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Shropshire Summer School 2019 offers talks, workshops and tours on the environment, local & family history, migration and dementia to engage and excite residents and visitors in Shropshire...

Who is a Refugee? Who is a Migrant? Workshop with Dr Yewa Holiday University Centre Shrewsbury, 22 July 10am - 1pm (Room 021).

This workshop will explore law, history and everyday understandings of the terms ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant’. You will examine the elements of the refugee definition that a person must satisfy to qualify as a refugee in international law; consider the similarities and differences between refugees, migrants, victims of trafficking and smuggled migrants; and articulate your understanding of who is and who is not a refugee.

Tour of Smiling Tree Farm (including talk) with Host and Pastoral Farmer, Christine Page Smiling Tree Farm, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, Shropshire, SY7 0BW, 22 July 2pm - 5pm. Free. Donations to the farm welcome for future talks and tours.

An educational afternoon based on a farm tour and illustrated talk about regenerative agriculture including • Our farm vision & what we do • An introduction to soil science & the carbon cycle • Cows, climate change & carbon sequestration • Mob-grazing: mimicking natural grazing patterns • Pasture diversity: soil, plant, animal & human health • The link between soil health, flavour & nutrition • Increasing vital nutrients in our produce • Animal welfare & how we produce ethical meat & milk. There will be plenty of opportunity for Q&A.

Smuggling and Trafficking workshop with Dr Yewa Holiday University Centre Shrewsbury, 23 July 10am - 1pm (Room 021).

This workshop examines the extent to which smugglers and traffickers are brought to justice and how smuggled migrants and victims of human trafficking can be protected. You will be introduced to the law and the practice of states in Europe. We will also examine the extent to which smuggling and trafficking might be a feature of life in Shropshire.

The Botanists of the Botanist Gin University Centre Shrewsbury, 23 July 2pm - 5pm (Room 021).

Dr Richard and Mavis Gulliver were the original botanists for The Botanist Gin which is distilled on the Hebridean Isle of Islay. The Gullivers worked with master distiller Jim McEwan to add gin to the range of whiskies produced by Bruichladdich Distillery. Three years of research, extensive foraging and collaboration with Jim led to the first distillation in 2010. The gin sold so well that the global drinks company, Remy Cointreau, bought the distillery. Until retiring in 2017, the Gullivers collected and processed all the botanicals for every distillation. This interactive talk also examines the 22 Islay botanicals and there will be a sampling of The Botanist Gin.

The history of the passport with Dr Yewa Holiday University Centre Shrewsbury, 24 July 10am - 1pm (Room 021).

This workshop will examine attitudes in Europe to ideas about migration and passports, focussing on the UK in the period 1793 to the First World War. You will explore and contrast the response by the UK to refugees fleeing from France during the French Revolution in the 1790s and to refugees fleeing Russia in the 1880s and 1890s; examine Parliamentary debates about passports and how passports were used in this period; consider the impact of the Aliens Act 1905 on refugees; and discuss the changes to the passport brought about by the First World War.

Garden History in 8 'objects' with Advolly Richmond, MA University Centre Shrewsbury, 24 July 2pm - 5pm (Room 021).

Garden History in 8 ‘objects’ is for anyone interested in gardens and social history. This interactive workshop will give participants an opportunity to examine and discuss objects connected with plants, people and places that have shaped the history and development of our historic gardens and landscapes. A fully illustrated lecture putting the objects into their historical context will round off the workshop.

The Criminalisation of Refugees with Dr Yewa Holiday University Centre Shrewsbury, 25 July 10am - 1pm (Room 021).

Participants will explore the changing climate in the UK and Europe generally towards refugees since the First World War and the increasing emphasis on identity and passports. Students will study newspaper reports and writings from the 1930s focussing on the situation in the UK and France; consider aspects of the 1951 Refugee Convention; and assess reports of prosecutions of refugees in the UK since the 1990s.

Environmental Activism with Jonathan Terry, MSc, MICFor, MRICS, CENV University Centre Shrewsbury, 25 July 2pm - 5pm (Room 021).

Jonathan Terry explores concepts of environmental activism in a changing world. The workshop begins with an exploration of forest policy and how it has been influenced by environmental activism and looks at some of the drivers for environmental activism. You will be looking at a variety of campaigns from trees to whales to climate change. There will be opportunity for Q&A.

Migrants in Shropshire and the Welsh Marches with Dr Yewa Holiday Gateway Education and Arts Centre, Shrewsbury, 26 July 10am - 1pm (Room F8).

This workshop examines the presence of migrants and refugees in the Shropshire area and Welsh Marches, for example, Belgian refugees in the First World War, prisoners of war and Polish refugees and displaced persons after the Second World War. We will explore the similarities and differences in the response to these and other groups and place this local response in national and international context.

Reading the Landscape with Jonathan Terry, MSc, MICFor, MRICS, CENV Gateway Education and Arts Centre, Shrewsbury, 26 July 2pm - 5pm (Room F8).

This interactive workshop explores how we can understand the landscape through a knowledge of history, the land and its owners, industry, forestry and agriculture as well as through disease.

The Dark History of Gin Tasting, gindifferent, Market Hall Shrewsbury, 26 July 7.30pm - 9.30pm.

gindifferent will be showcasing a selection of the best Shropshire and its borders have to offer which nicely coincides with the Shropshire Summer School! The session includes 5/6 Gins, 3 Gin Cocktails and delectable nibbles. This session should be booked directly with gindifferent.

How to Buy a Woodland with Jonathan Terry, MSc, MICFor, MRICS, CENV 27 July 10am - 4.30pm University Centre Shrewsbury (Room 021); 29 July 10am - 1pm local woodland tbc; 30 July 10am - 1pm local woodland tbc.

This two day course on how to buy a woodland includes information on woodland management and pests and disease.

Flounders Folly tour Flounders Folly, Craven Arms 28 July 2-4pm. Free. Donations towards the upkeep of the Folly welcome.

A walk to Flounders Folly with a guided tour about the Folly and its history and restoration.

Crime in Victorian Britain with Dr Holiday Gateway Education and Arts Centre, Shrewsbury, 29 July 10am - 1pm (Room F8); and University Centre Shrewsbury, 30 July 10am - 1pm (Room 021).

This interactive course over two 1/2 days will introduce you to aspects of crime in Victorian England. You will work on criminal cases deciding guilt and punishment and compare your determination with what actually happened. You will learn about differences between 19th century and contemporary forms of criminal justice.

The Rev Thomas Birch Freeman: Victorian Botanist with Advolly Richmond MA, Gateway Education and Arts Centre, Shrewsbury, 29 July 2pm - 3pm (Room F8).

The Rev. Thomas Birch Freeman (1809 - 1890) was a British missionary of Anglo-African descent. His success in founding churches and schools in the Gold Coast (modern day Ghana) has been well documented. However, his contribution to botany, plant collecting and horticulture has been overshadowed by this religious legacy. This talk aims to reveal the extent of Birch Freeman’s horticultural and botanical learning and is supported by Advolly’s research on Birch Freeman family archives in Ghana.

Visit to Shropshire Archives, Shropshire Archives, Shrewsbury 30 July 2-4pm.

This session includes a talk about the fascinating work of the Shropshire Archives and the services they offer, a tour behind the scenes, including their conservation and digitalisation work, and the chance to look at a selection of archive material tailored to the interests of the group.

Family History and Education workshop with Dr Holiday University Centre Shrewsbury 31 July 10am - 1pm (Room 021).

Yewa uses her own family history relating to the Goodacres of Long Clawson (Leicestershire) and Mansfield (Nottinghamshire), including books and materials they wrote on education, to examine trends in education in 18th and 19th century Britain and what this might have to say about social mobility and families in general. Participants will be able to apply these ideas to their own families.

The Quarry, a talk and tour by Advolly Richmond MA. The event will begin at the University Centre Shrewsbury 31 July 2pm (Room 021) followed by a tour of the Quarry.

The walk around the Quarry will look at the history and development of one of Shrewsbury’s most enduring public open spaces from the 16th to the 19th century. In the 18th century, polite society gravitated to Shrewsbury to see and be seen in the Quarry. The walk will be preceded by a presentation providing a brief overview of the Quarry’s history.

Family History and Secrets workshop with Dr Holiday University Centre Shrewsbury 31 July 2.30pm - 5pm (Room 021).

Yewa uses her family history to explore the nature of secrets in families focussing, for example, on 'madness' in the early 20th century and childbirth out of wedlock in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

Dementia, my mother and me led by Isabelle Latham, Senior Lecturer, University of Worcester University Centre Shrewsbury, 1 August 2pm - 5pm (Room 021).

What is dementia? How is dementia experienced by those living with dementia, by relatives and by carers?
In this interactive session, you will explore the nature of dementia and dementia care with Isabelle Latham. Yewa Holiday will share a personal insight into her mother’s dementia and what it has taught Yewa using music, art and poetry. The session will include staff from local care homes who will discuss their experiences of caring for people living with dementia. There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

Join us for a fascinating dementia journey looking at academic, practitioner and personal understandings of dementia.

Family History and Migration workshop with Dr Holiday University Centre Shrewsbury, 2 August 10am - 1pm (Room 021).

Dr Holiday uses her own family history to examine trends in migration in 19th century Britain and what this might have to say about families in general. In the Victorian era, railways created migration opportunities for families both within and beyond Britain. The migrations occurring in the nineteenth century in Britain and the British colonies are explored via a Midlands family who migrated to Cape Colony in 1861 and returned in about 1868. This account of family and individual migration is set in the context of the expansion of the railways and minimal migration regulation. Participants will explore ideas about why this family migrated and why they returned and what impacts the migration and return of such families had on society at the national, local and family level.

Film, Le Havre, with talk and discussion University Centre Shrewsbury, 2 August 2pm - 4.30pm (Room 021).

In this funny, off-beat and warmhearted portrait of Le Havre, fate throws young African refugee Idrissa (played by Blondin Miguel) into the path of Marcel Marx (André Wilms), a cool-headed shoe shiner, Marcel's gentle wife Arletty (Kati Outinen) and tough Inspector Monet (Jean-Pierre Darroussin). With innate optimism and the unwavering support of his community, Marcel stands up to officials doggedly pursuing Idrissa for deportation. Directed by Finnish director, Aki Kaurismaki.

The film is preceded by a short talk and there will be a discussion afterwards.

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