Science Outreach  with  Prof.  Alicia M  Sintes

Science Outreach with Prof. Alicia M Sintes

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O'Brien Centre for Science

Stillorgan Road



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Prof. Alicia M Sintes will give a public lecture on the remarkable discovery of Gravitational Waves and their implications for our Universe.

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Title: Exploring the Universe with Gravitational Waves


Astrophysics is living a revolutionary epoch: new techniques, instruments and theories are providing for the first time truthful and coherent answers to great questions that humanity has been pursuing for centuries. Gravitational waves -ripples in the fabric of space-time- are now the new messengers that will allow us to open a new window onto the cosmos that could revolutionize our understanding of the Universe.

The advanced detector network LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA has been making ground breaking discoveries since it switched on in 2015. From the first three observing runs, there have been many detections of signals produced by compact binary mergers. This talk will describe the status of the now-firmly-established field of gravitational wave astronomy, and give some highlights of the current discoveries.

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