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Speak To Camera-Talk To The World

Speak To Camera-Talk To The World

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#Speak To Camera

Hi, my name is John Keedwell, and welcome

#speaktocamera John Keedwell

Let me ask you a question:

How would you like to be able to speak to a video camera with great confidence?

Imagine you can now do that, what would that feel like to you?

Many people find speaking to a video camera MORE difficult than speaking on stage!

Does this sound familiar?

I know how you feel, as I was just like you. I have worked in film and TV for many years as documentary cameramen and I have also also filmed many hundreds of music videos. As such I noticed there were many people who became very apprehensive and nervous when they were in front of a video camera, and it really badly affected their performance and message. There were even some VERY famous people badly affected, which really mystified me. How can someone so confident on stage be so scared of a camera? I decided to find out.

I studied this subject in great deal, and I eventually found out all of the main reasons why. I then put my findings into practice, and suddenly I found many more people were actually taking the time to thank me for helping them feel at ease and relaxed. I help many professional people feel confident and that enabled them to get the message about what they wanted to say.

But then, I altered my direction slightly and I had less contact interviewing people for many years. However, when that career direction changed again I found I was surrounded by entrepreneurs and business owners wanting to communicate using video. In fact, I was inundated. When I said I make videos the first words were "I dont like how I look or sound on video" ; and " I hate myself on video".

Thats when I saw I could really help many people like you to overcome the fear, be confident and clear when making a video, and help many people communicate their ideas around the world. I systemised it all and created my online course. Then I developed these workshops for a more practical experience and individual coaching from me in person.

I will show you :

  1. How to develop your script to suit your individual style;
  2. How to prepare for speaking to camera;
  3. How to find your ideal customer audience.
  4. WHY you don't like speaking to camera- the fears-self perception
  5. Why you look and sound differently on camera to all other times you see yourself.
  6. How to overcome the nerves
  7. Why speaking to camera is VERY different to speaking on stage.
  8. How to get going with a selection of inexpensive solutions to buying camera gear
  9. How to present your ideas in the right way and at the right length for your customer or audience.
  10. How to shoot for the edit so your editing will be minimal.

Technical areas include :

  1. Choice of cameras, and why the camera is not so important
  2. Lighting for professional looking results from a small budget
  3. Sound recording -a nd why it is so important
  4. Video editing- The quick and easy way
  5. How to transform video content into many more media types so you can promote the same content and ideas in many different ways
  6. How to maximise the impact of your videos when you have made them.

Let me ask you another question:

Do you have knowledge or skills that can help people ?

Then you have a DUTY to share your knowledge with them.

The BEST way to do this is by speaking to a video camera.

Don't delay - Grab Your Seat Now

Click on the button below and I will personally send a message to you and see you on the course

Class limits

Due to the interaction and personal help in this course the size of this class is strictly limited

Don't delay - Book Now

I am not sure how long this offer will be available, so if you do it right now you will be able to get your hands on this valuable information.

Remember there is a strict early bird date for entry- after that the price increases. I want you to get the best price, so click the button and I will see you on the next page.


1/ Do I need to do any preparation to attend this course?

Good question. The course is designed to help anyone at any level. Ideally you have an idea about what you want to talk about. It may be publicising an event, showing a technique, or perhaps introducing a website.

Ideally you have some attempts at making videos, (no matter how bad) Normally these will be with you mobile phone, and we would love to see them before. We can show you a "before and after" video to see how much you will improve.

In addition we will have some webinars before the event and also afterwards to help you get prepared.

Where is the course held?

We have several options at present, and want to find the best location for you. The location will be confirmed shortly so you can plan your visit.

Is this a Television presenting course?

The skills you will learn are about talking to a single camera in a non-studio environment. Many of the skills for presenting to camera for Television will mesh with these skills, yet multi camera studio is a different course altogether.

We also run course for documentary, single camera and 2 camera interview techniques, so please get in touch.


Why should I choose this course over another?

There are a few other courses out there with similar subject, yet many are based on theory alone, with no professional experience from the instructor. I have filmed for broadcast for over 30 years, and have personally filmed over 3,700 interviews, some with very nervous people ( including many nervous celebrities ) The system I have devised means you will be learning from a great wealth of practical knowledge and experience.

Why does it cost so much?

Compared to what? Other courses will not prepare you so well, and have access to professional equipment, knowledge and expertise. This is a small group to give you the attention required.

The return on your investment will mean you can communicate to the World with your idea or business,

Are there special rates available?

There are some special rates available for certain groups of people.

Contect me for details, marking the email WORKSHOP SPECIAL at epicsacademyuk@gmail.com

How much will I need to spend on camera equipment after the course completes?

Nothing! You may have a limited budget and I understand. There is no need to spend huge budgets on equipment. Professional gear can be expensive, yet it makes your video making a lot simpler in many ways.If you intend to do a great deal of videos then there are many optiosn to make life easier!

We show a variety of solutions such as making videos on a smart phone, and with only a few additional inexpensive items you can transform what you show your audience.

We have information we give on the course to cater for many different budgets, from £20 to a much higher level. Should you wish to invest in new equipment we have specialist dealers we have great relationships we recommend who will have special deals for you, .

What can/can't I bring to the event?

It is highly recommended to bring a camera / smartphone on the course (if you have one ). This is so you can learn how your specific video camera works and then go away with that knowledge. The principles are the same fr any equipment, but camera operations differ slightly.

If you don't have any video camera or Srmartphone ( such as an iphone or another Android smartphone such as a Samsung ) we have a setup where you can practice and make a video. The camera is not the important part, however, the skills learned are far deeper than specific technology. Its is about how to structure your secript for you, and then be confident with any camera at all..

Will I be expected to talk to camera?

The idea is all attendees will have many opportunites to practice with a camera and get more comfortable. There are demonstrations to help you undersand various concepts, but you will not be put on the spot to talk in front of everyone.

Is there support before or after the event?

Yes, There is a 6 month email support included for any questions you have after the event.

We also have a webinar series. As workshop attendees you are automatically invited to attend.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

I am John Keedwell and I can be easily reached at epicsacademyuk@gmail.com

The website is at www.speaktocamera com

Do you have any plans for a workshop outside London?

Yes we have many plans for courses around the UK and many different countries.

Let us know where you would like a course held and we can take a look at the possibilities and what is the likely demand.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No, as long as you are registered for the course and have paid in full. We will check your name when you arrive. We will know who you are and if you have paid to attend!

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