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Betws Y Coed


United Kingdom

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Secret Autumn SwimWalk

Sunday 27th October 2019

10km walk / Total ascent 400m
4 swims/dips in different locations

Limited entries: There will be a maximum of 15 people.

Guided & supported 10km sociable swimwalk - a fun & exhilarating excursion with beautiful woodland trails, 4 secluded lakes & plenty of cake & hot drinks!

If you are not a runner but still like the idea of swimrun, then we have just the thing for you! A supported 10km Secret SwimWalk Challenge!

This is a fully guided and supported SwimWalk around the wooded tracks and trails of Northern Snowdonia. The route involves 400m of ascent and is an exhilarating excursion for those that take it on. The scenery is beautiful – you can expect forest fire roads, technical narrow foot paths, secluded lakes, and fantastic views. The route is circular, so you’ll finish up back at your cars.

Why the ‘Secret’? Well, we like surprises and we like to keep our favourite trails and swimming spots under the radar, sharing them with just a special few!

It's not a race!

This is a sociable event, not a race so there is no medal for you at the end, but you will take away with you some fantastic memories, some new friends, and a big smile (and possibly cold toes!)! We’ll head to a local cafe to warm up once we finish.

We will provide the following:

Qualified Guides: you’ll have no worries about getting lost, just relax and enjoy your surroundings and the SwimWalk!

Mobile support: located as close as possible to each swim will be a van carrying your spare gear should you wish to change or drop out, first aid provision and lots of food and drink to keep you going! We will not have access to it between two of the swims though.

Snacks and drink: we ask you to carry some high calorie snacks and hot drinks on the challenge yourself to keep you fuelled up and to help keep you warm, but we’ll also provide some snacks and drinks and will have them waiting for you at each checkpoint throughout the challenge.

First Aid: guides are fully first aid trained and will be carrying first aid kits.

Emergency transport: If something happens and you can’t continue, through injury or tiredness or because you get too cold, we’ll take care of getting you back to the start. We’ll also carry any spare clothing that you may want at during the SwimWalk.

Pace, Ability & Experience

The is a sociable challenge and the ability of the members of the group will vary so please be aware that you may not be traveling as fast as you might if you were walking alone! We will need to keeo a good. pace up in order to keep warm warm though so good walking fitness is essential. The emphasis is on keeping moving, not speed! The pace will be dictated by the guide, taking into account the ability of the group as a whole.

It will be cool at the end of October (especially the swims!) and we will need to keep moving at a good pace to keep warm. The swims will be kept short (up to 10 or 15 mins depending on the location - just have a dip or stay in for the duration!) and you will be asked to change quickly when you get and out. Having a few dry cossies to put on ready for the next swim is a good idea! If you struggle during the event and this begins to impact on the well being of the rest of the group we may politely ask you to retire, or at least skip one or two of the longer walking sections.


Equipment required

It is going to be pretty chilly! We will keep moving as much as possible but please be prepared for the cold, especially during the swims!

We recommend you wear:

For walking:

  • Warm walking gear - layers of technical, insulated and wicking fabrics - no jeans or cotton
  • Stout walking shoes or boots with thck warm socks.
  • Full set of waterproofs - jacket and over trousers
  • Spare dry socks
  • warm gloves
  • Warm hat
  • Rucksack/backpack

For swims:

  • Swimming costume
  • Optional rash vests or neoprene vests
  • Neoprene accessories - shoes, gloves, socks, hat
  • Googles
  • Swimhat - 2 is warmer! (bring ones you already have, we won't be supplying any to save waste!)
  • Wetsuits are optional but you will need to be very fast getting in and out of it!
  • Tow float - there will be no water safety cover

You must also have

    • High energy food
    • Water
    • Flask of hot drink for when we cannot asscess the van
    • Mobile phone
    • Towels / changing robes


    Average weather temperatures in North Wales in October can vary between 13° and 7°. Water temps will be about 8-10 degrees. We should be able to run this event even if the weather is drizzly but if it is very wet, windy or un-seasonally cold we many need to shorten or change the route for your safety and well being. If we need to fully cancel the SwimWalk due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, please read the terms and conditions below.

    Further comprehensive information will be emailed to you once we have received your booking.

    Terms and conditions:

    Participants must be age 18+ to take part in The Secret Autumn SwimWalk. Participants age 16+ may take part if accompanied by another participant aged 18+.

    By entering The Secret Autumn SwimWalk you accept awareness of and agree to the following:

    Participation is at the participant’s own risk: I am aware of the risks and hazards associated with or related to participating in this SwimWalk, including but not limited to, cold water, potential un-clement weather, difficult, technical and hazardous terrain, remote locations. I have been made aware of the swim water temperature. I agree it is solely my decision on whether to undertake the swims and I will not hold the organisers responsible in any way for any claims that may arise.

    I confirm that all my equipment is in good working order and accept that is has been my decision to wear my chosen clothing having been made aware of the potential route conditions and temperatures encountered during the swimrun challenge.

    I have sole responsibility for my personal possessions and all equipment during the challenge

    I agree that the organisers/guides may request that I retire from the SwimWalk should they believe that continuing will impact on my own well-being or the safety of the other member of the group. I agree to retire if asked to do so.

    I attest that I am physically fit and can complete this SwimWalk. I will inform the organisers and guides of any physical conditions that may impact on my ability to complete the route or pose a problem during the challenge.

    I will comply with the the terms and conditions of this SwimWalk and any instructions I am given.

    I agree that the organiser retains the right to change the route at any time, before or during the challenge, for safety or logistical reasons. (Please see further terms and conditions below)

    I grant full permission for Love SwimRun to use my image in photographs for future marketing and on social media.

    I indemnify the organisers and guides against any claims that may possibly result from participation in the SwimWalk event. I also indemnify the organisers and guides for any and all consequences which may ensue as a result of this participation.

    Route Changes and Cancellation Policy:

    The Secret Autumn Swimrun will take place only when the safety of all involved is not comprised by weather or the event of circumstances beyond our control, if either of these circumstances results in us cancelling for safety reasons, complications with the venue or other or unforeseen circumstances, we will do either of the following:

    a) Amend a route or change the location within reason to ensure a safe and enjoyable event


    b) When the event cannot be held safely due to particular conditions - we will cancel the event.

    Where an event is changed to some extent under condition 'a' above, no refund will be applicable. In the event of a cancellation under condition 'b' above, participants will be given a full refund (minus any entry charges from Eventbrite)


    No refunds will be given once an entry has been received.

    Transfers to another participant:

    You may transfer your place to another person wishing to take part in the SwimWalk. This must be done at least 5 days prior to the event. You are responsible for informing us of the updated personal and contact information of the new participant and ensuring that we have received it. If we have not received this information 5 days before the SwimWalk date we will not accept the transfer.

    If you have any questions or queries please email

    Date and Time


    Betws Y Coed


    United Kingdom

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