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Who this workshop is for...
This ON-LINE WORKSHOP is designed for businesses that fit BOTH of two criteria:
1 - They're ‘busy’ but either loss-making or not as profitable as they should be - and
2 - They're a manufacturer, processor, distributor, wholesaler or professional services provider
If your business 'ticks both boxes', it sounds as if this workshop is for you - or certainly someone in your business.

The problem it aims to help resolve…
It's a common problem: your business is busy, it’s got strong sales - but it’s either loss-making or it's returning little or no profits – and you don’t know why that is. You've maybe tried different things already. But either they haven't got to the bottom of the problem or they weren't lasting 'fixes'.

The assumption it makes about your business…
Experience shows, much of the potential profit earned by businesses like yours never reaches its bottom-line. Instead, it’s ‘leaked’ on sales that contribute too little to their costs - and it’s ‘leaked’ on costs that aren’t justified by the activity being undertaken. Even in ‘profitable’ businesses, that ‘leakage’ can be huge.

And when that’s how it is, often, the best thing a business can do to quickly improve its bottom-line, is to 'find' and ‘fix’ its ‘profit leaks’ (or at least, reduce them).

How this workshop will help…
There are a handful of simple things you can do to find and 'fix' the profit leaks in your business – and this workshop will explain what they are.
You'll learn...
1) What to look for
2) How to choose the right tools for the job. And…
3) When and how to use them (or at least an overview of how to use them).

How the workshop is structured…
The workshop starts with a true case study of a business that was suffering heavy losses - but was steered back to profit in less than six months. There were no 'Silver Bullets', no magic remedies. Instead, just strong leadership, some tough decisions and a new understanding by its managers of how they could use information already in or available to their business, to steer it more profitably.

At the end of the case study, you’ll be prompted to identify each of the interventions made - which together resulted in the turnaround being achieved in a short timescale. And you’ll be prompted to privately question a few fundamentals of your business – be it large or small.

What you’ll take away with you
When you leave the workshop, you’ll take with you a short checklist of the different steps and actions you’ll likely want to take and the areas you’ll want to seriously think about in your business.

You’ll also leave with a simple test you can carry-out as soon as you get back to work.

Who will get the most from this workshop?
Whether you're the owner or senior manager of a small or medium sized business or you’re an accounting professional working in an SME, this workshop could prove to be the most profitable two hours for your business that you’ll spend this year

This workshop will be led by Leonard Brown
Leonard is an experienced senior business manager and facilitator with over 25 years’ spent in roles ranging through finance, operations, and general management. He’s a Chartered Management Accountant (FCMA), holds an MSc in Business Improvement from Ulster University - and for the last 10 years has worked alongside business owners, managers and their finance professionals - helping them improve the performance of their businesses.

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