Scalar Prana Energy Healing Training with Fe Pacheco
Scalar Prana Energy Healing Training with Fe Pacheco

Scalar Prana Energy Healing Training with Fe Pacheco

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Camden Court Hotel

Camden Street Upper



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Fe Pacheco is the author of ‘The Human Energy System’ and founder of the ScalarPrana Therapeutic System and she is coming for the first time ever to the UK and Ireland to teach her unique system of energy management and healing.

She has degrees in both Psychology and Metaphysical Science and is a member of the Psychological Association of the Philippines. She teaches and conducts energy healing workshops in many countries and has over 25 years of experience in various alternative energy healing modalities.

Her background in energy work includes advanced Pranic Energy Healing, naturopathy, Gestalt Therapy, Reiki, TKI method, iridology, craniosacral therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine (general and cosmetic acupuncture, cupping (ventosa), moxibustion, and gua sha), sound therapy (Tibetan singing bowls), and other energy-based modalities.

This is the very first time she has conducted her acclaimed trainings in the UK or Ireland and this is an event not to be missed by novice and experienced practitioner alike.

If you are a therapist, a healer, medical practitioner or just have a general interest in wellbeing, the spiritual and the energy universe then this weekend workshop program is not to be missed.


• An all-natural energy healing system that activates your body’s innate healing intelligence & accelerates the healing process

• Safe, touch-free therapy that does not use drugs or surgery to treat a health condition

• Balances, heals & harmonizes the body, mind & spirit

*ScalarPrana Therapy supports and complements medical healing, and aids in the rapid recovery of medically-treated diseases.

 What is ScalarPrana Energy?

ScalarPrana is an amazing, power-packed combination of two universal energies—scalar and prana.

Scalar energy comes from what Albert Einstein called the Zero-Point Energy Field or the Unified Field. It is the underlying energy field of the universe. Being a higher form of energy, it gives power, coherence, structure and direction to prana.  Prana, on the other hand, is the life-sustaining force of all living beings. Found in the sun, air and ground, it also flows through energy channels in the body and is vital in the proper functioning of the cells, tissues, organs and systems.

 More on Scalar Energy

The Scottish mathematician James Clerk Maxwell first proposed scalar energy’s existence in the 18th century, but it was the genius Nikola Tesla, generally considered the Father of Scalar Electromagnetics, who demonstrated its existence decades later. After almost a century, the potentials of scalar energy have been explored in many scientific papers, albeit outside mainstream physics.

 Using Scalar Energy for Health & Healing

Scalar energy does not only exist in the empty space of the cosmos, but also in the cells of our body. Our body pumps energy at a certain range to be able to function at an optimum level. This means that when the supply of energy is low, the body is unable to cope with the stresses or demands placed upon it, weakening its protective mechanisms against diseases, psychological imbalances and even premature aging.

Scalar energy responds to the body’s need for wholeness and healing. Unlike other forms of energy, scalar energy does not flow like waves but fills its environment like a field, with the energy expanding outward in circles. Scalar energy can pass through solid objects like human cells, without losing intensity. Research also shows that it can regenerate and repair itself indefinitely. 

Given these remarkable characteristics, scalar energy, together with prana, has profound applications in holistically replenishing and recharging the body’s energy supply, so as to bring balance, harmony and well-being.

ScalarPrana Scalar Energy Cultivation

Based on a fusion of scientific research and esoteric concepts, this workshop is both a theoretical and experiential exploration of ScalarPrana for health, wellness and self-healing.  

Some interesting features of the workshop:

  • Learn how to cultivate & harness scalar energy within your body to detoxify & revitalize it on the cellular level
  • Learn how to awaken and activate the 7 Scalar Energy Zones & how to harness them.
  • Achieve balance & well-being with special breathing & physical exercises used by ancient yogi practitioners
  • Learn special meditations to stimulate the body’s self-healing mechanism, boost energy, facilitate energy circulation, as well as help protect against negative energy.
  • Look at illness & healing with a new paradigm
  • Know how to use ScalarPrana techniques to prevent illness and maintain health.

ScalarPrana Color Therapy  

ScalarPrana Color Therapy  is designed to give you a a more thorough and profound approach to balancing, healing and harmonizing the body.  It deals with more advanced concepts, principles and techniques that are geared towards faster, quality healing.  At the end of the workshop, you are armed with the knowledge and skills to assist you in addressing chronic and serious ailments to heal other people. 

Just a few workshop features:

  • Making a deeper, multi-layered assessment of health conditions
  • Feel lighter, cleaner and refresh with ScalarPrana detox and revitalizing techniques 
  • How to use ScalarPrana Colors  ( with and without healing wands)
  • A more effective way of healing the chakra and scalar zones
  • Using the power of sound 
  • Energy channel Detox to open up your energy circulation and facilitate energy flow
  • Boosting the immune response by using specific ScalarPrana energies

All delegates are provided with a ScalarPrana certificate of attendance which goes towards a Diploma in ScalarPrana energy and will have begun their journey into a deeper understanding of our energy universe and how to influence and effect it with your intention.

The location for the training is the Camden Court Hotel in Camden Street Dublin 2. It can be reached from the Harcourt Street Luas stop or a 5 minute walk from St. Stephen's Green in the heart of the city. Parking is available for €10 per day. Each day runs from 9.30-5pm.

Places are limited on this very special and unique workshop so please register today.

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Date and Time

Camden Court Hotel

Camden Street Upper



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