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Sleep Better, Live Better: July Workshops

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Elizabeth College

La Grange

GY1 2PY Guernsey


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Sleep impacts every area of your health.

Your mood, energy, cravings, memory, creativity, productivity, performance, recovery, immunity and risk for developing every chronic disease is inextricably linked to your sleep health.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, become happier, deal with stress better, be a better parent, partner or employee, improve your performance at work, in sports, or even the bedroom - you need to focus on the foundation of your health - you need to improve your sleep.

Many of us have suffered from poor quality or downright awful sleep for so long that it has become the norm.

You might have given up thinking that your sleep could ever improve, perhaps due to the lack of tools and advice that you've been given so far.

I have worked with everyone including athletes, CEOs, worn out mums, children, teens, nightshift workers and just about everybody else that you can imagine.

There has been one consistent theme throughout all of these experiences - that by applying the principles I outline...

EVERYBODY can sleep better, including YOU.

Join me for an upcoming workshop that provides a natural, 21st century, evidence-based approach to sleep.

Learn simple, effective and practical tools and techniques to relax more and sleep better.

Co-create your own personalised sleep improvement plan to take back control of your sleep and your life.


  • Engage in a comprehensive, enjoyable and interactive sleep education workshop.
  • Develop a greater understanding of the factors influencing your own sleep habits.
  • Develop your own ‘personalised sleep improvement plan'.
  • Receive a comprehensive Sleep eBook that contains simple, practical, effective and evidence-based advice and guidance to assist you in improving your sleep and sustaining the changes long-term.
  • Receive FREE online guidance, inspiration and support as you implement the changes necessary to improve your sleep.


Part 1: Why We Sleep

  • The evolution of sleep
  • Your circadian rhythms
  • The science of sleep
  • Functions of sleep

Part 2: Why We Can't Sleep

  • Examining the factors stopping us from sleeping
  • How light, temperature, substances, stress, trauma, brain activity, exercise, breathing, diet, supplements and other factors impact your sleep and recovery
  • How you can make simple, effective and evidence-based changes to dramatically improve your sleep

Part 3: Sleep Better, Live Better

  • Co-creating your personalised sleep improvement plan


"The content was really interesting, inspiring and thought-provoking. I'd recommend it to anyone, even those who think they are getting a good night's sleep. I really got a lot from it. It's put together really well and Dan's presentation style makes it even more accessible."


"It's been 5 days since the sleep workshop and I am already sleeping SO much better. I've been applying the breathing techniques that you showed me, paying attention to what and when I eat and drink before bed, spending more time reading, less time on screens and combining the hot and cold methods you explained. I cannot thank you enough Dan."


"I just wanted to say thank you for the sleep session on Saturday, I wasnt sure what to expect but found it really interesting and thought provoking. Lots to take away to think about and start putting into practice! I really liked your relaxed approach and the fact you didnt blind us with science. Your thoughts on having the right tools to help each individual, and the fact that you shouldnt just remove something but find replacements has made so much sense! Good luck with your mission, this work is so important, everyone should know about it!"


Daniel White (MSc, BSc, ANutr) is a Registered Associate Nutritionist and Functional Medicine Health Coach.

Daniel has extensive educational, research and clinical experience in the fields of psychology, nutrition, health coaching and human behavioural change.

He is passionate about educating, inspiring and supporting individuals to improve their health through a progressive, evidence-based lifestyle medicine approach incorporating factors such as nutrition, managing stress, building resilience, and sleep health.


Each workshop is limited to a maximum of 10 individuals.

You can contact me privately to pay via bank transfer and avoid Eventbrite's fees.

I am on a mission to change the way that every man, woman and child in Guernsey sleeps.

I do not believe that your financial status should dictate your access to improved sleep and better well-being.

If you cannot attend this workshop due to financial issues, please contact me for a confidential chat to discuss options.


dan@danielwhitehealth.com with any questions.

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Elizabeth College

La Grange

GY1 2PY Guernsey


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