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Date and Time

The Lakeside Centre

180 Lifford Lane

Kings Norton


B30 3NU

United Kingdom

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Competitors List:



  • Novice: 0-2 years experience or White belt in BJJ

  • Intermediate: 2-4 years experince or Blue belt in BJJ

  • Elite: 4+ years experience or BJJ Purple/Brown/Black belt


  • Novice: 0-3 years experience or BJJ White/Blue belt

  • Elite: 3+ years experience or BJJ Purple/Brown/Black belt

Weight classes:


  • -65kg
  • -70kg
  • -77kg
  • -85kg
  • -93kg
  • +93kg


  • -60kg
  • +60kg

If you are graded in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you should compete at your belt level. If you train in a different grappling art or without the gi, you should compete at the relevant experience level. Anyone found to be entering a division below their appropriate experience level will be immediately disqualified from the tournament.


To submit to your opponent, tap him/her or the mat with hands or feet, or verbally submit. Cries of pain may be acknowledged as a submission.

To prevent novice grapplers injuring one another, in the under 2 year divisions referees can also stop the match in favour of the attacker when the referee deems that injury resulting from an undefended submission is a near certainty. (Attempting to ‘gut out’ an armbar rather than actively defend being a prime example.)

10 minute tournament matches. Two matches guaranteed for Novice and Intermediate.

In the event of a draw there will be a single round of EBI overtime for all matches up to and including the semi-finals. If there is a draw in the final of any division, then the match will be decided by 3 rounds of EBI overtime.

Free Absolute Division for Elite competitors.


All positions legal. Banned techniques: Heel hook/heel grab/steering wheel, toe holds & any leg hold that twists the limb rather than simply extending the limb over a single plain. Eg Calf crushes are legal when the foot is pulled straight in one direction forcing the tap, but illegal if a second angle or plain is incorporated or the initial angle begins to twist the foot/ankle/leg in a secondary direction. No spine locks e.g. twisters.


All positions legal. Banned techniques: no spine locks e.g. twisters.

EliteAll positions and submissions legal.


Grapplers are permitted to continue on any matted surface.  If they leave the mat they started on they will only be reset by the referee if they interfere with another match. When both grapplers naturally leave the matted area they will be restarted in the same positions in the centre of the mat. If a grappler flees the mat to avoid a submission he may be disqualified.


Illegal techniques include ALL slams whereby a combatant drives his elevated opponent downwards; particularly to escape submissions or pass guard. Forceful takedowns are legal, as long as the takedown is controlled and both grapplers go to the ground at no more than freefall. If the takedown is either not controlled or uses unnecessary force to the point whereby the referee deems the movement is designed to injure then it is considered a slam. All slams are instant disqualifications.


Hair pulling, small joint manipulation (finger and toe grabbing), pulling of opponents clothing, eye gouging, ear grabbing, scratching or pinching, striking of any kind, biting, application of oil or any lubricant at all, all infections and open wounds, vomitting, spitting and offensive behaviour or anything else that would generally be considered to be antisocial by those in attendance. Any infringement of the above may result in disqualification from your match and the event.


T-shirt, rash guard. Board shorts, vale tudo shorts, spats, gi pants.

The Respect Rule:

This event has a zero tolerance policy regarding inappropriate behaviour by coaches, parents/guardians, spectators and competitors.

All in attendance must show some restraint when their students or team mates are fighting. There will be competitors and spectators of all ages at this event and we are here to set an example.  

Any swearing, inappropriate gestures, violence (towards person or property) or berating the officials (regardless of any decisions they make) will not be tolerated.

If this happens, the referee/organiser has the right to disqualify that competitor, or to ask the person concerned to leave the area. If those concerned do not comply with the referee/organisers request the competitor will be disqualified from the event.

If a coach, parent or team mate encroaches onto the mat, or past any barriers that are in place, or man handles an official in any way, that person will be asked to leave the venue and the whole team may not be permitted to take any further part in the competition.


I, the competitor named on the online entry form, assume full responsibility and liability for all damages, injuries and losses that I may sustain or incur while participating in or watching the tournament. I realise that serious injury is commonplace in martial arts tournaments such as the one I am hereby entering and that death is a possibility. I also realise that if I am injured, I might be disfigured, disabled and/or rendered unable to work again. By entering into this competition I agree to and fully accept and assume liability for any and all injuries that I may incur expressly give up and waive any and all claims that I or anyone acting on my behalf or through me might have against the promoters, operators, sponsors, officials, participants, non-participants, and their agents, employees and representatives for any injury regardless of its nature, effect or affect on me as a result of my participation and/or presence at the tournament.

I authorise, and agree to hold harmless, whatever medical personnel that may be present at the tournament to take any action necessary, should I become injured. I further understand that tickets will be sold to spectators to watch the tournament; that news media and others might cover the tournament and that it may also be videotaped or otherwise shown to audiences around the world. I hereby expressly and irrevocably forever consent to having my likeness shown, publicised, commented and/or reported on; and I do not expect to,and in fact waive any compensation I might otherwise be entitled to as a result thereof.

I also understand that I may be photographed, filmed, and/or video taped and this used by the organizers, sponsors or other martial arts academies for broadcast or reproduction for any portable media. I therefore waive any compensation, thereof to the above.

I represent that I am in good health; that I am not presently, nor will I participate while under the influence of any drug or medication; that no one affiliated with this tournament has encouraged me to enter or made any representations regarding my fitness or ability to participate; that I have read and understood every provision of this release; and that I am legally competent to and freely enter into this waiver, release and assumption of risk agreement.

If an athlete's registration application is accepted and the athlete permitted to compete, the organiser hereby expressly reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, with or without cause, to change, modify or otherwise edit information contained upon a the registration form, including but not limited to: the athlete's academy's name and affiliation and/or the competitor's name and/or nickname. The organiser likewise expressly reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, with or without cause, to add or remove an athlete from the open weight division.

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Date and Time

The Lakeside Centre

180 Lifford Lane

Kings Norton


B30 3NU

United Kingdom

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