Searching for new physics with low-energy techniques

Searching for new physics with low-energy techniques

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Discover the intersection of nuclear, particle and astrophysics to look for undiscovered phenomena that would herald new physics.

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In our quest to understand the nature of matter and mass, we draw on knowledge from many different fields, combining our understanding of the behaviour of the smallest known subatomic particles with our observations of the dynamics of galaxies and clusters of galaxies at unimaginably large length scales.

Join Danielle Speller as she discusses exciting experiments at the intersection of nuclear, particle, and astrophysics that use low-background, cryogenic detection techniques to look for tiny signals of undiscovered phenomena that would herald new physics.

Our current understanding of physics already does an excellent job of creating a unified picture of how it all fits together.

But in this talk, Danielle will explore how important questions – including the origin of the observed matter-antimatter asymmetry and the makeup of an invisible mass component in galaxies – challenge our understanding, and hint that there are deeper descriptions beyond our standard models of particle physics and cosmology.

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