Sketchnote Hangout #17: Co-creating sketchnote cheat sheets

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International Sketchnote Hangout (#SketchnoteHangout) is a 1 hour Google Hangout that takes place at least once per month and is organised on a voluntary basis by the Sketchnotes community. Each Google Hangout has a overarching topic that is discussed during the first 30mins. This is followed by an open discussion driven by the Google Hangout attendees. The purpose of the Google Hangout is to give attendees the opportunities to discuss, obtain advice and support and practice Sketchnoting within a friendly and comfortable international environment.

Who can attend?

All welcome (Sketchnote Hangouts are limited to 25 attendees)


Co-creating sketchnote cheat sheets


Cheat sheets are concise set of examples used for quick reference and can be beneficial to sketchnote beginners and seasoned professionals

#SketchnoteHangout #17 will be a collaborative session that will lead to the creation of four sketchnote cheat sheets: icons, lettering, connectors/separators and figures/faces. For example #SketchnoteHangout will begin with a prompt, discussion of the key icons used within sketchnotes, attendees will then asked to sketchnote each icon. A similar process will be used for lettering, styles and figures and faces.

At the end of #SketchnoteHangout attendees will be asked to submit their sketches to #SketchnoteHangout via a Dropbox submission link (submissions can be scans or photographs in .jpg or .png format). Makayla Lewis will then vector submitted sketches and design 4 A6 coloured sketchnote cheat sheets. The free sketchnote cheat sheets will be made public on #SketchnoteHangout Gumroad webpage in .PDF format for the community to download and use.


Dr. Makayla Lewis (@maccymacx)


30 June 2016


8pm BST (you can find your correct timezone here:

Hangout URL:

10 minutes before the hangout URL will be emailed to you, please ensure the email you provide is correct.

What should I bring?

Favourite pen, some paper or your favourite digital drawing device and questions.


On submitting your sketches to Makayla Lewis (#SketchnoteHangout organiser) you are agreeing to Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) precisely you agree to Makayla Lewis (#SketchnoteHangout organiser) using your sketches to create four free sketchnote cheat sheets that will be shared publicly. Please note you will be credited on the #SketchnoteHangout Gumroad webpage with a link to your twitter or webpage.

Submitting your sketches:

After the hangout a link to Dropbox file submission page will be placed on #SketchnoteHangout webpage:

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