Shamanic Journey into the womb

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St Clement's Parish Church

Edge Lane


M21 9AE

United Kingdom

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Shamanic Journey into The Womb

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When a womans womb consciousness is in her wholeness she is in full womb Connection

However if a woman has experienced any level of trauma within her womb space or around her sexuality, femininity & sensuality

there will have been a...

Fragmentation - a separation

From this full consciousness (from wholeness)

If a woman is creating her life from a fragmented Womb Portal she will create Fragmentation

If a woman is creating her life from a whole and centred place within her Womb Space she will create experiences to reflect this

The journey of Reconnection to all that we all

Invites us to call all of these lost - fragmented parts of ourselves back into our bodies

Back into Womb Consciousness part by part

As we open up into the consciousness of our Wombs, the Cosmic Womb and the Womb Of the Earth.... we are allowing ourselves to see and feel more deeply the web of connection that runs through all of life.

Our hearts, Wombs and souls soften and relax, we are embraced, held and loved by a web of life much greater than we ever knew possible. We open up into our sensuality, sexuality, tenderness and primordial innocence.

We become one with the web of all existence.

This Healing Journey Offers You

✨ Shamanic Journey into the Womb

✨ Mantra

✨ Guided Movement

✨ Shakti Shaking

✨ Intention Setting

✨ Guided visualisations

✨ Meditations

✨ Shamanic Journeys

✨ Drum Journey

✨ Womb Connection Practices

✨ Womb Healing

✨ Womb Yoga

✨ Sacred Song

✨ Light Language

✨ Light Body Activation

✨ Sound Healing

✨ Grounding Practices

✨ Integration

The evenings offerings are held with tender loving energy.

Each circle offers a different theme and energy, as we take this journey back into wholeness.

Womb Connection Circles Will Be Held in Manchester once a month 💫

Investment £22

Session investments are Non Refundable & Non Transferable

Quote “womb consciousness MANCHESTER”

Love Rebecca

Benefits of Womb Connection

Healing & Awakening

✨ Womb healing from past trauma

✨ Connection to feminine flow

✨ Balanced Womb Energy

✨ Clear decision making

✨ Clear Boundaries, energetically, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually

✨ Clearing old energy from past lovers

✨ Supports menstrual Health

✨ Attract Healthy relationship

✨ Increased libido

✨ Awakened sexual energy

✨ Supports creativity & fertility

Please note these sessions are not suitable for anyone pregnant or who think they may be pregnant.

They are suitable for women wanting to conceive (up to the point of conception) as they are designed to help support energetic clearing and releasing, which naturally created space for new potential to bloom…

The Womb holds residual emotions and energies from past experiences, trauma, abuse, lack of self love and any experiences that have brought disassociation to your feminine centre.

You need to have a clear womb for mental, physical & emotional balance, clarity and to be able to step fully into your true essence and power.

Types of wounding

• Accumulated emotions that could not be processed or transformed when the initial wounding took place. These emotions include rage, fear, grief, abandonment, guilt, shame, and worthlessness.

• Birth trauma & womb grief from miscarriages, still births and abortions

• Emotional and energetic imprints from past sexual partners, including their aggression, anger or other low vibration emotions

Your Womb is your sacred source space. She is the very embodiment of your feminine essence and power.

It is from a deep connection to this space that you fully embody the sacred light that lives within you, a deep sense of knowing, and clarity that comes from true presence with yourself and within each moment you experience life.

A woman who is deeply connected to her womb space doesn't seek answers from outside, as she knows herself, her truth and the wisdom that rises from within her own being.

Womb connection supports you to release fear and other emotions from the heart and womb space creating inner connection, clarity and love in your body.

Date and Time


St Clement's Parish Church

Edge Lane


M21 9AE

United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

Contact the organiser to request a refund.

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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