Social Work Partnership Day 2022

Social Work Partnership Day 2022

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The Social Work Partnership Day 2022 is a time to celebrate, empower & promote collaborations at the University of Greenwich.

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The decolonization of social work is a multidimensional process, including the identification of destructive beliefs and practices, inducing knowledge from non-western ideas and research, identifying the diversification of contexts of social work, and reclaiming indigenous beliefs and practices. This process is increasingly important when practising in a multi-diverse environment where skills of international social work are not a luxury but a necessity.

The Social Work Partnership Day Conference 2022 aims to provide the space to negotiate these ideas and invites scholars, practitioners, students and people with lived experience to engage in a dialogue about moving toward co-produced education and training in social work to ensure decolonised learning and practices in the future.

Keynote Abstract:

In recent years there has been growing demand to decolonise the curriculum. This is particularly so in disciplines such as social work, in which the values and knowledge of colonial powers have for too long been uncritically foregrounded and other knowledges obscured or even eradicated. This presentation begins by explaining what is meant by, and exploring potential benefits to stakeholders in social work education from, decolonising the curriculum. However, commencing the process by adding some new readings and case studies, and/or widening the diversity of presenters, tends to result in efforts which are no more than superficial and tokenistic. Rather, decolonising the curriculum requires an openness to learn and un-learn and to put new learning into action. Moreover, it requires a vision of what can be and commitment to realise that. It takes time to listen to the pain and anger of those who have been colonised, to understand what it is we need to address and not just rush straight into action. The presentation concludes by identifying a range of issues which may emerge in the process of attempting to decolonise the curriculum.

Presented by Professor Beth Crisp

Beth Crisp is Professor of Social Work and Deputy Head of the School of Health and Social Development at Deakin University in Australia, and President of the Australian Council of Heads of Social Work Education. She is internationally recognised for her expertise in social work education and scholarship. In 2019, a multidisciplinary study published in PLOS Biology listed her among the top 2% of scholars internationally Beth has published 10 books, the most recent of which are Sustaining Social-Inclusion, Re-imagining Religion and Belief for 21st Century Policy and Practice, , Eliminating Gender-Based Violence and The Routledge Handbook of Religion, Spirituality and Social Work. She has also published more than 120 journal articles as well as numerous book chapters and research reports. Outside work, Beth’s creative endeavours include being a sewist and reading novels.


09:15 Opening remarks and housekeeping by Dr Pentaris

09:20 Welcome by Professor Jane Harrington, Vice-Chancellor, University of Greenwich

09:30 Keynote By Professor Beth Crisp: Why should we decolonise the social work curriculum and how do I start the process?

10:30 Panel of people with lived experience chaired by Carmen Yau. Participants: Aly fryer, Nigel Bowness, Raza Griffiths

11:00 Break

11:10 Critical Publishing

11:18 Safeguarding Black Children and Families – Promoting Anti-Racist Practice in social work: Katrina Dey, Practice Development Lead in Bexley Children’s Services. Q & A session for all delegates which will be chaired by Dionne Aarons, BA student from the University of Greenwich Social Work Programme.

12:30 Lunch break

13:30 Reflections from the morning

13:50 SAGE publishing, Calum Watson

14:00 Workshops

1: International Social Work by Dr Panagiotis Pentaris and Professor Janet Walker

2: Buddhism and Social Work Practice by Carmen Yau

3: Co-production Knowledge and Social Work Supervision by Sharon Lambley

15:00 Discuss workshop findings

15:20 Closing remarks by host

15:30 End of Conference

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