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STORM-7 CONSULTING MASTERCLASS - Strategic Technological Marketing and Sale

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Self-Improvement Strategic Technological Marketing and Sales Masterclass.

About this Event

About the Masterclass

Although many sales and marketing professionals today have typically received some form of academic training, understanding today's New Era of Marketing and Sales requires significantly more practical training and hand's on experience than such academic training can provide. The difficulty for many sales and marketing professionals is that being able to master all the different types of sales and marketing technologies, approaches, techniques, and strategies typically takes a long time to master.

That is the precise reason this Masterclass has been formulated and developed.

That is, in order to provide sales and marketing professionals with exactly the right type of sales and marketing training they need in order to be able to undertake highly advanced strategic technological marketing and sales. Technology lies at the heart of today's New Era of Marketing and Sales, and mastering a very broad range of new types of sales and marketing technologies is absolutely critical in order to put in place highly advanced automated marketing and sales campaigns. This Masterclass will break down all of the different components of automated marketing and sales tools, techniques, and strategies in a clear and logical way.

Attendees will benefit from years of practical hands-on marketing and sales experience using the very latest marketing and sales technologies, combined with best-in-class creative design approaches, products, and services. In addition to theoretical and practical training, attendees will be guided through practical marketing and sales case studies, as well as a new type of 'contextual' case study.

The contextual case studies are based on the information provided by the attendees in a Pre-Masterclass questionnaire. The Masterclass will help attendees to be guided through some of their own current sales and marketing cases, challenges, and problems. This will allow attendees to better understand how to augment and improve their existing sales and marketing tools, techniques, and challenges in order to significantly improve revenues.

By attending this intensive Masterclass, attendees are truly investing in their future, both in terms of their own professional marketing and sales skills and knowledge, and also in terms of significantly increasing firm's revenues.

By not attending this Masterclass, you will be wasting one of the best opportunities to improve the breadth of your existing marketing and sales skills and knowledge.

SESSION 1: Traditional Marketing and Sales v. The New Era of Marketing and Sales

• An Overview of Traditional Marketing and Sales Techniques (Customer Lifecycle Marketing, Email Campaigns, Email HTML Campaigns, Whitepapers, Blogs, Marketing and Promotional Videos).

• The Efficiency of Outbound Marketing (Advertising, Cold Calling, Events, Outsourced Telemarketing, Trade Shows, Seminars) and Return on Investment (ROI).

• The Efficiency of Inbound Marketing (Attract, Engage, Delight; Marketing Sales, Service, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)) and ROI.

• Everything You Need to Know about Marketing and Sales and the General Data Protection Regulation (Consent, Opt-In, Data Processing, Cold Calls, Pre-Existing Clients).

SESSION 2: Automated Outbound Marketing and Sales

• CRM (HubSpot); Bitrix24 (CRM, Documents, Projects, Workflows, Email, HR, Communications, Contact Centre, Sites, Video, Marketing, Telephony).

• Google Analytics; Google Ad Sense; Google Ad Words; Google Ad Words Keyword Tool; Google Alerts; Google My Business; Google+, Google Webmaster Tools.

• MailChimp (Interconnections, Marketing Campaigns, Connecting Tools, Automation) and ActiveCampaign (Email Marketing, Lists, Contacts, Marketing Automation, Forms, Reports) and Automations (Email Follow-Up, Real Time Contact Monitoring, Contact Profiling, Qualify Leads).

• Leadfeeder (Companies, People, Leads, Filters, Connecting Google Accounts, Zapier Integration, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Leadfeeder Booster, Integrations).

SESSION 3: New Era Marketing Content and Strategies

• ConvertFlow (Lead Generation, Website Conversion, Onsite Retargeting, Calls-to-Action; Integrations); and GetSiteControl (Widgets, Pop-Ups, Live Chat, Social Media Buttons, Surveys, Forms (Contacts, Leads)).

• LinkedIn Marketing and Sales; LinkedIn Profiles; LinkedIn Posts; LinkedIn Updates; LinkedIn Navigator; LinkedProspect).

• Social Media and Social Media Campaigns (Twitter; Twitter Content; Twitter Beta Platform; TweetDeck; SlideShare; ISSUU).

• New Era Brochures (Explanation and Example Brochures); New Era Whitepapers (Explanation and Example Whitepapers); New Era Blogs (Explanation and Example Blogs); New Era Videos (Explanation and Example Brochures); New Era Video Shorts; New Era Chat Bots; Use of Survey Monkey.

SESSION 4: Advanced Sales Approaches, Techniques, and Strategies

• Sales Ammunition (LinkedIn Psychoanalysis; Scripts; Emails (Initial, Follow Up); Brochures; Case Studies; Example Products and/or Services; Key Benefits and Value).

• Applying Behavioural Persuasion Tools and Approaches in order to Enhance Sales Techniques (Personal Persuasive Tools, Sincerity, Social Validation, Aligning to Values, Customer Analysis, Practical Persuasive Behavioural Traits).

• A Practical and Contextual (Attendee) Review of Sales Approaches, Techniques, and Strategies.

• A Practical and Contextual (Attendee) Review of Sales Case Studies (Low Value Transactional Marketing, High Value Relationship Marketing, Industries, Pre-Sales, Sales Cycle).

Key Benefits

• You will understand in greater depth a broad range of new marketing and sales tools and technologies.

• You will be able to confidently put in place advanced automated marketing and sales campaigns to market and promote your firm's existing products and/or services.

• You will be able to benefit from a greater understanding of proprietary techniques such as LinkedIn Psychoanalysis and Behavioural Persuasion Tools and Approaches.

• You will be able to understand precisely what is needed in order to develop and run effective automated marketing campaigns in today's New Era of Marketing and Sales.

Key Takeaways

• You will understand in greater depth a broad range of new marketing and sales tools and technologies.

• You will be able to optimize your existing marketing and sales approaches, techniques, and strategies to significantly improve your firm's revenues.

• You will be able to set up and run effective online marketing campaigns and online social media campaigns.

• You will be able to take away a personalised Contextual (Attendee) Review of your firm's Sales Case Studies.

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