Speak with Passion: A practical learn-by-doing public speaking and group coaching course.
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Speak with Passion: A practical learn-by-doing public speaking and group coaching course.

Speak with Passion: A practical learn-by-doing public speaking and group co...

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Claremont Project

24-27 White Lion Street

London, United Kingdom

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Speak with Passion!

Thursdays 6 October to 1 December, 19.30 - 21.15, Claremont Project, 24-27 White Lion Street, N1 7PD
Final Session: Saturday 3 December, 12.00 - 15.00,  Speakers Corner, Hyde Park.

A practical, learn-by-doing ten week public speaking and group-coaching course combining speaking mechanics and mindset training delivered by expert coaches.

  • Smash your fears, feel alive and unleash your passion for public speaking!
  • Finish the course by giving a speech at Speakers Corner to a live audience in Hyde Park!

Enrol onto Speak with Passion, a unique, interactive and practical ten week public speaking course that combines speech mechanics with mindset training, weekly group coaching, tools and homework, to enable you to smash your fears and speak with passion. The course is led by expert coaches at Freedom Works UK and finishes with you giving a speech at Speakers Corner to a live audience in Hyde Park!

We combine training in the mechanics of speech delivery with group coaching, practical tools, and interactive role play and acting, to overcome your deepest fears, enabling you to be free in front of an audience and speak with passion, freedom, confidence and ease.

The course consists of:

  • Weekly group-coaching workshops with homework in between sessions to give you tools and training to prepare and deliver speeches/presentations, while also coaching you to overcome your fear and develop your voice and passion for speaking.
  • A weekly group conference call to keep you on track
  • Peer support and social evenings; working as a group to achieve your goal
  • Access to support from your coach at anytime
  • A half day special event at Speakers Corner in you will prepare for and deliver your final speech.

Part 1 (Weeks 1 to 2)

  • Connect with and feel at ease with everyone in the group
  • Learn new tools to ‘loosen up’ and find & project your voice
  • Learn the foundations of a completely new approach to public speaking (and life in general!) based on a mindfulness approach, ontology and ‘being present’ in the here and now.
  • Start to practice speaking to a group and identify your strengths and areas to work on.

Part 2 (Weeks 3 to 5)

  • Learn the basic mechanics of public speaking including how to manage your body language, voice projection and selection of rhetorical devices.
  • Learn how to structure a speech
  • Practice giving a speech and receive one-to-one and group coaching
  • Powerfully distinguish your own personal barriers and mechanisms that get in your way, and start to practice new tools to overcome these constraints.
  • + More practice and homework to develop your public speaking.

Part 3 (Weeks 6-8)

  • A powerful and interactive connected set of sessions in which you will know yourself as a powerful and passionate public speaker, by applying new tools and techniques to be free of your personal barriers and constraints.
  • Identify your purpose in public speaking, and in life, and what you stand for.
  • Lots more practice, role-play, acting and homework!

Part 4 (Weeks 9 and 10)

  • In this final session we will meet as a group and practice our speeches. You will learn important tools to manage your nerves and be free in front of an audience. You will learn how to prepare for a big speech (or any important event in life!).

Speakers Corner Final Event (Saturday)

  • Deliver your speech to a live audience! Invite your fiends, family and colleagues!
  • Social drinks afterwards with 'toasting'!

What others say

I have been terrified of public speaking for as long as I can remember but I really felt like it was holding me back. I decided to take the leap and do the course in a hope to finally get somewhere with the fear of an upcoming change of career on the horizon. Chris was so great, calm and knowledgeable. It was so nice knowing he too had once been in the same position and with a little courage and practice you can become an effective speaker - It really helps to know that someone who has been in the same position and has come out the other side! He has put together a unique coaching package that really does help, especially with formal presentations - my greatest fear - and the final session at speakers corner does finally cement all the hard work. I would happily recommend the course and I found it an effective tool to help me manage my speaking fears. - Holly


I work as a coach but I knew deep down that I still had a fear of public speaking particularly in groups. So I decided to enrol on the Speak with Passion course to help me overcome my fear of public speaking. It was a brilliant experience and Chris really helped guide us all step by step carefully and attentively working through our own individual obstacles as the each week brought a new challenge. I now have the tools in place for writing any speech and I also have a new found confidence around public speaking which was always there before but the course helped me bring it out. I can now enjoy public speaking with a smile! – Justin


“The practical sessions and homework are very useful. I will definitely recommend doing the speakers corner session! Chris’ story has inspired me. The sessions helped me identify areas for improvement that I had not considered before now. Also working with the others as a group was inspiring." - Ade


“Freedom Works changed my life! I searched the internet for public speaking courses after an unsuccessful interview and many years of underachievement, as I realised I needed professional guidance on improving my level of confidence and delivering speeches to large audiences. The theory & practical application of the course enabled me to implement new strategies immediately at work and when socialising with my friends. Working with a group of six over the course of 10 weeks, Chris explained how to change our inner dialogue in order to be confident on a daily basis. Chris is an exceptional coach who exudes positivity and ensures the course is tailored to meet individual needs. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to change their outlook on life, gain confidence & learn how to speak with confidence.” - Jay


“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was well organised and very informative, the size of the group was good because the trainer had chance to help everyone within the group. I believe this course was useful to me, especially tackling bad habits and nerves while public speaking. Furthermore, I found the course very interesting and held my attention throughout the whole duration. Chris Hayes was welcoming and it was easy to relate to him as he suffered with the same anxiety and nerves too! I would definitely recommend this course to others.” - Sunny


“I just I want to say thank you for encouraging me to deliver my speech at Hyde Park Corner. Without you I would never have done it! The way you combined coaching, practices to improve public speaking, and help on how to develop a good speech has been really powerful. Thank you for this amazing 10 weeks, because I now I feel that I really am ready to do whatever I want! highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become more confident in public speaking and in other areas of their life, because this is about so much more than just public speaking. Thanks Chris for this wonderful opportunity! “ - Luz


“The sessions have helped me overcome my fear of speaking in public and identify new skills” - Janette


“I found the course really helpful. Chris motivated me to a point I was able to speak in front of a group of people, which was something I was not able to do before. The course also made me understand myself more and give me direction and passion that was missing.” - Deqa

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290.00 GPB

Contact Details:

To enrol onto the course or find out more, please contact Chris Hayes:


07736 042753

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Date and Time

Claremont Project

24-27 White Lion Street

London, United Kingdom

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