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STORM-7 CONSULTING - COO Executive Training Programme (PHILIPPINES)

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Global Chief Operational Officer (COO) Executive Training Programme.

About this Event

About Today's Chief Operational Officers

There is nothing traditional about today’s modern Chief Operational Officers (COOs) who must effortlessly navigate an-ever changing landscape of operational, strategic, and technological change with supreme confidence and finesse. The role of the COO is far from easy, and today’s COOs must be supremely educated and robustly equipped to seamlessly transition from internal role-to-role within contemporary organisational structures. COOs must fuse exceptional organisational leadership with unparalleled contextual intelligence, in order to drive the powerhouse of a firm’s internal operations to successfully thrive within today’s highly volatile, harsh, and beleaguered economic markets. Modern COOs are indispensable to a firm’s strategic and operational success, but in order to acquire such operational professionalism and expertise, COOs must devote themselves without restraint to developing their crucial operational skills and abilities.

About the Training Programme

Our COO Executive Training Programme has been specifically designed to develop tomorrow’s next generation of COO leaders. They are based on a holistic combination of pre-training and post-training blended learning that significantly improves long-term interaction and knowledge retention, as well as delivering operational-efficiency gains and crucially, long-term habit formation. As a COO leader your success is dependent on your ability to successfully develop and nurture your organisational teams in order to achieve organisational strategic objectives. Consequently, COO leaders must be highly confident at applying and combining theoretical and practical knowledge, with operational experience and expertise. The contextual blend of learning and teaching applied throughout the COO Executive Training Programme is ideally suited to developing a COO’s knowledge and expertise across a diverse range of internal operations, ranging from strategy and leadership, right through to communications and technologies. The COO Executive Training Programme seeks to develop the next generation of leadership training in order to deliver unparalleled results.


SESSION 1: Operations; Roles and Responsibilities of the COO; Mastering Modern Operations; Contextual Intelligence; Organisational Culture Analysis; Evaluating New Operational Routines; Organisational and Team Leadership; Culture and Conduct Risk Awareness.

SESSION 2: Technology; Monitoring Global Technology Trends and Developments; CCO Role in Strategy, Implementation, and Technology; Operational Lessons from Financial Technology (FinTech) and Regulatory Technology (RegTech) Firms.

SESSION 3: Innovation; Monitoring Global Innovation Trends and Developments; COO Role in Strategy, Implementation, and Innovation; Developing Innovative Cultures.

SESSION 4: Environment: Identifying and Understanding Macro-Level and Micro-Level Forces influencing a Firm’s Operations and Success; Operational Forecasting and Promotions.

CASE STUDY: Operations.


SESSION 5: Converting Data to Commercial Insight and Opinion and Creating Maximum Business Value.

SESSION 6: Applying Strategy, Develop Strategic Thinking and Frameworks and Strategic Operational Decision-Making to Enhance the Strategy Process, Implement Operational Excellence, and Drive Profitable Growth.

SESSION 7: Challenging and Influencing the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Other Senior Stakeholders in order to get Buy-In at the C-Suite Level.

SESSION 8: How to Become More Analytical and Innovative by Focusing on Resilience, Intelligence, Leadership, and Talent.

CASE STUDY: Operational Strategy.


SESSION 9: Leadership Strengths; Assessing and Enhancing Your Leadership Style.

SESSION 10: The Role of Leaders; Truly Understanding Operational Leadership.

SESSION 11: Leveraging Psychological Levers and Developing Inspirational Leadership.

SESSION 12: A Strategic Approach to Leading Enterprise Digital and Business Transformation and Change Programmes.

CASE STUDY: Operational Leadership.


SESSION 13: The Science of Communication and the Art of Persuasion.

SESSION 14: Understanding and Influencing Resistant Internal and External Stakeholders.

SESSION 15: Improving Negotiation, Conflict Management, and Communication Skills.

SESSION 16: The Psychology of Persuasion; the Importance of Building Key Networks and Peer Support Groups (Formal and Informal); Building Relationships, and Developing Organisational Influencing Skills.

CASE STUDY: Operational Communications.


SESSION 17: A Focus on Performance Management; Employee Wellbeing Trends; Improvement, Learning, and Development; Dashboards and Operational Metrics, Key Performance Indicators.

SESSION 18: A Focus on Technology Management; Leveraging New Technological Developments, Processes, and Technologies; Modular Platforms and ‘How to Operate and Innovate Like a Tech Company’; Implementing Technology Change Management.

SESSION 19: A Focus on Strategy Management; Formulating Strategy; Stakeholder Management; Addressing Internal Political and Practical Challenges;

SESSION 20: COO Industry Trends.


Key Benefits

• Enhanced Ability to Understand the Complexity and Demands required of today’s modern COO role.

• Learn a broad range of new techniques and skills relating to Operations, Strategy, Communication, Leadership, Technology, and Innovation.

• Develop an Improved Ability to apply Psychological Levers in Order to Truly Motivate People to Achieve Outstanding Performance.

• Understand how to apply the latest data analytics tools in order to successfully align operational capabilities with corporate strategy and innovation within your business.

Key Takeaways

• Enhanced Strategic Leadership and Strategic Operational Decision-Making, and Heightened Communication and Persuasion Skills.

• Highly Comprehensive Training Course Reference Manuals, Training Course Materials, and Electronic PowerPoint Presentations.

• S7C Rewards (£250 Reward Certificate) (Discount on any purchase of Storm-7 Consulting training courses or training course materials).

• Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Certification and Certificate (25 Hours) and Storm-7 Consulting COO Executive Training Programme Diploma Award.

Who is the Course Suitable For?

• Aspiring Chief Operational Officers.

• Business Planners.

• Chief Administrative Officers.

• Control Function Managers.

• Divisional Directors or Leaders.

• Existing Chief Operational Officers.

• Heads of Operations.

• Heads of Risk.

• Human Resources Directors.

• Managers.

• Mid-level Operations Staff.

• Operational Directors.

• Planning Operations Directors.

• Senior Vice Presidents.

• Strategic Planners.


Joe Zepeda is Co-Founder and Chief Operational Officer of Storm-7 Consulting. At Storm-7 he directs and supervises all marketing, public relations, global strategic projects and partners, human resources, and logistical and delegate-facing activities. He holds a BA degree in English Literature and Philosophy, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Publishing. Joe brings a tremendous wealth of professional experience from across the commercial, financial, and high-end recruitment sectors. He has previous appointment experience as a Senior Events Supervisor in New York; as an Executive at a National Embassy in London; as a Deputy Floor Manager, Team Leader and Senior Account Manager for British Gas Trading Headquarters; a senior Global Headhunter for the executive recruitment firm Parachute SAS; and as a Consultant for Talent Management at Morgan Stanley Headquarters in London. He has highly extensive and successful professional experience and expertise within appointments of effective implementation and management of specialist training vehicles, highly focused and effective learning and development global structures, and superior performance management schema. He has deep knowledge of a diverse array of business operational frameworks and systems within different business units, and an exceptional knowledge base and experience of highly successful and innovative organisational and technological strategies and models. His impeccable client-oriented focus has enabled him to forge strong lasting industry strategic relationships and partnerships based on mutual trust and confidence with managing directors, CEOs, and corporate leaders at the highest levels of industry. In addition, within the fields of banking, financial services, Financial Technology (FinTech), and Regulatory Technology (RegTech), he has continually ensured outstanding delivery of pivotal Storm-7 Consulting conferences, events, and training courses around the world to major banks and international financial institutions such as The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (MiFID II: Operational Compliance, Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates); the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investment (MiFID II: Final Review, London); CAF, the Development Bank of Latin America (Swaps and Over-the-counter Derivatives, Lima, Peru); Rothschild Investment Management (UK) Limited (AEOI (FATCA & CRS), London); Resolution Life (AEOI (FATCA & CRS, London); CCP Clearing, Risk Management, Recovery and Resolution (Eurex Clearing, Eschborn, Germany); and Bethmann Bank AG (MAD 2 MAR, Frankfurt). At Storm-7 he has led and mentored numerous operational teams and has not only strategically developed pioneering operational approaches, innovative strategies and techniques, but has been instrumental in developing highly advanced proprietary training packages delivered internally to specialised recruits. It is his unprecedented operational expertise, dedication to client excellence, and focus on the highest calibre performance that he brings to all Storm-7 Consulting Events, Products, Consulting Services, and Executive Training Programmes worldwide.



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