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Self Love 7 Day Challenge

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Self Love never made sense to me.

What do you even mean Love Myself more?

I thought I did, yet I have never felt fulfilled. Not in my love life, not in my work or family.

I tried to fit in and it never worked.

In years of healing myself, I have learned the most important lesson: NO ONE CAN GIVE ME LOVE, UNTIL I GIVE IT TO MYSLEF.

Life is so short to spend it wondering "how would that be like to experience more pleasure... if I deserve more pleasure?" And waiting until someone is going to give me more pleasure.

I got to the point, where, when I think of the pleasure- I experience it in physical reality.

My desire is to share with people, what is possible, when you live your life in connection with your body, mind and spirit.

In this 7 day Self Love challenge, you will learn how to Unlock Your Power Within, tap into your inner confidence and CATALYSE every aspect of your life!

How it is going to work?

We will be Working based on 3 Pillars: Body, Mind and Spirit.

Without one of this Components the true transformation is not possible.

-Every Morning You will be doing Morning Practices to get you set for the day, to look and feel at your BEST SEXIEST SELF!

-It will be very non-intrusive during the day, yet you will have a reminder of your awesomeness!!- it is really vital to maintain the feeling throughout the day!

-In the evening, you will be given specific exercises to connect you with your body, mind and spirit, so that you feel incredible, before you go to sleep.

-We will be having a zoom call on the First Evening 21st June at 7pm GMT (call will be recorded and sent to you), To set intentions and meet each other;

-We will be having call on Monday the 24th of June at 7pm GMT to check in and support.

-Final Call on Friday the 28th of June at 7:00pm, to check in and see if your intentions were fulfilled.

You will be part of the FB group, where you will be connecting and sharing your experience with awesome people like yourself!! It will be place to ask questions, show off, brag, celebrate, cry (if you need to cry) and find support of your sisters!!

There is a HUGE amount of POWER to be working in the Group!!

Are you ready to give yourself all the LOVE and create life- long romance?

Good vibes and feel GOOD factor guaranteed!!! Are you in?!

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