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East Grinstead/Tonbridge/Crawley

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Would you like the gift of harmony, peace, love and connection for Christmas?

Would you like to shift the fighting, bickering, and squabbles into connecting, laughing, and kindness?

Book now for the 6 week Siblings Without Rivalry course! Save £100 if you book before the end of November!

In the six practical sessions, you will learn effective skills to shift:

From arguments into UNDERSTANDING

From conflicts into SOLUTION

From uncertainty to CLARITY

From petty taunts into HEALTHY EXPRESSION

From needy to EMPOWERED

From insecure to CONFIDENT

From disconnected and tense to LOVING

From fighting to FUN

From power struggles to TEAM WORK

We aren't taught parenting skills at school or university. All we have is what happened in childhood. Mostly we repeat what happened to us, even when we didn't like it. Doing a parenting course gives us the chance to hone skills that can help us shift from survival to THRIVING.

For 6 weeks you can get support for 2.5 hours a week. In these 15 hours you'll see that there are others going through the same challenges you are, so you won't feel alone. You'll learn effective skills to create the family connection you always wished you had.

Is this the present you need for your family? Have a look through the situations of other clients, and see if you relate to them:

Improve your relationship with you husband?

"Even though I only had a month old baby, I signed up to Zariya's course to help with my relationship with my husband. We constantly bickered like irritating siblings. I didn't want my child to grow up in that enviroment. I needed to learn how to communicate well. I'm amazed how things have changed. I like myself more - I'm not as childish, and I like him more - he's not as reactive. Do the course to learn to solve problems like adults." - Jaya

Improve your parenting?

"Doing Zariya's course has transformed by parenting and my relationship with my son." ~ Ina

Reconnect with children who have cut off?

"When I started this course, I thought my relationship with my daughter was over. She didn't want anything to do with me. I didn't know how to handle her. Her resentment was too much. Through this course I came to understand the siblings issues, and how heal them. Now we are close again. Brings tears to my eyes. Thank you!" - Em

Change childhood patterns?

"Growing up in a conservative family, children weren't able to speak. I could never share what I really thought. I didn't want this relationship with my children, but didn't know how to do things differently. Zariya showed me the way to deal with things, so we could solve issues." Maria

Overcoming favourites?

"Growing up I was the favourite. In speaking with you, I have come to see how my brothers hated me because of it. It wasn't my fault. I didn't choose to be the favourite. I didn't realise that in engaging in this work, not only would my parenting change to be fairer, but I'd also heal my relationships with my siblings. It's been so healing." Sylvie

Kids playing up because of a bad relationship?

"I had been in a bad relationship. The kids acted it out and I released my anger on them. In doing the course, I'm getting better at expressing myself healthily, and the kids have calmed down. I got out of the the bad relationship. I realised how to solve issues on the course, and realised he didn't have the same goals. Things are so much better." Kate

Stop seeing one child as the bully and the other as a victim?

"I always saw my one child as the bully and the other as a victim that I had to protect. I was resenting the bully. In doing this course I see things differently, and have the skills to change how I respond. My kids are no longer fighting like they were. Bedtimes are no longer a power struggle. I get on with both of them better." Ann

Got a whining, demanding child?

"My son knew how to get what he wanted my whining, throwing a tantrum, or getting under my skin. He knew what to do to make me give in. Doing this course has made me stronger, more boundaried and empowered me with tools to help him become who I know he can me." Jane

Want to put an end to ongoing squabling?

"My kids would tell on each other, and squabble about the silliest things. They'd ruin outings, and fight over everything. Just for attention. Doing the Siblings Without Rivalry course has helped to understand why, and what to do. I am able to meet their needs better. They fight less. We have more fun together and they're better friends now. It's changed the atmosphere in the home." Dave

What is it you want for your family?

My mission is to help you create more love, goodness, care, and confidence in your children.

If that's something you want, book onto the course now for a substantial discount. Save £100 before the end of November.

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East Grinstead/Tonbridge/Crawley

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