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"On the day of New Moon, the moon rises when the sun rises. It sets when the sun sets. It crosses the sky with the sun during the day because, on this day, once each month, the moon comes between us and the sun. The sun and the moon are as if they are together symbolising that the subconscious and the conscious minds can work together. During New Moon days the whole Moon is pulling the Earth and the effect is as if the Moon is taking a deep breath and creating a new beginning."

- Tony Samara

This event is not only a fasting programme but also an energetic support, during these few days each season, to help connect to the many subtle dimensions that otherwise are often missed due to our busy lifestyles. The seasonal fasting series has been created to allow our bodies to be supported by the planets (by being connected to the times of the New Moon) and by the seasons (with each event taking place in a different season). New Moon creates an easier and more natural energy for fasting, as at this time the body naturally wants to fast.

It is important to keep a journal so that you can document and write what comes up for you during the detox process. This allows for the communication that your body, mind and emotions are transmitting to be heard and understood, so that you respect the detox process in a very concrete way. This is one of the most important aspects of fasting.

Your body is a sacred vehicle that helps you to experience consciousness and is a very important bridge to understanding yourself in a conscious and more grounded way. By consciously learning the communications of your innermost wisdom you will find it easy to change old limiting habits and to support consciousness in an easy and interesting new way.

In this fasting programme it is important not to push yourself beyond what allows you to feel joyous, blissful and happy but rather to cultivate an attitude of gratitude and respect for your body. Our relationship to food is not just physical but encompasses spiritual, emotional, social and cultural dimensions and is very much moulded by our upbringing and cultural background, as well as the way we think and feel.

1. The first step, is to remember that relaxation of the body and mind is a prerequisite for deeper communication with the knowledge that will be highlighted during this auspicious time.

2. The second step, is to free yourself from stress and anxiety, as an act of gratitude and respect for your body.

3. The third step, is the importance of the breath. I will share with you a meditation that encompasses breathing and an ancient, alchemical, transformational meditation that works with the body and the breath as well as the energy points located in specific parts of the body.

It is important to relax your breath so that you are breathing into your abdomen in a full and complete way. This means breathing in more than you normally would and breathing out more than you normally would when just attending to every day life.

4. A fourth step is to make sure you drink lots of filtered pure water to remain hydrated. You may wish to warm up the water if your body feels cold with the fasting.

It is important to listen to your body when you fast. This is the best fasting protocol. Everyone is different and it is good to make sure you adjust your protocol according to your physical needs.

The purpose of the seasonal fasting programme is to allow your body to purify itself and to enjoy a more profound experience during this auspicious time. You may wish to fast for up to 72 hours but my recommendation is to start this first fasting in an easy and relaxed way so that you become familiar with the deeper communications that happen during this time.

Hence I recommend what is known as intermittent fasting and is simply achieved by skipping a meal or two during the day. Especially good is skipping breakfast or dinner, as this means that you extend the fasting to include the overnight hours when you are sleeping. For example, if you skip breakfast and resume eating at lunch time you will have fasted for approximately 18 hours.

The idea of this programme is to bring the spiritual dimension of fasting into your practice, as well as to help connect and ground oneself within the body. In this way, the spiritual and physical are supporting one another.

Throughout the ages we have known that fasting and spirituality were connected to astrological and planetary alignments, as well as to the moon phases and the use of certain mantras.

The meditation practice that I share with you in this transmission, is especially useful during difficult moments of your fasting time. If you feel hungry, tired or depleted or low in energy, just take a few moments to practice this meditation and bring your body back to joy and bliss, and enjoy the gift of intermittent fasting.

It is good to prepare for this fast by making sure that the evening before the fast that you eat a vegan diet of just vegetables. No carbohydrates, no sugars, no fruits, no desserts, no beans or legumes, etc.

For these people who have regularly joined the programme, you may wish to make a 72 hour fast by skipping one meal and then over the next 2 days only eating vegetables, as mentioned above.

After fasting for 18 - 72 hours it is important to break the fast by eating only vegetables. This means not eating carbohydrates, fruits, sweets, snacks, nuts, beans, legumes….simply eating a variety of cooked vegetables. This mono-diet of vegetables is very easy for the digestive system and the nutrients and food factors get easily absorbed and help the detox process.

I look forward to sharing this Seasonal Fasting programme with you throughout the year of 2017.

NB: Please ignore the date. This event is available for participating in immediately upon your purchase of a ticket.

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Energy Transmissions are spontaneous sessions by Tony Samara developed to give participants the best possible opportunity to experience Consciousness. The sessions will include Energy Transmission, Meditation and the sharing of Spiritual Knowledge. The sessions last from 15 to 30 minutes.

In these sessions participants are invited to remain in silence, breathing deeply, with eyes closed and in a comfortable meditational posture (or lying down) so that the energy transmission can be experienced in the most direct and beneficial way.

In case the transmission does not start on time it is very beneficial to remain in a meditative attitude until the broadcast commences. The transmission will always take place despite any delays unless previously communicated by email (at least one day in advance.)

Once the transmission starts, Tony Samara, may start by guiding us through a meditation. If he doesn’t in a verbal way, meaning he doesn’t state ‘we will now meditate,’ then the focus is to remain connected to the energy transmission, which in itself is a meditational experience that speaks to us in an intuitive way. This may be experienced as a sensation of physical expansion and lightness in an emotional, mental or energetic way.

Tony usually concludes each session with a Thank You, which simply means that the actual broadcast is concluded but the meditation and energy transmission continue to expand and manifest in subtle ways throughout the day.

Participants are most welcome to ask any questions by email or post them on Tony Samara’s YouTube channel, Twitter or Facebook pages. Answers will be made anonymously and may come through the transmission rather than from the words.

Please also remember that you can always enjoy Tony Samara's insights and meditations that can be found:

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