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Socratic Design Workshop Cadaques June 2016

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Societat l'Amistat (Casino)

Plaça Dr. Trèmols s/n

17488 Cadaqués


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Cadaqués, June 19-21, 2016.

Building meaningful futures

shift 2020 and Schwab Filosofia are organising another Socratic Design workshop in Cadaqués, the pearl of the Costa Brava.

Socratic Design is a new learning method, incubating the generation of the best human future narratives by realising collective wisdom through the art of dialogue.

The exponential technological revolution cannot be incorporated in the old narratives build on coal and steel ideas. Centrality, hierarchy, ownership, secret information and monopolies are no longer guarded in this new tech culture.

The exponential technology era challenges our human creativity in an unseen way. We can only approach this huge potential of power with next level humanity awareness.

We need to reflect profoundly on our values, on our strong and weak points and above all on our implicit and hidden dreams of a human good life; safeguarded in hundreds years of literature, philosophy, human experiences, religions and other narratives.

We can only perform this if we leave behind our old school atomic thinking, using the strength of intense socratic dialogue, using personal experiences, reaching collective intelligence to jump into new frontier of thinking: exponential humanity.

Come and join us for this unique opportunity to learn to use the Socratic Design Method in your personal life, your startup or company, get insights about the world we’re moving into rapidly, and learn how to transform and adapt your business to prepare for the perpetual technological changes ahead. In good company, in a unique atmosphere.

Check this video resume from our last Socratic Design workshop on the Man/Machine - Digital Ethics topic.

This program is ideal for Executives and Startup Entrepreneurs.

Global business leaders can transform their own business, only when knowing to transform themselves. Transforming one-self is not a strict personal matter: our ecology of the mind (including ideas, fallacies and assumptions) is in every one of us. Together in empathic interactions, we can kill destructive thoughts and create vital generative ones. Socratic design delivers this to happen and prepare better for the perpetual technological changes ahead.

Socratic Design Casino Cadaques Humberto Schwab Rudy de Waele

Designed and led by Transformation Strategist Rudy de Waele, and Innovation Philosopher Humberto Schwab, the Socratic Design Workshop Cadaques June 2016 attendants will:

  • Explore how to transform your company, brand or project’s productivity
  • Use new approaches to business agility and innovation within a given framework
  • Generate new ideas for your business, products and teams
  • Enjoy group and individual coaching sessions

Socratic Design

Most of us have been programmed to function in an industrial society, but we are now steaming into a new digital world. A new era with new rules, new rituals, concepts, paradigms, business models and strategies. How? In order to be a key driver in this new economy, we need to explore new frameworks to start designing that new world we want to live in.

One of these methods is the Socratic Design Method, a method – created by Humberto Schwab – to free people and organisations from the burden of unproductive or even destructive procedures, unclear language, old thoughts, silo thinking and wrong assumptions. If we want to create strong new values, we must be in a state of virginal thinking, not as a stand alone, but as a hyper creative collective.

In this two-day workshop, Humberto Schwab and Rudy de Waele will give insights in the world we’re moving into rapidly and introduce us to the Socratic Design Method and teach how to use this method in your company to transform and adapt your business and prepare for the perpetual technological changes we all face ahead.

Socratic Design creates new horizons of values in which the process of design can take place, allowing a lot more space to create, make and design new products or services.

Socratic Design Cadaques #MWC16 Humberto Schwab Rudy de Waele

Experience the power of wisdom of a “transformed” group

Become more agile in creating good strategies and paradigms:

  • Embrace explorative thinking and learn how to stop old ways of thinking
  • Develop strong value scenarios for your business
  • Create lean products using rapid prototyping
  • Resolve to stay on top of fast disruptive change

Why you should attend

  • This is a not to miss unique and rare opportunity to gain coaching and knowledge that can assist your business growth and personal development, in an intimate setting.
  • You need to approach your clients and partners with a new narrative, in the exponential growth we are facing today. Everybody is seeking for new narratives to give meaning to life and work. In this Socratic Design Lab you will use philosophy and socratic dialogue to create string attractive narratives.
  • You will be able to share your challenges and experiences amongst other business and industry leaders, professionals and disrupters from a vast range of diverse backgrounds – using the proven disciplined method of Socratic Design.
  • Real transformation needs a surrounding of peace and joy that opens the mind. This is exactly what we are creating with these Socratic Design workshops.
  • Creativity, change and transformation require an inspiring environment.

What others are saying

Some quotes from participants to our latest Socratic Design Workshop on Man/Machine/Ethics:

"It's such a spoiling experience to attend the Socratic Design Workshop at the incredibly beautiful Cadaques. Rarely do I have the opportunity to explore deep philosophical topics with the world's best thinkers in such an amazing environment. Both the ideas and format are unique, thought provoking and mind blowing, not to mention the food." - Sam Liang - former lead architect for Google's locations platform / former CEO & Co-Founder of Alohar Mobile Inc. (acquired by Alibaba) / currently Co-Founder of a Stealth Mode Mobile Startup.

“The Socratic Design Workshop presents a unique opportunity to focus one’s mind and thought processes into the communal task of predicting the future evolution of any given topic. It brings forth an invaluable tool for igniting creativity and fellowship amongst the participants and guarantees that, for a couple of days, our minds and intents will disconnect from everything else, growing in creativity and the expansion of our attitudes” - Inma Martinez - Technologist, Behavioural Learning Scientist, Qual-Researcher - ‎Preadly

"A necessary software update for your brain in this era of exponential technological dominance. The Socratic Design Workshops are a life changer. Don't hesitate to go!” - Eli Calderón-Morin, Founder & Curator MoMo Silicon Beach - Expert in Technology Innovation & Startup Growth

"For something completely unique and original, sign up for a Socratic Design workshop. Expect unique insights and a fresh approach to various challenging technological issues of our time. The Socratic Design Workshop will leave you feeling refreshed and reconnected through connecting with like minded souls" - Ina O' Murchu - New Technologies Educator, Business Innovation Centre, NUI Galway.

Some blogposts from participants to one of our previous Socratic Design Workshops on IoT Transformation:


Workshop location to be confirmed.

Staying in Cadaqués

Cadaqués has lots of beautiful houses, studio's, flats or apartments available.

Please visit for an overview of what's available i. We recommend as well Hotel Playa Sol or booking via or airnbn.


Sunday June 19th, Monday June 20th and Tuesday June 21st 2016


Participants are requested to arrive in time as essential content is programmed right from the start, not to be missed. This workshops starts on Sunday afternoon (16.00), the other workshop days start at 9am till 6pm (lunch included).

Day 1

  • “Introduction to Socratic Design” with Humberto Schwab
  • Value creation session, create moral frames
  • Appreciative inquiry session, create the body of knowledge on best practices in breakthrough innovations
  • Socratic dialogue: identifying key questions


  • Narratives sessions, development of new stories
  • Socratic dialogues, development of new frames
  • Socratic dialogues, development of new concepts
  • Analysing future trends
  • Assumptions analysis session
  • Create new driving forces related to breakthrough concepts
  • Preparing new concept scenarios for users based approaches

Day 2

  • Presentation new concepts, scenarios and narratives
  • Socratic dialogues, developments of strategies
  • Future scenario making
  • Socratic dialogue in different scenarios
  • Socratic dialogues on user level of purposes and values


  • Presenting 4 Socratic Design strategies
  • Evaluating with values and purposes
  • Road map to a meaningful future
  • Preparing textbook

Book now!

2-Day package

The workshop includes lunch and will be hosted in one of most emblematic sites in the pearl of the Costa Brava, Cadaqués.

Price: 995,- Euro excl. VAT. (lunch included) for the two-day workshop

BOOK your participation now on Eventbrite as we have limited seats!

Book here for the Socratic Design Workshop Cadaqués on May 27-28, 2016.

See you in Cadaqués!

Terrace Tapas in Cadaques - December 2015Terrace Tapas in Cadaques - December 2015


Rudy de Waele at or +447803504624.

About Humberto Schwab

Humberto Schwab developed the Socratic Design method to (re) design strategies and contexts for business, education, government and NGO´s. In Socratic Design people will reach a collective higher level of intelligence to create new organisational cultures, services, apps and products; incorporating the good values of tradition and the breakthrough concept based on new philosophical and ethical concepts of man and environment.

He did Socratic design labs for Paris Digital, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Municipality of Amsterdam, Innovation Group Berlin and for companies like RABO bank, Reaktor Helsinki. Electrabel. MUCHO Barcelona and the Waag Society Amsterdam.

About shift 2020

shift 2020, led by Rudy de Waele, assists companies and entrepreneurs with creating purposeful innovation for a sustainable future. Rudy specialises in giving technology trend updates, analysis and ideas how to thrive in the new economy. He uses new methodologies to re-invent and transform business using presentations, workshops, think tanks and brainstorms.

Over the past 20 years, Rudy worked with several startups and has coached CXOs on how to unpack grassroots innovations posing a risk to core business and how to predict staying ahead of the early adopter to mass-market conversion. He has helped diverse global brands such as BMW, Coca-Cola, Google, IBM, Intel, Investcorp, Louis Vuitton, PayPal, Samsung and World Bank.

Rudy is a graduate from Singularity University, he has developed over 200 leading industry events across more than 50 cities globally, such as, shift 2020 events, Mobile Mondays, Mobile Premier Awards, AppCircus, Wearable Wednesdays, IoT Shifts and IoT Stars. He is an associate of The Futures Agency and a member of the IoT council, a think tank for the Internet of Things.

Date and Time


Societat l'Amistat (Casino)

Plaça Dr. Trèmols s/n

17488 Cadaqués


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