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Welcome to the SFiO Contribution page on Eventbrite.

Hello! At our 2017 AGM, we agreed to trial a new type of funding so that we make access to SFiO as open as possible. Instead of a fixed £60 fee as in previous years, we are inviting you to make a contribution from £25 up to £85.

To contribute, please click on the green “Register” button to the right of the screen and when you are in the ticket page, click on the ticket for the contribution you want to make:

£25, £35, £45, £55, £65, £75, £85

Assuming we maintain the number of contributors, the minimum contribution will definitely enable SFiO to continue:

  1. Publishing the online journal

  2. Maintaining and developing the SFiO website

  3. Supporting the Global Online Chapter

  4. Enabling all contributors to have a voice on our online decision-making platform

If SFiO’s financial situation is promising in 2018 and people are ready to contribute their time and skill, we would gladly support initiatives such as those voted for in the recent poll:

  1. Developing an online multimedia library on SF in organisations to help increase the knowledge of SF

  2. Funding the costs of running the SF list (currently funded by individuals) to maintain a powerful network resource

  3. Running SFiO conferences focused on organisations, to develop the network

  4. Developing a database of organisations using SF regularly to raise awareness

  5. Seeking to accredit the SFiO review process to provide an organisational qualification

  6. Conducting or sponsoring research into the effectiveness and potential for SF in organisations to raise credibility

  7. Providing scholarships for young people to attend courses run by reviewed contributors and broaden the knowledge across generations

  8. Helping to defray the organisers’ costs of SOL conferences through SFiO sponsorship and encourage more events

  9. Part funding an all discipline international academic SF journal to increase credibility

  10. Subsidising room hire for local chapters to increase opportunities to meet

Personally, I am excited by the opportunity we have to make a difference in organisations and society. My best hope is that you are too and that you will contribute both financially and collaboratively. May you achieve your best hopes in the next twelve months.

John Brooker on behalf of SFiO

Feel free to contact the SFiO team with any questions admin@sfio.org

*The use of Eventbrite reduces our administration as much as possible and avoids the cost to you of transferring funds between banks.

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