Self-Development Club Watford: MONTHLY WORKSHOP

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West Watford Community Association

15 Harwoods Road


WD18 7RB

United Kingdom

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Rejuvenate with Insight Meditation & cheered fellowship; learn with workshops & networking fun:

- better direct your life

- tools to 'make it work'

- prevention & averting

- social backup

Get together to share knowledge, experience & support – for increased effectiveness and fulfilled life!

Having access to knowledge, experience and support of more people gives you a better chance to be more effective in your own life, while fulfilment and happiness will follow naturally.

Our approach is simple: if something ‘speaks’ to you – try it and give it a ‘good go’; then if it works – keep it, but if it doesn’t work – leave it.

The club is a charitable initiative bringing individuals together and structuring their interactions towards the group becoming a natural life coach for its members, where every member is responsible for own development.

The club’s logo of a rainbow around the sun symbolises a joined effort of a group of various individuals (rainbow), resulting in ignition of life empowerment (a star) for all members of the group.

In order to start developing effectively with noticeable and real (not just believed) results, one needs at first to calm one's body and mind, increase perceptiveness, concentration and brain’s capacity to process information – and Insight Meditation is the best available tool for it (technique unique to Buddhism).

Every meeting of the club is a celebration of freedom by learning, sharing and creating.

Celebration is a crucial aspect of life, allowing you to get a break from daily hustles, and is a great opportunity for self-development: learning more about others as well as about yourself, resulting in better cooperation, deeper understanding and stronger bonds that would bring reliable support when you need it. This is why attending the club is good for you: it gives a regular respite as well as allows building relationships that would prove priceless in life.

Club meetings apart from being the networking events, they are also a developmental training, so regular participation will give you a necessary background of knowledge and continuity for personal development that would enable more aware and independent directing of your own life towards SUCCESS.

We offer:

  • WORKSHOPS on personal development.
  • Insight Meditation and practical exercises increasing concentration and AWARENESS.
  • Advice and support of people from various professions and backgrounds - NETWORKING.
  • Learning the effective and harmonious communication and cooperation - RELATIONSHIPS MANAGEMENT.
  • Socialising – opportunity for FRIENDSHIPS.
  • Development of intuition and CONFIDENCE.

We focus on:

  • Learning through SHARING of knowledge, experience and support.
  • Healthy BALANCE – within oneself and with the surrounding reality.
  • PRACTICE rather than theory.

Our mission is to:

  • Stimulate individual GROWTH.
  • Help people to achieve a better CONNECTION within themselves and with others.
  • Promote MINDFUL and compassionate INTERACTIONS.
  • Create a network of people SUPPORTING each other.

We meet at:

  • MONTHLY MEETING (register attendance & come over - it's FREE) – on 4th Wednesday of a month 19:00-21:00 at West Herts College Business Lounge (Watford Campus): Hempstead Rd, Watford, WD17 3EZ. Join the meeting at any time for: free tea and coffee, socialising and networking, practice of Insight Meditation, meditation theory and practical advice or member’s presentation on a developmental theme, group discussion. (No meeting on 26 December. Meetings on 26 June, 24 July and 28 August would take place at a different venue.) Parking: free parking on campus after 5pm.
  • MONTHLY WORKSHOP (register attendance + bring £4*) – on 2nd Thursday of a month 19:30-21:30 at West Watford Community Association: 15 Harwoods Rd, Watford, WD18 7RB. Please arrive on time for: free tea and coffee, guided Insight Meditation, developmental workshop and group discussion. (In case of not enough participants to cover the venue cost, we would meet at West Herts College Business Lounge instead at 19:00 – announced on the day before; the event would become FREE). Parking: there is a lot of small streets around where you can park a car for free after 6:30pm, but it might be difficult so please allow enough time to find a space.
  • Please register your attendance by Tuesday before the event, to or at . Please note that if you don't register your attendance, the event might be called off and you will not know about it. However, if you have registered your attendance and then didn't come, the other participants would arrive expecting you to be at the event, so please respect the money, time and effort of all those who came over and take responsibility for your given word – treat others as you wished to be treated.

*Collection to cover the cost of venue hire (private space for meditation practice and better concentration).


- Introduction to the club and the areas of interest covered. (3 meetings)

- Introduction to meditating and Insight Meditation. (1 meeting)

- Personal development: what it is, concepts, terminology, approaches, areas, practicality... (1 meeting)

- Structure & functionality of human body & psychology: mind, brain, neuronal-hormonal system, physical constitution & dispositions, individuality, potentiality, learning, perceptiveness, emotions, drives, cognitive-behavioural functioning, conscious/subconscious information processing, interaction... (1 meeting)

- Structure & functionality of reality: cause-effect chains (dynamic of causality), politics & diplomacy (leverage of power within the dynamic), ever increasing effective interaction within the reality, unsatisfactoriness/happiness, interconnectedness, 'all want good & shun bad', synchronisation, transformation, determinism but freedom through non-entanglement, simulation theory of mind, insight, flow theory... (2 meetings)

- 11 laws that are missing in ‘THE SECRET’ movie/book. (1 meeting)

- Love: acceptance or taking action? (1 meeting)

- The nature of evil. (1 meeting)

- 12 steps of the Practical Path of Self-development (one step per session) with the series of 11 exercises increasing perceptiveness, concentration, understanding & awareness (one exercise per session). (12 meetings)

- Any other developmental themes of interest & good use e.g. natural efficiency, beauty/attractiveness, abuse of power/structural abuse, information overload, cognitive-behavioural programming in consumerism, underestimated impact of environmental factors...

[This is an estimated programme - order and content are subject to further adjustments]


If you have got or suspect that you may have a mental health condition or neurological brain condition – it is advised to consult appropriate medical professional before attempting any form of meditation.

Disclaimer, copyright and privacy policy are available on or via e-mail.

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Date and Time


West Watford Community Association

15 Harwoods Road


WD18 7RB

United Kingdom

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