Shifting the concept of power and the dynamics of the sexes. A discussion.

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Margaret Thatcher once said, “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”

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Today's discussion event is a deep dive into the subject of power and the sexes: whether this is in relationships, in the workplace, etc...Gender and power are intrinsically linked; understanding this can help us understand both concepts better.

The need for power and self actualisation is a basic human need, and how it is manifested through the sexes creates the reality we take part in globally. Power in our society is currently looked upon as a means to control others, whether it is through influence, money, beauty, fame etc...

Gender relations are power relations. Often what it means to be a 'woman' is to be powerless (quiet, obedient, accommodating). A ‘real man’, by contrast, is powerful (outspoken, in control, able to impose his will), particularly in relation to women. These gender roles tend to perpetuate the power inequalities that they are based on.

Gender shapes institutions and how they affect the distribution of power.

Gender shapes how we understand what ‘power’ is in the first place.

Just a few ideas we will be exploring:

•Is equality between the sexes ever achievable?

•Why is there a long standing belief that men are the stronger sex: smarter, better, more successful, stronger than women, and therefore are in a higher pecking order in society, thereby creating the emergence of a patriarchy?

•What is the cost we pay as a global society for the perpetuation of this imbalance of power?

•Can we re-envision a future where the balance of power can be levelled out and what might that look like?


As a Healer and Life Coach Practitioner, I work with balancing male and female energies, so I am inviting you to come and join the conversation about power and the sexes.

If you would like to join further longer discussions on similar and various topics, check out Hygge Chats by the Fireplace being run every 2 weeks on a Sunday.


My name is Lucia, I am a Healer, Mastery Facilitator, Life Coach Practitioner and Professional Stress Management Consultant.(For more info read Organiser's Profile section)


•The Zoom link to this free to attend online event will be sent after Registrations close at 7am to all attendees and before the event starts. Should you not receive a notification with this info, get in touch: do not wait last minute as I will not usually be available to help then. If you wish to attend this event after Registrations have closed please Register for the next event, as I do not send out links last minute.

•This event is being run interactively which means all attendees will be required and encouraged to appear and speak on camera: this is to foster a sense of connection and also because it is important to be fully present during the event to get the most out of it.

•My online events are not recorded, to ensure confidentiality.

•Please be on time. Be considerate and keep your Registration up to date if you can no longer attend, so someone else can.

•DISCLAIMER: I am trained as a Life Coach Practitioner and a Professional Stress Management Consultant. My work/content focuses around energy healing modalities.(For more info about me, check "About" section). This event is not being offered as therapy/counselling and so does not constitute replacement for medical or psychological treatment. I am running this event as a social mixer for the purposes of a varied, broad and unbiased discussion.

• For the past year I have been running most of my online events for free to give back to my community during these tough times. In response to the enquiries from regular attendees wishing to donate, I have added a link below(with thanks) for any donations which anyone might choose to give:

From September 2021 this event(and all my online events) will be chargeable to attend.

•If you have any questions feel free to message me! Follow me on Eventbrite so that you receive notifications of any of my new online events.

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