STOP Procrastinating INSTANTLY to Live, Love and Be MORE of who YOU are!
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STOP Procrastinating INSTANTLY to Live, Love and Be MORE of who YOU are!

STOP Procrastinating INSTANTLY to Live, Love and Be MORE of who YOU are!

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Eight Moorgate

1 Dysart Street



United Kingdom

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STOP Procrastinating INSTANTLY and Finally Get On With LIVING, LOVING and BEING MORE of who you truly are!

Let me ask you a few questions…

• Do you constantly put things off and say to yourself “I'll do it later/ tomorrow/ next week/ next month…” only to never actually really achieve anything?
• Are you going round and round in circles, getting more frustrated because you're not getting to where you REALLY want to go in life?
• Do you get ‘brain fog’/’brain freeze’ or feelings of PARALYSIS, like you're cemented to the ground, and end up angry with yourself for not being able to move forward?

And let me ask you a few more questions...

• Are you almost too scared to make decisions in case you make the wrong one and everything gets f@&ked up, so you do nothing instead because it's ‘safer’ to stick with what you know?
• Are you feeling like something is missing, that you're stuck or bored in your life, even though it's perhaps comfortable, stable and financially secure?
• Have you ever been flooded with sadness because you SO desperately want to move forward but you just can't seem to stop getting in your own way?

If you are someone who is looking for something ‘more’ from life, who attends self-help seminars and workshops, listens to business development gurus, reads plenty of books on personal development, has done all the goal setting, positive affirmations, meditations and visualizations known to humankind, and yet you STILL don't have what you want…

Then I have something to tell you…All the ‘positive thinking’ in the world WILL NOT and CAN NOT stop you from procrastinating. Why?


When you finally identify what the root cause is and how to ELIMINATE it from your life, for good, only then will you be free to move on, effortlessly, to LIVE, LOVE and BE more of who you truly are.


Procrastination has a dirty little secret! It has ONE function only and when you learn what this one function is, everything will make PERFECT SENSE. Once you have identified what drives your procrastination, you can then, finally, eliminate it from your life. On this 3 hour workshop, that's EXACTLY what Sophie Thorpe is going to REVEAL to you...


This is what Sophie is aching to TEACH you on is 3 hour workshop. As a certified Hypnotherapists, human behavior obsessive with a relentless thirst for understanding why we self-sabotage, Sophie's mission in life has always been to know the TRUTH. About EVERYTHING!

Having experienced too many occasions of self sabotage and procrastination throughout her life, especially at times when she truly wanted to succeed and yet just couldn't manage to push forward enough, Sophie HAD TO KNOW WHY.

Why, when everything she ever wanted was staring her in the face, time and time again, did she manage to f@&k it up?

What she learnt, from years of research, studying the greats like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracey, Stephen Covey, The Secret, Napoleon Hill, and so many more, from studying her clients, interviewing countless people who just couldn't seem to push forward with their dreams, she came to one OVERWHELMING conclusion…

Procrastination is the ROOT CAUSE of every human being’s problems. Life's biggest ‘f@&k you, Catch 22,’… What you most want seems to move further away from you!

And let's not ignore the sheer pull of procrastination, the feeling of drowning, or the heaviness in our minds like brain fog. Such detrimental effects on people's lives are stopping them from achieving their dreams and goals, creating overwhelming sadness, depression and some times even worse.

Having looked endlessly for the solution to STOP procrastination in its tracks, Sophie was blessed to study and qualify with world renowned Hypnotherapists/ Psychotherapist Stephen Brooks. During her studies, Stephen shared with all his students the most mind blowing and revolutionary Hypnotherapy technique to exist today! Sophie recognized the technique’s undeniable power. And Sophie KNEW she had to share it with the world ASAP!

Sophie has since combined this unique hypnotherapy technique into her deep understanding of procrastination to create a foolproof strategy for BREAKING FREE from the paralysis so many of us experience in our daily lives.


• How to IDENTIFY the root cause of procrastination, which is linked to EVERY area of your life – career, self worth, love, money…and so much more.

• How to use this truly UNIQUE, SIMPLE yet PROFOUND and POWERFUL technique to eliminate procrastination and the negative thoughts and beliefs that go along with it.

• How to summon NEW and POSITIVE thoughts and beliefs to create meaningful and fulfilling plans and expectations for your future.


You will feel more...
• Clear headed
• In control
• Focused
• Relaxed
• Calm
• Happy
• Free
• Sense of direction
• Positive about the vision for your future

You will also feel more compassion towards yourself and others, with a deeper understanding of how your unconscious ACTUALLY works and therefore a greater sense of freedom. You'll have a stronger sense of wanting to achieve more in your life. You'll find yourself wanting to get to grips with outstanding tasks, doing them effortlessly, be more open to change and ready to grab life's opportunities more often. You will also gain an unprecedented level of self awareness that most people can only hope to obtain!

We can't wait to see you there!

Sophie and Team.

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Date and Time

Eight Moorgate

1 Dysart Street



United Kingdom

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