SCiO Virtual Open Meeting - November 2020

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Virtual Open Meeting: A series of presentations of general interest to Systems & Complexity in Organisation's members and others.

About this Event

SCiO organises Open Meetings to provide opportunities for practitioners to learn and develop new practice, to build relationships, networks hear about skills, tools, practice and experiences. This virtual session will be held on Zoom, the details of which will be confirmed nearer the time.

The programme for 16 November is as follows:

18:30 – Welcome, SCiO notices, virtual housekeeping

18:40 – Check-in

18:50 – Session 1 (presentation followed by Q & A ) – Gareth Evans

19:40 – Session 2 (presentation followed by Q & A) – Tony Korycki

20:25 – Summary and close

20:30 - 21:00 (Optional) - virtual networking


Session 1 - Systems and Complexity : nothing changed, nothing new .......

Systems have formed a significant part of science over many-a-year... scholars such as; Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Peter Checkland, Ross Ashby, Russell Ackoff, Stafford Beer and many more have discussed, debated and placed front and centre the importance of ‘Systems Thinking’ in helping us to deal with, make sense of the complexities that we witness first-hand every day.

With many black swan events in recent times, all of which seem to have a natural habit of turning us upside down and inside out, surely things need to change. If nothing other than how we have responded globally, nationally and locally to these events has taught us that our traditional, oversimplified, framework-based approaches have not worked, are dated and in the main ineffective, we must do things differently.

Many have revealed and evidenced the positive that impact of Systems Thinking can have on our society and businesses when applied in the right way and with the right blend.

What I'm curious to explore is: In Systems Thinking, if nothing has changed, and nothing is new, what do we need to do differently to counter the huge and unparalleled challenges that we face now and in the foreseeable future.

About Gareth Evans

Gareth is a known ‘Business Leader’ and ‘Systemic Practitioner’, with a strong backstory in Organisation Design & Development (OD&D). His main focus is to help organisations to become ‘a better version of themselves’ through being professionally creative, curious and courageous.

As pragmatic theorist, Gareth has a passion for better understanding complexity, what it actually is, what it actually means to our businesses and the real impact it is current having on: People, Planet, Profit. Driven to help with the on-going education of businesses and their leadership in the emergence of better professional practice, an key enabler in making a real and notable strategic and operational impact and difference.

Gareth graduated in July 2017 at the University of Bedfordshire where he studied a ‘Master of Sciences in Systemic Leadership and Organisational Development’. Since graduating Gareth has maintained his ambition to be a ‘leading light’ in the world of OD&D through his disruptive and alternative thinking driving positive industry change. Gareth as a ‘Critical Friend’ and ‘Trusted Advisor’ firmly believes much more can done in the creation of ‘smarter organisations, smarter people and smarter performance.’ Through being more 'self-organised’

Gareth has a passion for Cybernetics, Systems Thinking and helping others to be successful.


Session 2 – Introduction to Critical System Heuristics

This session is a brief introduction to what Critical Systems Heuristics (CSH) is, how it fits, where it applies, how it works in a nutshell, and how it relates to other methods in the Systems Thinking meta-approach. There’s also a simplified practical example of CSH in practice, and hopefully a chance for some discussion about applying the method.

About Tony

Tony is a specialist in organisational improvement, including leadership and management of change; he has experience in; systems thinking, measurement, benchmarking, quality, and as a process architect for complex business processes, including ITIL request.

Tony holds an MSc in Telecommunications, a BA (Hons) in Humanities with Music, and is a director of SCiO (Systems & Complexity in Organisation), supporting practitioners using systems thinking approaches, and development of the England & Wales apprenticeship scheme.

Tony is also a music radio presenter for RaidersBroadcast and AM-Rock, and semi-professional jazz musician and performer.


About SCiO

SCiO is a community of systems practitioners who believe that traditional approaches to running organisations are responsible for many of the problems we see today. We believe that systemic approaches to designing and running organisations offer radically new and better alternatives.

SCiO has three main objectives:

  • Developing practice in applying systems ideas to a range of organisational issues
  • Disseminating the use of systems approaches in dealing with organisational issues
  • Supporting practitioners in their professional practice.

Many systems practitioners can feel isolated in their organisations. SCiO provides a way to talk to and get support from a wide range of like minded people and see how they are addressing similar challenges.

SCiO is a charity and social enterprise - SCiO started in the UK, but there are now groups throughout Europe. Please visit our website for further details and sign-up to become a member:

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