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Sunday Worship @ The Hub Belfast

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The Hub Belfast (Church of Ireland & Methodist Chaplaincy)

22 Elmwood Avenue



United Kingdom

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Church of the Resurrection @ The Hub Belfast

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We meet every Sunday morning in the Church of the Resurrection on Elmwood Avenue. Due to Covid restrictions we have to manage how many people can attend at any one service. Reserving a seat on here is how we do this. It's a bit 'not normal', but let's be honest, there are bigger problems in the world! Hopefully it'll not take too much of your time and we'll see you in person very soon. Keep an eye on our website,, for audio and video from our services and more..

For those attending with younger children, you may wish to opt for a 'Family ticket' below. We have set up the café area with space reserved for up to three families if you would prefer to be able to spread out a little! (See below for all the details on how that works.) You are equally welcome to bring your little ones into the main room - whatever works best for you and your family.

Here are some FAQs:

What time are the services?

We will meet at three times to suit all sort of Sunday morning bedtime routines... :

0900 – 0945 - Morning Worship

1030 – 1115 - Morning Worship

1200 - 1245 - Morning Worship led by our Youth Ministry Team with a focus on youth (though you not need to be under 18 to get in!)

We have three services each Sunday. 0900 and 1030 will both be the same. Our 12 noon service will be led by our youth leaders and directed towards our young people (though you do not need to be under 18 to get in!!)

Should I attend?

Well, we want everyone to attend a public act of worship, but please do not attend if you show signs of any Covid-19 symptoms. Please do not attend if, for whatever reason, you are uncomfortable with being indoors with other people.

We recommend that everyone attending downloads and makes use of the StopCOVID NI contact tracing App.

How many people can attend a service?

We will have a maximum of 30 places inside the church space, not including service leader/speaker and musician.

We will also use the café space for those attending with young children under the age of 5. See further below.

Will I have to reserve a place?

Yes. You will have to reserve a place or places for those attending with you in advance. This may be done through the Eventbrite link we will create for each service. This will allow us to control numbers, contact details, and to avoid the time that might be wasted and inconvenience likely to be caused by a ‘first come, first seated’ approach.

Who should I reserve a place for?

With the exception of anyone coming with children of pre-school age, please reserve a place for anyone within your household / social bubble who you know will be attending.

Anyone wishing to attend with children of pre-school age can choose a Family Ticket instead if they wish.

If I reserve, for example, three places but one person cannot attend, what should I do?

Refund that seat through Eventbrite. The place will be made available for booking by others.

Can I email or text to let you know I will no longer be attending?

Please don’t. The simplest means of managing places is through the Eventbrite reservation system and it will be a real help to us to keep the habit of using this. You simply refund the place or places you no longer need.

What time can I get in to church?

You may arrive for the first service from 0845, for the second service from 1015, and for the third service from 1145.

What time will church start?

Contrary to all historical proof, we will be starting on time at each service! As a courtesy to one another, and to minimise movement and contact, please be seated by 0900, 1030 or 1200.

What should I do on arrival?

Please enter the chaplaincy, availing of the hand sanitiser that will be available, and make your way straight to the seats in the church. Please allow space for others as you enter and exit the building.

How will we be seated?

We have reflected on this a lot as a team, some of whom are married with kids, some married without kids, some of whom are single. We will not be creating bespoke seating arrangements to match the exact places reserved. Rather, we will be arranging seats in various configurations of 1, 2, 3 or 4 and asking you to arrange yourselves on arrival, using common sense and considering the needs of others. (If you come as a two, try not to sit in a three etc).

We recognise that some people who arrive by themselves may wish, for a variety of reasons (health or otherwise) to be seated by themselves. Please feel free to take an individual seat or, if one is not readily available, to ‘split’ a two or a three by removing a seat.

Equally, we recognise that some people might arrive by themselves but would be happy to sit in a car, or share a meal, or be in close proximity to a friend who is also attending. If you are content to be seated together, then please do so (including bringing two or three individual seats together).

There is a danger of over-thinking the ‘what-ifs’ and range of scenarios. We believe that your good common sense and caring for one another will prevail, and that what seems a tad convoluted in writing will actually be quite simple in practice. No-one should feel under any pressure to be in more contact with others that they would like. No-one should feel they cannot be in contact with others where everyone is agreed.

Who should sit towards the front?

The first people in! These people are not braver than others, holier than others, more in need of salvation than others. We will be 30 people in the same shared space that is, contrary to the naked eye, much closer to a square than you might think! No great blessing or curse, public acclaim or abuse will befall anyone who simply fills from the front to minimise contact for those entering the church behind them.

Do I have to wear a face mask?

Our denominations have asked that anyone aged 13 or over attending an act of worship wear a face covering, unless they are exempt from doing so. We would ask that everyone seeks to comply with this. Guidance on who may be exempt from wearing Face Coverings may be found here: 

Will there be singing?

We will have congregational singing at the level of a spoken audible voice whilst also wearing a mask. The music will not be ‘full band’ and will reflect the need to maintain social distancing.

Will the toilet facilities be open?

Yes. Please respect others and our collective endeavours to maintain high standards of public and personal hygiene.

What happens at the end of the service?

In the event that we are not raptured, we will simply invite you to exit the building as quickly as possible, gathering if you wish outdoors and away from the entry / exit doors.

What will happen to the seats between services?

Staff will be able to interact with everyone who is coming and going - let us not give up on the habit of encouraging one another. Staff will also set up new seats and prepare communal areas for the next service.

Will these services be available online?

We are hoping to be able to share the service on Zoom and will keep folks up to date through the chaplaincy email and facebook group.

What about contact tracing?

One important means of managing risk is to maintain contact tracing in the event that anyone who attends a service develops Covid-19 symptoms. To that end we would advise:

a) That as the person who reserved a place or places we will retain your contact details for this purpose

b) That we will treat yourself as the contact person for anyone attending with you

c) That you would inform anyone attending with you to inform us immediately should they develop symptoms of Covid-19 on or through yourself

d) That if we need to inform attendees that we have been notified that a person or persons have developed symptoms that we will inform you to alert those who may have attended with you.

Additional Guidance for those attending with children under the age of 5

1. If you would like, you can book one of the three 'Family Tickets' available per service.

2. We will be making the café space available to you and others attending with children under the age of 5 for the entire duration of the service.

3. Audio from the service will be relayed into the café space and all ‘screens’ covering the windows into the church will be removed.

4. All visual will be relayed on to the TV screens in the café area.

5. We shall make a microwave available in the café area for heating up bottles and food. Please bring your own bottles, water and food.

6. Please bring your own toys to amuse your child and take them with you on leaving. (we will chat further about creating bespoke ‘toy boxes’ for each child so that when they come to church they might have their own box! For now, please help us by bringing and removing toys / books etc)

7. Other parents with kids may be in the café. Simply endeavour to respect one another’s space.

8. If attending the 0930 service we would be really grateful if, at the end of the service, you might help us quickly to wipe down where you and your child / children have been, for those that might be attending the 1100.

9. We will do all we can to ensure that everything that is happening inside the ‘church’ space can be heard in the café area. That doesn’t have to be a two way street!! Kids will be kids and will make noise. It’d be helpful if conversation though (more likely between adults) can be kept to a minimum – thanks!!

Will this all feel different?

Yes and No. Many of the mannerisms, customs and practices we are used to will be different and will feel different. The ease of gathering, socialising, and singing (though all of these come with varying levels of ease for us all!) will be different. Yet, God is still on the throne. His word remains true. Prayers will be heard. The practice of meeting will continue to be formational. Sure, it all may be ‘uncomfortable’, but who said we would only grow through comfort? And, under God, we will grow. That’s good news.

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The Hub Belfast (Church of Ireland & Methodist Chaplaincy)

22 Elmwood Avenue



United Kingdom

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Organiser of Sunday Worship @ The Hub Belfast

The Church of Ireland & Methodist Chaplaincy at Queen's University (known as The Hub for short), is a faith community located at the heart of the university campus in Belfast. Since 1955, students have been living in community as a visible witness to their peers around them. The Hub also plays host to a wide range of outreach and social ministries, supporting students as they negotiate their university years, and helping to bridge the gap between student and wider society.

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