running a dental practice easier and less stressful. The Practice Success Formula will show you how to do this.

The Practice Success Formula is a comprehensive framework for a stress-free profitable practice, and we will show you what you need to know.

Consider for a moment, do you,

  • Love dentistry and hate the admin?
  • Fear or resent CQC inspections?
  • Want to set up your own practice?
  • Have you bought a practice and discovered it is not what you expected?
  • Want more time with patients less time with red tape?
  • Want your Practice manager to take more responsibility?
  • Improve the practice you already have.
  • Want to learn more about the business of dentistry?
  • Want less stress and a better practice?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these statements, this workshop is for you. Help is at hand, The Practice Success Formula that will show you how to make your good practice great.

Are you prepared tp spend 10 years learning how to run a successful practice through trial and error, making expensive time consuming and stressful mistakes?

There is another way - The Practice Success Formula

"I wish I had met Jane 10 years ago, I could have saved myself so much stress!"
Bertie Napier, Principal, Sawbridgeworth

An Introduction to Successful Dental Practice Management is a unique and essential dental business programme for practice owners and practice managers.

Time 8:15– 17:00 (Registration 8:15-8:30)

EvCPD 7.75 hours

Lunch and refreshments provided. One, 45-minute lunch, two, 15-minute refreshment breaks

Why do Dental practices benefit from learning dental practice management?

Talk to a group of dentists and their team members about their day to day experiences and very quickly you will discover several common causes of stress and worry. These are listed below.

Compliance-Ever changing rules, regulations and inspections that distract you from treating patients.

Stress - Too much to do, too little time and too little support

Uncertainty – knowing how to be a dentist, not knowing how to run a practice

Fear - they are doing something incorrectly and they will get found out, reported, investigated and punished..

Money- not enough, not predictable, fees too low, too much reliance on NHS, pressure to use cheaper (poor quality) materials and equipment, difficulty paying bills on time, money going missing, etc.

Time – Too much to do and not enough time, not enough time to treat patients, having to delay patients, empty appointment books, squeezing patients in, double booking, running late, no time for meetings, etc.

Team – High turnover, unable to recruitment, poor attendance, failure to follow instructions, lack of commitment, unwillingness to learn, don’t get on, power struggles, inappropriate relationships, distracted, etc.

Patients – Too few, too many needing maintenance rather than active treatment, too dependent on NHS, not participating in own health improvement, too many failed to attend and late cancellations etc.

Which are familiar to you? Fortunately, when you know what to do every one of these challenges is preventable and resolvable. Would you like to learn how?

How would it be?

  • If you knew a simple fool-proof way to make your good practice great?
  • If you understood how to run the practice without it taking over your life?
  • You controlled the red tape instead of it controlling you?
  • You knew you had a support network?

“It was brilliant you must come.”

What the day brings

An Introduction to Successful Dental Practice Management gives you a refreshing three step approach to running a predictably successful practice.


  • To give you tips and tools that are guaranteed to improve your practice.
  • To give you a framework that the management team can engage with.
  • To give you the confidence to make your good practice great.


  • For you to have a plan and a framework to improve the practice
  • For your team to understand how they can lighten the load
  • For you to learn more about the Business of Dentistry

Learning content

  • The unique ABC framework of the practice success formula
  • A unique and memorable approach to Practice management using the structure of dental anatomy

Learning outcomes

  • To have the tools you need to lead and manage a smooth running successful dental practice
  • Foryou to have a structure to make your practice better
  • For you have the framework and confidence to start your own practice

GDC development outcomes

This event will have elements of Enhanced GDC learning outcomes A, B, C and D depending on your role within the practice.

Who should attend?

Dentists and practice owners

  • Who own a practice and aspire to be the best in their area and are committed to continual improvement.
  • Who already own a practice and are fed up with the status quo, and the never-ending demands on them.

Associates and GDC registrants

  • Who are planning to run their own practice within the next five years and want to avoid the expensive mistakes so many others make.

Practice Managers

  • Who are new to the role, either having been promoted from a nurse or new to dentistry
  • Who are experiencing overwhelm from all that is demanded of them

Dental nurses and receptionists

Who are part of the management team

Who would like to progress their careers and take on more managerial and administration duties

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.”

Steve Jobs

The smooth running of your practice is dependent on your team, so this unique master class has been designed to share the essential 3 steps with all your team to help them help you.

What to expect from the day.

Te day is designed to ensure that it provides you will excellent value for money and uses the principles of evidence-based learning techniques. It will be mixture of informal lectures, self-guided learning and group discussions. We will address generic problems in dental practice and how to prevent and overcome them, and, if you want, you will have the opportunity to bring your personal challenges.

You will leave with bags of enthusiasm and confidence and lots of tips and tools you can implement immediately.

If you choose to bring all your team, you will leave with a more committed, eager and supportive team who are more able to support you in the growth and development of the practice.

An Introduction to Successful Dental Practice Management, is a unique one- day master-class delivered by one of the UK’s leading Dental Business coaches, that simply and ingeniously shows you the essential three steps to running a successful practice, though the medium of dental anatomy.

This course has a limited number of delegates to ensure that you get individual attention, and your questions answered.

ECPD 7.75 hours verifiable CPD.

Venue Bicester

Location has good access to train stations, motorway intersections and free parking.

Time 8:00 – 17:00 (Registration 8:0- 8:30)

Lunch and all day-refreshments provided.

The main themes are:

  • How to be successful in the business of dentistry?
  • How do I find the time to be a practice owner and a successful dentist?
  • How do I lead and manage a successful dental practice?

What will the difference be when I get back to practice?

  • You will know what to do, how to do it, when to do it and who should do it.
  • You will see the business of dentistry in a new and exciting light.
  • You will have tips and tools that you can implement immediately.
  • You will be able to attract the right patients.
  • You will be able to charge the correct fees.
  • You will be able to take more time off and have e a better quality of life.
  • You will know what to look for as you plan your own practice.

“It was worth the money spent and can be implemented achievably.”

Dr Michelle Wyngaard – Principal dentist- Suffolk

About your trainer:

Your trainer and coach, Dr Jane Lelean, is the only dentist in Europe who has been accredited by the International coach federation as a Professional Certified Coach. Jane Currently works with Dentists and other entrepreneurs in UK, Europe and as far away as USA and Australia, helping them achieve more patients, more money, more time, a significantly better quality of life and achieving results in 3-6 months. Jane has a unique blend of experience and expertise combining her roles as a dentist, practice owner, commercial experience and coach.

“I have got everything I was looking for and most importantly I now have clarity and I know where I am going.”

Dr C Reynolds, Principal Dentist, Eire

Frequently asked questions

  • I don’t have time to do all this extra stuff, can’t I just do the dentistry?

Yes I know many others including me have felt that way, and you will find that when you learn how to run the practice so it runs itself, you will have a really successful practice that you can run from arm’s length and have time to do the dentistry or whatever you want to.

Your practice is the most valuable asset you will ever own, do you really want to hand full responsibility of its direction and success over to someone else with no input from yourself? This day will help you give greater support and guidance to your Practice manager and team so you can spend more time on the dentistry.

“Interesting and inspirational to improve working methods.”

Maria Keady, Principal Dentist, Norfolk

  • Could I just send my Manager?

Yes, you could, if you are satisfied with a practice that is not performing as well as it could and may not support you in retirement. The practice is your business, your manager needs leadership and guidance from you to take your practice where you want it to go. Just like a boat needs a captain and a helmsman, your practice needs you and your manager.

“Very Inspiring”

Garrett MacEnri, Practice Manager, Co Fermanagh

  • I know the practice is not in great shape, can I wait a while before I make any changes?

What happens to your patent’s teeth and gums when they put off treatment because it is ‘It’s not that bad’ or ‘It doesn’t really hurt that much’? That’s right, when the problem really does flare up it is really painful, more expensive, more time consuming, and much more hassle and in many cases the tooth can’t be saved, do you want that for your practice? As the proverb says, “A stitch in time save nine.”

“Thank you, Jane, for opening my eyes, before working with you I feel I was walking around with my eyes and ears shut, you helped and encouraged me during very hard times in my business. Because of your guidance, training, coaching and knowledge that you have given me, today I am much healthier and wealthier person.”

Forouzan Pessian, Prosthodontist, London

  • Can I bring my team?

I love your style, yes of course you can, it will make your life so my easier the transitions smoother and will save you time and money. Bring them all, nurses, receptionists, managers, hygienists, therapists, associates and your life partner and spouse too.

“Jane brings it to a level that everyone can understand. Thank You”

Zelda Palmer, Dental Nurse, Northern Ireland

  • Can I pay in instalments?

Yes, we offer 0% interest staged payments. call us on 07989 757 884 for more information and to make arrangements. proverb says, “A stitch in time save nine.”

If you have any questions that you want to ask Jane before you sign up Call 07989 757 884 or e mail Jane@IODB.co.uk

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United Kingdom

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