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Spirit Release Practitioner Training

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Azogires Paleochoras

730 01 Azogires Paleochoras


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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
If your chosen dates are filled please choose another course.
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This is an intensive five-day residential training course for therapists who need to learn how to help clients who experience suspected spirit attachment or dissociated sub-personalities. The course is focussed on those techniques that are used remotely, that is from a distance with no direct contact with the client or the affected patient.

This course is purely practical and experiential, and is not an academic or theoretical qualification. There are no essays to write, only real life cases to work with. Attendees are invited to administer the techniques learned for the benefit of their loved-ones, family, friends and existing clients or patients who are resistant to traditional methods of treatment. If you have a loved-one or a patient who needs help then come on this course and learn how to help them using remote methods.

Limited to a maximum of ten participants, the training is designed for any practitioner, including psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, hypnotherapists, spiritual healers, religious leaders of all major religions and any other therapist who practices the healing arts for the higher good of humanity.

Research scientists and anthroplogists who wish to experience the processes listed below for their own understanding are also welcome.

Course participants will learn how to:

  1. Clear themsleves and connect with spirit guides
  2. Clear negative non-human spirit entities remotely (from a distance)
  3. Negotiate the release of earthbound spirits remotely (from a distance)
  4. Detect and integrate dissociated sub-personalities remotely (from a distance)

Clinicians who specialise in the treatment of Dissociative Personality Disorder (DID) are especially welcome, as are psychiatrists who treat auditory command hallucinations (hearing voices).

Course Trainers:

Dr Terence Palmer PhD is the pricipal instructor, ably assisted by his colleague, the gifted medium Andrew Porter and the spirit guide 'Chen'. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with Chen and their own Guides, and will witness the positive possession of Andrew by Chen who will address them directly as a 'possessing' spirit.

Audio/visual Recordings & Scientific Efficacy:

Evidence for the efficacy of these methods is crucial for the education of the psychiatric community. All cases attended to in the course of training are to be recorded in confidence for patient protection and anonymity. Course attendees are therefore encouraged to use audio/visual recording devices to capture their experiences for later review. All participants are therefore invited to bring their own preferred recording devices. This can be a mounted camcorder, mobile phone, laptop with built-in camera, or whichever type of device is preferred for a clinical setting.

Course Material:

There will be no academic course material issued to attendees. However, in preparation for the training, all particpants are advised to familiarise themselves with at least one of a selection of books written by SRT practitioners. Titles can be ordered online from our bookshop here under the sub-heading of Spirit Release Titles. Course participants can also now order a hard back copy of The Science of Spirit Possession (2nd ed) online here direct from the publishers at a price reduced from £52.99 down to just £16 by using the promotional discount code a16c12

Special note: This course aims to teach spiritual methods that are proven to work consistantly, and the course is therefore designed for those practitioners whose intention it is to heal the sick. It is therefore not ideally suitable for practitioners whose motivation is to exploit the long term suffering with so-called treatments that are expensive or have no proven efficacy.

Training Course Fee:

The fee for the training is £500 (that's £100 per day). The costs of travel to and from the training centre and the costs of accommodation are in addition to the course fee for training. Attendees will need to book and pay for their own travel arrangements.


Participants will need to travel the day before the course begins, and will commence the return journey the day after it ends.

The journey to Azogires begins with a flight to Chania in North West Crete. Bus from Chania to Paleochora in the South West corner of the island. Students will be taken by local transport to the village of Azogires which is 7 km from Paleochora. Use the link below for the lowest cost air fare to Chania.

Cheap Flights:

A Very Special Offer:

Book two course tickets and bring a colleague with you and get your own return air fare completely free (UK return air fare only). Plus you will get a discount on accommodation by sharing a room (see below).


Rooms in Azogires can acommodate from one to three persons. Rooms can have a double bed or two singles plus a single, and cost 25 Euros per night (150 p.6 nights). Attendees can occupy a room exclusively for 25 Euros per night, or share with one or two others thereby splitting the cost between them. Attendees will be charged for their accommodation locally on arrival.


A set breakfast of fresh fruit salad with yoghurt, fresh orange juice and coffe (or tea), bread and butter and a boiled egg is available for 6 Euros. An alternative that needs to be pre-ordered the night before can be an omelette or English breakfast for 8 Euros. Breakfast is served in the open-air dining area right next to the training room.

There is an excellent Greek taverna just a short walk from the training centre, as well as an on-site kitchen for self-catering if preferred.


As well as practising spirit release methods in these beautiful asthetic surroundings, attendees will have ample opportunity to explore the ancient monastery close to the village and the legendary 'Cave of the 99 Saints'.

Azogires is an ancient sacred place with a history that goes back to Minoan times. Sensitives will experience the enchanting atmosphere and will be welcomed with traditional Cretan hospitality.

Course dates and booking:

Select a course start date that suits you best from the drop down dates menu, and secure a place here on this Eventbrite booking facility with a 10% non-returnable deposit. The balance is to be paid by direct bank to bank transfer before the course begins. Details of the bank to receive the balance of the full training fee will be given on receipt of a deposit.

If the course you have selected is cancelled for any reason you may elect a different course start date. If you cannot change the date then your deposit paid will be reimbursed.

For a set of pictures of the venue, its facilities and the location go to our web site at:

Healing the Wounded Spirit

If you are not yet au fait with those particular remote spirit release methods that you will be learning here, you may like to view our recorded case studies on You Tube before you decide that this is what you want to learn.

Come and learn something fantastic to heal the sick and treat yourself to an amazing holiday at the same time.

Don't delay. There are a very limited number of places available and when they are full there will be no more special offers with free flights. So, book your places now to avoid disappointment.


Do you have a question? Ask and it will be answered.

Date and Time


Azogires Paleochoras

730 01 Azogires Paleochoras


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