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Security Incident Information Management: Training for Humanitarian Security Staff

Please note this training is targeted at national staff of humanitarian organisations. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications from consultants or those employed by governments or UN agences.

The course is self-paced but participants must be available to attend a webinar on 7 June, 1-4pm (BST)

The Security Incident Information Management (SIIM) Project is a collaboration between RedR, Insecurity Insight and EISF. The project aims to increase organisational capacity to accurately report, record and share security incident data.

This training is an output of the SIIM Project and designed to increase organisational capacity to accurately report, record and share security incident data. It focusses on:

• Informing immediate responses to incidents

• Implementing lessons learned for a better prevention

• Using data to better understand the humanitarian security context.

• Using data to inform decision making at organisation level

The resources, self-paced activities, discussions and webinar will reinforce participant’s knowledge, skills and competencies on: collection, reporting, recording, analysis, use, and sharing of security incident information.


It is anticipated that participants who successfully complete the training will:

  • Have a common understanding of the principles on which lie the foundations of incident information management, using the Security Incident Information Management Manual (SIIM)
  • Understand the 4 objectives of SIIM and their links with Security Risk Management
  • Know how to support better reporting and recording of incidents with the aim of improving immediate response
  • Understand how to analyse security incident information to better implement lessons learned and prevent future incidents
  • Know how to pool and share incident information within and outside their organisation, to improve knowledge of operational context
  • Use pooled and trend data to support better strategic decision making within their organisation
  • Develop knowledge on how to use the Security In Numbers Database. Please see


  • Advocate and promote good incident information management for organisational buy-in.
  • Introduce and discuss the mechanisms required for strengthening information management in their organisation.
  • Engage with security focal points in other organisations and discuss their role in all 4 objectives of SIIM.
  • Use tools and mechanisms to analyse data and spot trends.
  • Explore how incident information can benefit the wider aid community.
  • Demonstrate their learning by applying the principles of information management and SIIM tools to a case study in a group activity.


The format of the 5 week learning programme encourages participants to work at their own pace for the first 4 weeks, and then prepare for the webinar, to be held on the final day.

  • Training will be delivered online so it is easy to fit into a busy schedule.
  • 5 week programme will commence on 6 May, with the webinar on 7 June, 1-4pm BST
  • Participatory approach involving discussion, and group work in the webinar. Participants must complete the self-paced activities at least one week before the webinar.


  • The course targets new and/or inexperienced security focal points in the field
  • The Security in Numbers Database (SiND) is a core element on which the training is based. We encourage organisations to join the database and therefore encourage participants to contact for further information.


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