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Short Sharp Shizz: For Women Who Mean Business

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Augustine United Church

41 George IV Bridge



United Kingdom

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A Shizzinar is a spectacular gathering of women from all walks of life who have come together to connect, share, explore, laugh, learn and grow together in shizzness.

In ‘Short Sharp Shizz’ the focus is on women in business and in organisations. Women who have ideas and want to make them happen. Women who see potential and want to bring it into reality. Women seeking to develop their capacity for leadership, learning and managing change. Women who have skills and want to deploy them to more powerful effect. Women who want to take their business, team, organisation or skill to another level and get their shizz together without delay.

This Shizzinar takes place over one intensive day which begins in the morning with tea and biscuits and ends in the evening with fizz, shizz and networking. Which starts with a group of disparate women with separate lives, goals and challenges, and ends with a vibrant new community of women leaders, movers and shakers, bonded by their experiences and a shared commitment to absolute shizzness.

Enjoy excellent presentations, relevant content, creative conversations and active engagement with a vibrant and diverse group of women from mothers to managers, from artists to enterpreneurs, as you explore the challenges you face in your work and personal lives. Learn nifty techniques and effective approaches to surfacing your values and goals and removing what is getting in the way of you achieving them.

The event is designed and facilitated by Pauline Meikleham, a psychodynamic coach and facilitator specialising in mindfulness, creativity and The Compass Approach to goal setting and go getting - a powerful values based approach that will transform the way you think and work , giving you an effective way to align your plans with your deepest values and turbo charge your personal and professional development going forward, surfacing and removing inner and outer barriers as you go.

Pauline is the Director and Founder of ShizzCoaching.com

Who is it for?

Short Sharp Shizz is for any woman looking for an immediate injection of energy, inspiration and encouragement to support them in moving forward with the challenges and opportunities of their current role.

You may be a freelance artist, designer or photographer. You may be a coach, therapist or instructor. You may be leading change or empowering communities within your organisational role. You may be seeking to improve your practice, develop your skills or identify barriers to your progress and advancement.

Whether you are leading a team or building a business, whether you are trying to establish yourself in your chosen field or manage complex changes in your organisation. This seminar will provide an opportunity to:

  • Widen the lens on your current situation and open up to new ways of thinking, working and dealing with challenges;

  • Get clear on what it is you are really trying to achieve and what you need to work on in order to achieve it;

  • Get input from other women from similar and different backgrounds in order to widen your perspective and consider different options;

  • Get inspired by the experiences of women from across the business and organisational spectrum, making links back to your own stories of aspiration, struggle and achievement.

  • Take away ideas, insights, tools and approaches you can use immediately to support and empower yourself in moving forward

What Can I Expect?

Imagine a room full of women of all ages and from all kinds of backgrounds all psyched to connect, share, explore, discover and take away something valuable for their own professional learning and development.

Consider the impact of hearing the stories and sharing the experiences of a diverse group of practitioners, freelancers, business owners, leaders and managers, surfacing common themes and working together to support and empower each other.

Forget what you think you know about business and leadership seminars. A shizzinar is something quite different. Creative, engaging, friendly, exciting, energising, interactive, immersive, empowering offering a supportive and enabling framework with freedom for you to bring your own issues and shape the group agenda as the day progresses.

Relax you are in great hands. A Shizzinar is a skillfully facilitated and respectfully held space where you can openly share and explore your own issues and challenges, consider actions and solutions and commit to doing something different that will really be effective for you going forward.

Great Content. Presentations and workshop activities are designed for this very specific group – female leaders, freelancers, managers, entrepreneurs, women who have massive potential and face great opportunities but also significant challenges which require new thinking and new approaches.

Genuine Impact. Through widening the lens on your current challenges, and getting input on them from a diverse group of women you will start to get clearer on your goals and expand your awareness of what would be helpful in moving you closer to achieving them. Each participant will leave with a clearer picture of where they are, where they want to get to, how they plan to get there and the support they might need along the way. You will also have some new tools in your belt you can apply to coaching and supporting yourself going forward.

Take Aways

  • Increased clarity about your goals and priorities;

  • A powerful sense of your true values and purpose and how you can use them as a compass to guide your thinking and action;

  • A clearer picture of the issues and challenges you are facing and how you can meet them more creatively and constructively;

  • Awareness of your own ‘stuff’ – how you are getting in your own way and how you can get out of your own way so you can move forward;

  • A more defined map of your own journey and process you can use to plot your progress and direction and to further populate as you do so;

  • Some new, creative, accessible and helpful tools and techniques you can use to support and empower yourself going forward;

  • A clearer picture of your own professional development needs and how you might meet them in future.


Short Sharp Shizz packs an intense amount into one day and guarantees genuine impact for those who invest in the experience.

It takes months in the planning and is supported by a behind the scenes production and admin team and on the day by a talented and critical group of co-hosts, facilitators and helpers.

Then there are venue costs, catering costsour , marketing costs, you get the picture – its not a cheap event to stage, but ….

Through our creativity in finding reasonably priced venues, caterers and offering free places to women who can provide some help with set up and support on the day, we are able to reduce costs to what we hope is a reasonable investment for most women, given the content and benefits on offer.

Bang for Your Buck

We know how hard earned your precious cash is and so we pack a lot of value into one shizztastic day.

Your place includes lunch, refreshments and a prosecco evening reception , as well as all content, materials and resources on the day. Begin with tea and biscuits and end with shizz fizz and networking as we segueway into the evening blending business seamlessly with laughter and pleasure.

This is a girls day in and night out combined, but with purpose, pizzaz and the potential to take something home that will jet fuel your progress as well as boosting your personal and professional networks. From 9 am to 9pm - or beyond for those of you who want to stay on and party in Ediunburgh - be inspired, energised and emboldened by the compay of shizztastic women like you!


Catch a great deal by booking and paying in full before August 30th . Early bird rate 1 represents a 25% discount on the standard price of £200. A £50 deposit will secure your place and ensure your early bird discount providing you are all paid up by August 30th 2017.


A second opportunity to secure a £25 discount for those who pay in full by September 30th. A £50 deposit will secure your place and ensure your early bird discount providing you are all paid up by September 30th 2017.


If you miss the early bird, don't worry, £200 is still a great price for this event which includes great content, catering and evening fizz reception and networking social. From 9am to 9pm or beyond, Short Sharp Shizz brings women together from all corners to connect, share, explore, laugh, learn and grow together in shizzness. We guaranteed you will be energised, inspired and motivated to take forward your personal goals and plans in the afterglow of this unique event. Don't forget a deposit of £50 is required to secure your place, unless you are paying in full.

"An enlightening and exhilarating journey of self-discovery. Mindfulness and self-appreciation is developed through group work and collaboration. Pauline skilfully leads the group through a series of activities which build towards a total understanding of how we get “stuck,” in negative mental models in our daily lives, and what we can do to positively restore ourselves. In other words, how we can become our own best selves" –- Carol

"Pauline could not be a more perfect facilitator with her authentic and compassionate being. It’s clear that this is a real passion for her and that flows through all of her work, from the way she brings the group together in a circle of trust, to the understanding and thoughtfulness of the content she provides - Cat

Read here about Pauline Meikleham and Shizz Coaching.com

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Date and Time


Augustine United Church

41 George IV Bridge



United Kingdom

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