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Join a startup founder-advisor programme, to develop your new venture in a world of entrepreneurs, tech startups and innovation.

Why join.

Designed for entrepreneurs, startup co-founders and innovators based in London, and in other cities around the world, needing a startup accelorator process and access to a startup advisor, to help develop and accelerate your new venture.

How it works.

Access startup accelerator sessions, 1:1 mentoring sessions, advisor support and much more, to inspire, challenge and guide you through the next phase of developing your startup, building connections in the startup community, and creating something your city or the world needs.

1. Face-to-face sessions.

In-person sessions at a startup accelerator in central London.

2. Online video (optional).

Or, for those located outside London, in other cities, or just for convenience, have private sessions via online video chat, scheduled twice per-month (approximately every 2 weeks).

3. Or 4-month programme.

Or, join the full 4-month programme, with private day sessions or online video sessions scheduled twice per-month, access to the startup community, invites to exclusive events, and much more.

What's included.

Part 1: Discover insights, startup culture and your why.

We begin by helping you identify and develop your why, and understand the significance of the startup culture: understand important data and insights, ways to develop your connections and network, and see examples of how the newest startups in fintech, A.I., smart cities, traveltech and others are turning big challenges into amazing new products, services and tech platforms.

Part 2: Learn and develop the building blocks to a great startup.

Then learn the thinking and process behind building a great startup: from addressing a big problem to validating a product idea, getting to know your market, developing a great business model, finding market fit, building traction, finding great developers, building a team and more.

Part 3: Develop your timeline, milestones and next steps.

Develop an action plan and timeline of next steps to help you accelerate developing your company.

Part 4: Practice and master your pitch.

Finally, you'll master the art of delivering a great pitch in to others within the startup community with a pitch masterclass.

Delivered by.

Anthony David King

Anthony David King develops new kinds of startup programmes for innovators, corporate partners and tech communities around the world, including Airbnb, Wayra Telefonica, Techstars: Startup Weekend, Silicon Valley Comes to the UK and others, to build new ventures and address future trends -- with a mission to revolutionise the world’s human and startup experience.

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Airbnb is the global travel community that uniquely leverages technology to economically empower millions of people around the world to unlock and monetize their spaces, passions and talents.


Wayra, by Telefonica, is the most globally connected startup accelerator network in the world, helping to scale startups in fintech, sportstech, traveltech, AI, Blockchain, smart cities and many others.

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"The experience was exceptional." - Yousif


"Recommended for any aspiring entrepreneur." - Alexandra


"One of the best experiences I've ever had." - Madalina


"A masterclass in building a start up." - Ayob

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