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no elevator pitches. Just great stories on how you help your clients, As we go around the room with business across the UK

About this event


Have you ever been to a networking event and thought afterwards that you didn’t get anything from the event???

Well at Connect we focus on you getting something from every event.

Whether that be a 121 booked in, a great connection, referral or help with targeting your referral partners.

We work on one basic premise, “Teach us to refer you not be you…” by this we mean we are not your sales team we can not sell you the way you can sell yourself, so instead tell us what matters so we can tell your referral partners.

Focused and targeted networking with a relaxed and fun attitude of support.

We have developed 4 groups that all have individual ways of networking to maximise your style of networking.


What is the best way of myself talking about you to a potential referral for you? What will get them to listen and say “yes I would love to speak to them, please put me in touch”?

Stories! Stories are the key to networking and the more you tell them the better you will do.

At Stories we ask you not to give us your usual elevator pitch but to tell us how you have helped a client this month. How did it go and what was different.

Tell me you’re a builder lets me know what you do. Telling me how you made someone’s dream come true by giving them the new house they have wanted for 20 years, all while dealing with issues on the job, tells me how much you care about your clients and how much you will care for the ones I will pass you.

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