Stowmarket Tri - The HaverSports West Suffolk Triathlon 2022

Stowmarket Tri - The HaverSports West Suffolk Triathlon 2022

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£0 – £50.88

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Mid Suffolk Leisure Centre

Gainsborough Road


IP14 1LH

United Kingdom

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Stowmarket Tri offers a pool swim followed by a fast cycle and run, with Sprint and Sprint+ distances available

About this event

Stowmarket Tri - the West Suffolk Triathlon Festival is back for 2021.

A pool swim, fast cycle through village roads and flat, sheltered run course make it ideal for novices, with a longer distance available for veterans too. The route is mostly shared between distances and events, which makes for a stunning atmosphere on the route.

Chip timed for accuracy, with results available throughout the event to see competitors progress. 


The races will begin at 10am.

There is a large transition area with bike racking.

This event will be chip timed for fast and accurate results.

We will be applying for a British Triathlon Federation licence.

For the Sprint+ distance you can also enter as a relay team and complete one leg each.

The swim is in a pool of six lanes, with Sprint+ setting off first followed by Sprint.

There will be trophies for all winners and medals and goody bags for all finishers.

There is a water station on the run but you are responsible for your own water for the cycle.

Toilets are available in the leisure centre.

Please help as a marshal if you are accompanying someone.

For more information e-mail


Free parking is available at the high school, with limited parking at the leisure centre car, and parking nearby Iliffe Way (IP14 1PN), Milton Road car oark (IP14 1EJ), Union Street (IP14 1HW), and Ipswich Street (IP14 1BG). Please use car parks and do not park on residential streets.


Triathlon Sprint - Swim 300m, Cycle 18km, Run 5km

Triathlon Sprint+ - Swim 600m, Cycle 35km, Run 10km

Due to the swim being in a pool it is impractical to offer a Standard (Olympic) length triathlon - the Sprint+ offers the cycle and the run of this length.


You must be at least 15 (fifteen) to compete in the Sprint and 17 (seventeen) to compete in the Sprint+.


This year's race will be raising money for Stowmarket Scouts.


Registration will be open from 8am and racking will be open from 8.30am on Sunday 18 September.

When you register you will be issued your race number - this must be worn on your back for the cycle and on your front for the run. Tri belts are acceptable. You will also be issued with an ankle strap for timing, which must be worn on your left ankle throughout and returned at the finish line. You must return this chip at the end of the race - failure to do so will mean you have to cover the £10 cost of the chip.

You will have to write a number on your arm for the swim, sharpies will be available to do this.

If you are not a BTF member you will be issued with a day licence. The cost of this is included in your entry.

You will be issued with two stickers, one for your bike and one for your helmet.

It is important you have your race number and bike stickers at the end of the race to retrieve your bike.



The duathlon will begin with a mass start at the finish gantry beside transition around 10.15am. You must attend the same pre-race briefing at 9.45am.

You will head onto the run route, completing 1 lap for Sprint or 2 laps for Sprint+.

You will then make your way to transition and complete 1 cycle lap for Sprint or 2 for Sprint+.

Having finished the bike and exited transition again you will complete another lap for to finish.

There is 1 water station on the run which you will pass once per lap. You will also be provided water at the finish.



You must start within the pool and not dive in. If you wish to overtake you must tap the foot of the swimmer ahead of you then overtake them at the end of the length.

The swim will be in a pool. 

You will be given an exact start time before the race. Due to restricted space beside the pool please do not be at the poolside earlier than 10 minutes before your start time, unless advised otherwise. You will be able to wait beside the pool.

You must swim on your front (front crawl or breaststroke). If you are struggling at any point in the swim and need help lie on your back and raise your hand into the air and the lifeguards will assist you. You will be starting in the deep end - if you need to use the steps to get in and out, please inform the marshals.

We recommend you leave all your kit in transition and cover the short distance from exiting the pool to transition barefoot. This is paved and will be swept clear. Only athletes are allowed in transition - if you choose to leave any kit outside of transition, such as shoes by the pool exit to wear to transition, we are not responsible for this.

You will be given an approximate start time - you may start sooner or later than this. Your race will start when the swim starter says go having got you in the pool. Your swim time will finish when you exit the poolside area.


You will swim one length of the lane and then return, before crossing into the neighbouring lane. Having completed two lengths in each lane you will exit the leisure centre to head to transition in the car park.


You will swim up and down the lane twice, before crossing into the neighbouring lane. Having completed four lengths in each lane you will exit the leisure centre to head to transition  in the car park. 


Your helmet must be securely fastened. Earphones must not be worn. Your number must be rear facing. Mobile phones must not be used. Cameras must not be used.

While we have done our best to make this a fast course you must still abide by the highway code and follow marshal’s advice.

Our traffic management will help you to start as you turn right on Gainsbrough Road after the mount line. Further traffic management will help you to turn right onto Onehouse Road and right again onto Salthouse Lane as you exit the town. You will ride through Onehouse and Harleston before turning left onto Stowmarket Road through Haughley New Street, then left again as you pass Haughley Park. Your next left takes you south onto Warren Lane and Wood Lane as you pass through borley Green and onto Lower Road. At the end of Herron Hill you will take a left onto Finborough Road, heading back into town. You will take a left at the recreation ground back onto Onehouse Road, before turning right back onto Gainsbrough Road to finish.

If you are doing Sprint+ this is where you will carry straight on to complete a second lap instead of turning into Gainsborough Road.

For a map of the Sprint cycle route, including mile/kilometre markers, click here

For a map of the Sprint+ cycle route, including mile/kilometre markers, click here.


If you are wearing a front fastening triathlon suit this must be fully zipped up unless you have clothing on underneath. Earphones must not be worn. Your number must be front facing. Mobile phones must not be used. Cameras must not be used.

You will leave transition the same way as on the bike and then head left, joining the footpath beside the leisure centre and running left on it (away from Gainsborough Road). The footpath will bring you onto Lowry Way, at the end of which you will join and cross Chilton Way. Following the footpath, you will emerge back on the road at Starhouse Lane. Here traffic management will guide you down after turning left on the road, with a second left and crossing at the bottom to join Finborough Road. Your water station will be along here. You will carry on alongside the recreation ground (where you turned left on the bike), then at the end of it turn left to cut diagonally across the park. Crossing Recreation Road, you will take the footpath to emerge on St Mary's Road. Taking the footpath at the end of the road, our traffic management team will get you across Gainsborough Road to finish.

If you are doing Sprint+ you will run past the finish line (sorry!) to complete your second lap. You can grab a bottle of water from the finish if you require it.

For a map of the Sprint run route, including mile/kilometre markers, click here

For a map of the Sprint+ run route, including mile/kilometre markers, click here.


Mobile phones must not be used. Cameras must not be used. When collecting your bike you must have your helmet securely fastened before touching your bike.

The car park beside the leisure centre will be used for transition. 

Upon registration you will rack your bike and must have a sticker attached to your helmet and one to your bike. You must show your helmet is attached properly (no more than two fingers between the fastened strap and your chin) to enter transition to rack your bike. When you enter transition from the swim you must wear your helmet and have it fastened before touching your bike. No helmet, no ride.

The marshals will have the decisive say on who can enter transition and who must wait. You must have your race number attached to be able to reclaim your bike at the finish, or failing that provide photo ID. Once finishers are ready to collect their gear priority for entering will be given to those who are in the process of racing.


Any of the following may lead to disqualification:

  • Littering;
  • Being rude or abusive to marshals, the public or fellow competitors;
  • Not having a helmet on during the cycle;
  • Drafting during the cycle – that is riding within the slipstream of another cyclist for a sustained duration. You cannot ride within five and a half metres of the cyclist in front unless you are overtaking, in which case you must complete your overtake within a minute. Triathlon is in individual sport and thus drafting is not permitted;
  • Wearing headphones during the run or cycle;
  • Ignoring marshal’s advice.


We will have official race day photography throughout the course and at the finish. Your pictures may be used for promotional pictures. We will ask the consent of an adult before using pictures of any children. If you wish to avoid being photographed please let us know beforehand.


By entering our event you are agreeing for HaverSports to provide you with information about this event (such as your race briefing, athlete number and start time) and our other events. If you do not wish to be kept informed about our other events, the e-mail you receive will have an "opt out" option at the bottom of it so you can unsubscribe. This will not prevent you from entering future HaverSports events. You can also be kept informed of our events through our social media channels. The only information we will share is your medical information with our medical providers for that event so that they may treat you accordingly. Your information will not be shared with any other partners without your consent.


As soon as you have entered you money is being used to help fund the race and its administration. However, we do understand that circumstances can prevent you from taking part. As such, you may be able to transfer your entry to next year or to one of HaverSports' other events.

Stowmarket Tri - The HaverSports West Suffolk Triathlon 2022 image
Stowmarket Tri - The HaverSports West Suffolk Triathlon 2022 image
Stowmarket Tri - The HaverSports West Suffolk Triathlon 2022 image
Stowmarket Tri - The HaverSports West Suffolk Triathlon 2022 image
Stowmarket Tri - The HaverSports West Suffolk Triathlon 2022 image
Stowmarket Tri - The HaverSports West Suffolk Triathlon 2022 image

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