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Street Spirituality Two Day Masculinity Immersion

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Join us for a weekend of Masculinity based teachings, workshops and ceremony.

About this Event

Join us for a weekend of Masculinity based teachings, workshops and ceremony.

We will be exploring the energy of the Masculine by diving deep into the collective unconscious of the Modern Man.

How did we get here?

What are we supposed to be doing?

How can we nurture ourselves and others with strength, integrity and patience?

We begin to lay the foundations for the answers to these questions by coming together as Brothers and Teachers, Sons and Fathers, Elders and Initiates - each of us vital waves in the Masculine Spectrum.

We have curated :

  • Movement Workshop with Martial Arts Expert André Tomlinson
  • Fire Workshop with Expedition Leader Huw Mackin
  • Re-Awakening to the Earths Dream with Shamanic Practitioner David Marriot
  • Hero’s Journey Talk with Eddy Elsey
  • Drumming Circle with Traditional Colombian Musician Rafa Semilia
  • Dandelion Ceremony with Plant Healer Neil Kirwan
  • Masculine Myth with Story Teller Eric Maddern
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony with British Shaman Jez Hughes
  • A Celebratory and well earned Sunday Feast supplied by Chris Concious Cook and Vegan Restaurant Mother

& More

The weekend will be held on an Organic Farm just outside of East London.

The official Address will be sent out with your Welcome Pack and Final Information document after your ticket has been purchased.

We will be camping on site overnight on the Saturday. We ask you to please not leave the site from 10am Saturday morning to 5pm Sunday Evening.

Practitioner Bio’s

André Tomlinson

André is a longterm student of martial arts and an advocate for men's mental health support in the interest and growth of community.

His introduction to coaching began a decade ago at 17. With little guidance being offered, he acknowledged his need for focus and sought out a mentor in martial arts to guide him.

His training continues to challenge and explore my perceptions of potential. This was his introduction and entry into the conversation around belief systems.

Huw Mackin

Huw is a Shamanic practitioner from Hastings. He has also trained and qualified as a climbing instructor, UK and International Mountain Leader, bushcraft and survival expert and equine healer. Huw has over 20 years of experience working with emotionally wounded children, and has created outward-bound programs for local Authorities and other institutions focused on rehabilitating children deemed ‘unreachable’ with great success.

The realisation that many of the problems facing humanity today stem from a lost connection to the natural world - and many of the customs, ceremonies, traditions and initiations that go with it – has inspired Huw to launch his company: Primal Healing, and to create a range of courses that combine his unique expertise and experiences to offer direct shamanic healing, by helping people to re-establish their spiritual power and relationship with our land through expedition and adventure work in wild places and natural spaces.

Eddy Elsey

Eddy is a Shamanic Practitioner from London. After a rigorous multi-year initiation process with British Shaman Jez Hughes, he started Street Spirituality. Through his understanding and knowledge of Shamanic practices and how they can be integrated into the modern world, he believes that it is a merging of the Ancient and the new that will now help society push forward into greater awareness of the self.

Also trained in Yoga, Tantra and Reiki, Eddy brings elements of calm and love from these practices into the more tribal tradition of Shamanism. His belief is that through Shamanic Practice, we can form direct relationships with our own spiritual allies and aspects of ourselves that can guide us to a higher consciousness. It is through the tried and tested, millennia old, use of these techniques that we can begin to heal that which we have been told we cannot.

Eddy facilitates Men’s Groups throughout London, focussing on remembering the beautiful and potent traits of Masculinity through ritual, conversation and community.

Dave Marriot

Dave began his shamanic journey over twenty five years ago. He worked for three years under the tutelage of the medicine woman Arwyn Larkin, of Navajo/Celtic descent, in Britain and the U.S., following the teachings of the medicine wheel and the art of dreaming. He has also worked with Victor Sanchez and AVP ( The Art of Living Purposely ) in Mexico and Britain, following the ancient Toltec Knowledge of living in harmony with the seen and unseen worlds, that we are a part of. He travelled extensively throughout those lands during this period of his life, living in a simple way, immersed in the natural world.

He has recently completed three years training with Jez Hughes and the Second Sight team, which has brought much healing into his life and a true sense of belonging to these lands of Britain with their mysteries.

His intention is to follow the Earth's evolutionary dream, creating an authentic dialogue with Spirit/Nature, seeking to deepen his connection and guiding others to the ancient pathways of this land and the healing that this brings forth, working closely with the Sacred Yews within the South Downs.

Neil Kirwan

Neil Kirwan is a Plant Healer from the UK who has trained for many years in the art of Ceremony. His company, Love Heal Forgive holds regular Ayahuasca and Huachuma retreats. Having studied for many years with the Shipibo community in Peru, Neil had the calling to begin working with the land and the plants from the UK.

Eric Maddern

Eric was born in Australia and educated in England. But from an early age he was enchanted by North Wales. After graduating in social sciences he spent ten years travelling round the world seeking a deeper understanding of humanity and himself. This culminated in working as a community artist in the Aboriginal communities of Central Australia, an experience that influenced him profoundly.

 After returning to Britain he chose to settle in North Wales. There, with much help, he has created Cae Mabon, a unique eco-retreat centre in the foothills of Snowdonia. People come to it from far and wide seeking healing and inspiration. In 2008 it was declared number one natural building project in the UK and described as a ‘Welsh Shangri-La’. (See www.caemabon.co.uk)

 Since 1990 Eric has been a professional storyteller working in a wide range of venues but specialising in natural and historic sites. He has told tales in some spectacular places including Avebury, Stonehenge, Tintagel, Battle Abbey (telling the saga of the Norman Conquest), Kew Gardens, the Eden Project, most of the castles of northwest Wales, Caribbean islands, Sao Paulo in Brazil and the ‘Cradle of Humanity’ in South Africa. For English Heritage he wrote ‘Storytelling at Historic Sites’.

Jez Hughes

Jez Hughes is a British shaman and having studied for 15 years has worked full time as a practitioner for the past 8 years.

At the age of fourteen Jez suffered his own initiatory crisis following a convulsive fit. This experience pushed him spontaneously into an altered state of consciousness: revealing the awesome power and bliss of the universe. Having no context in which to frame this experience though left him in an almost permanent high state of anxiety. The sheer force of the incident rippled into severe repercussions creating havoc to his nervous system resulting in on-going seizures, breakdowns and intense mental challenges for the next 15 years. The desire to find a cure rather than succumb to medication, became the motivation for his personal healing journey; an exploration that took 10 years and numerous spiritual pathways until finally reaching a cure through the practical applications of shamanism.

He teaches and initiates people onto this path from the heart of the woods in the south of England. Captivated by the extraordinary wisdom and healing powers of the Shamanic way, Jez undertook five years intensive training with both UK and indigenous teachers before becoming a full-time Shamanic Practitioner. 

Jez's work has been featured on BBC Radio, Channel 4 television and in an array of national magazines including Sacred Hoop, Kindred Spirit, Spirit & Destiny, Natural Health and Soul & Spirit. He has also featured in the International Arts and Culture magazine, VICE. 

Jez’s passion is empowering people to reawaken their ancestors, the land where they reside and their spiritual heritages to heal the relationship between the human and natural world.

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