SQL Course, SQL Intermediate 3-Day Course, Webinar virtual classroom.

SQL Course, SQL Intermediate 3-Day Course, Webinar virtual classroom.

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Excellent instructor-led, practical, online course to cover in-depth SQL features, using MS SQL Server

About this event

MS SQL Server Course, SQL Intermediate 3-Day

Courses are online, Instructor-led, Practical, Interactive.

With MS SQL Server , one can with the use of queries, easily and quickly retrieve valuable information, trends, summaries, statistics and insights from your company data.   This course is ideal for candidate who would like to gain a beyond basic  understanding of a SQL database and MS SQL Server commands.

Course Duration: 3 consecutive days, the first of which displays as the booking date.

Beginners: Attend all 3 days: day 1,2,3

Intermediate: If you know all about where clauses, joins and aggregate, then day 2 and 3 are for you. Select the ticket at checkout.

System requirements: You need to have you SQL Server database , query interface and sample data ready before the course starts.

SQL Course Description

Session 1: Database Concepts Revision of database basics. What is a database? Tables, rows and columns, Indexes, primary keys, unique constraints and foreign keys. Data types.

Session 2: Using the SQL client SQL Getting started and Logging in, Selecting a database, Client commands, Entering and executing SQL statements

Session 3: Basic SQL SELECT statement The SQL SELECT statement, Case sensitivity, Quotes, Statement terminator, Syntax conventions, The select clause, The FROM clause, Conditions and the WHERE clause, Boolean operators (AND and OR) and SQL conditional operators (=,!=,>,<,IN, and BETWEEN).The ORDER BY clause, Column aliases, Arithmetic expressions, Null functions (“IS NULL,” “IS NOT NULL,” , "Isnull",“Coalesce”), Precedence of operators

Session 4:



  • Aggregate (Sum, Average, Maximum, Minimum, Count), Group By, Rollup with Group By, Having.

Session 5:Joins:

  • SQL Cartesian products,
  • SQL Joins (Inner join, Left join, Right join, Full join) Table aliases,
  • Natural joins, Join using, Join on,
  • Multi-table joins,
  • Union, Union All, Except, Intersect

Day 2

Sub- Queries

  • SQL Subqueries,
  • Basic Subqueries,
  • Nested Subqueries,
  • CTE Tables

Session 6:

  • SQL Numeric Functions (ABS, SIGN, MOD, etc.)  
  • SQL Built-In String Functions (Locate, Left, Right, Concat, etc),
  • SQL Built-in DATE and TIME functions

Session 7:

  • SQL Views (Create, alter and drop)
  • Stored Procedures with Input and Output parameters
  • Custom Functions, Table and Scalar

Day 3

 Session 8:

  • Creating Databases and Tables,
  • Add constrains to columns,
  • Primary, foreign keys
  • Auto-increment, sequences.

Session 9: SQL Indexes  

Session 10: Managing Data

  • Inserting rows, 
  • Updating rows,
  • Deleting rows, The truncate statement,
  • The COMMIT and ROLLBACK commands, Save points, Implicit commits

Session 11: SQL Server Access Control Creating users, Renaming users, Dropping users, Granting privileges, Revoking privileges

Session 12: Import data into SQL and Export from SQL 

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