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#SurpriseLDN Virtual Variety Lounge 2021

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The UK's best kept secret, SurpriseLDN, is back by popular demand via our new Virtual Variety Lounge Experience. Can you keep a secret?

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Cocoon Talent x Acharich present

#SurpriseLDN: I SEE YOU (ICU) V


So many labels have been put on us, sometimes by ourselves but many times by others. These can stay with us for years, decades even, as we ride the storms of life, often researching & experimenting, wondering if there's more to us than we realise. Have you ever wondered who you are & what makes you who you are? Do you even recognise yourself? Have you ever gotten frustrated in your search? What if creation has been waiting for this moment? Could this be the event that sets you on course for serious realisation & fulfillment?

For Part 5, we'll be hearing some vulnerable & courageous stories of people going to great lengths to find out their true identities, which we can all learn from, find affirmation & healing in, and be equipped to support those around us better. Let's explore these matters together, unusually & creatively. This is going to be super real & honest, so no masks allowed. Pun intended ;)

As usual, it will be a night packed with expression, discussion, creativity and significance, complete with some very special guests & perhaps some open mic! We hand-pick some of the finest talent & guests with substance each time, specially for you, and that's not all! Some of the things shared, you will be the very first on the planet to publicly hear and/or witness, and some of you will realise you are more blessed than you could ever have imagined. That's all we can give you for now, because the rest, as usual, is a one-time, exclusive surprise for those of you attending. Words cannot define it & walls cannot contain it. Expect the unexpected.

A night of freedom, refreshing, insight & empowerment.

Simply put, this is a date with destiny.


Here's some feedback from previous #SurpriseLDN attendees:

"It was an honour. I enjoyed it A LOT."  - Cherlene

"What a wow! I was so exhausted beforehand & wasn't even going to join in. Look at the time I did, and wow! Thank you so much! I actually can't wait for this to be in person!" - Femi

"Wasn't sure what to expect but it was so good!" - Hannah

"Thank you so much for inviting me, it was AMAZZZZING!" - Funmi

"I really enjoyed myself. I'm extremely grateful to have been there. So many amazing and talented individuals. It was extremely entertaining and I would love to attend another one for sure. I loved the energy." - Araba

"WOW! This was splendid. Big big congratulations. Well done!" - Fred

"It was honestly a great vibe coming with my partner & a great date night." - Liz

"Thanks again! Glad I was able to be part of this new thing. There are no limits with such flexibility. It's exciting." - Cherice

"Altogether, the event was amazing. It was informative, enlightening & eye-opening, to say the least. I really hope more & more will be scheduled soon. It was a privilege to join!" - Emmanuel S

"Wow! I'm so grateful for every single invite. The event is so genius. Amazing, really amazing!" - Veronica

"It was so well planned, the acts! It was so beautiful, so free & so open, in a place you wouldn't expect. It was a nice chilled vibe, a nice atmosphere & joy was present. It was good to see you in your element, I've never seen that side before. I thought it was amazing, really & truly!" - Elizabeth

"I had a blast & was so elated! It was such a blessing to have been in such a space. Such an awesome night. So different!" - Hellena

"Well done for constructing such a great concept, it was really good. Please do another one! I really enjoyed it." - Jennifer

"It was a nice, intimate evening. I liked the setup, the singing, the encouragement." - Victoria

"I definitely enjoyed the event, and it was a perfect way to end the day. Having a peaceful & electrifing atmosphere with the hard work put in & the performers created a memorable experience. That made it easier to connect with others as the energy was shared and was on the same wavelength. Connected with a lot of cool & interesting people."  - Luke

"I commend you for being able to put this together!"  - David

"That was amazing. Wow! Thanks for inviting me." - Tayo

"It was indeed a pleasure & a big surprise; I was pleasantly surprised to see you had a full performing band & good number of singers, enough to put up a show! Look for a slightly bigger venue & keep it up! You have overcome one of the biggest obstacles on the path to success."  - Augustine

"I can really see what God can do with this. It was a blessing to be there. Go bigger & better!" - Kevin

"It was really good. Do a part two!" - Colina

"The evening was really nice, I like the idea & expressions! I think for next time, find a bigger place so that more people can come around. And start a bit early so that people can get to know each other before the music starts. I'm sure that next time is going to be a big one. Thank you!" - Arion 

"Venue was cool. I loved my table, it was vibes! You did well." - Daré

"The talent you have hidden under your sleeve! It HAS TO come back! God bless you." - Madina

"Great night and I liked all the performances, they were all quite personal & touching. I can't even think of any improvements as it was such a great night! Keep doing what you're doing." - Kiran

"Great talent and had a lot of fun. Should definitely do it again! It was great and I think more people would love to go." - Soolaya

"Well done. Amazing. Absolutely amazing! Can't wait for the release of that single. I'm so excited for the next event already!" - Abi

"It was inspiring and uplifting, with it being a safe space. And near the end was a good time for people to network to talk about the event and the type of stuff they work on or the industry they work in. Glad I I was invited and made it as the event was a good way to start the year & reconnect!" - Luke

"I really liked the acoustic feel. It made it feel like a more intimate performance than a talent show or stand up event, which was nice. I also liked the flow of artist performances." - Beatrice

"Thank you! Definitely do it again." - Priscilla

"I had a great time!" - Amal

"An absolutely spendid evening." - Jon

"Beautiful. A fun evening." - Cyril

"Thanks for a great evening!" - Merzan

"Thanks for having us, we enjoyed the event!" - Cire

"It was really awesome!" - James

"It was a dream come true! Definitely a good idea. Would have been good to hear you sing." - Emmanuel M

"It was a pleasure. A wonderful time. I truly thank God. Defo would be up for it again." - Murielle

"Well done! It was really good. Do it again soon, maybe on a Saturday." - Christine

We have listened to your feedback & taken it on board. We heard your cry & we intend for each one to come to be 10x better than our events that received all the praise above.



  • Whilst our average tickets are usually £25+ for our events, we are not charging the usual for our first 4 virtual events of 2021, as we understand it has been a tough time for many financially during the pandemic & we don't want this to be a barrier to you having a great experience with us, however we welcome any & every monetary contribution, big or small!
  • Each of your contributions makes a difference! Proceeds will go towards covering costs, realising Acharich's creative vision, investing in & developing stellar / underprivileged talent with Cocoon Talent, and also making the #SurpriseLDN events bigger, better & more regular.
  • If you contribute over £50, we'll ensure there's a personal surprise scheduled, specially for you! If you contribute over £100, we'll ensure you get priority!
  • If you have been invited, you are also welcome to sponsor others to attend, whether you are able to attend or not, via the registration options.
  • For security reasons, please ensure that your screen name clearly displays your name otherwise you may not be let into the room for security reasons. Entry is by invitation & registration only.
  • Dress code: Cool / Cute, Comfy & Camera Ready!
  • There will also be an open mic segment, so please state your request on the registration form & include any relevant links or information if possible.
  • The event will be recorded, for future reference, training, marketing & promotional use, as well as fundraising. By attending, you give consent to us using your image, likeness, sound & representation.
  • No foul language nor hate allowed upon admittance please. We reserve the right to eject anyone or refuse admittance to any unruly, disrespectful or demeaning person.


Follow: @Acharich @SurpriseLDN & @CocoonTalent on social media & some followers will be selected to get super priority tickets to our future events.

Use the hashtags: #SurpriseLDN #CocoonTalent #ISeeYouICU #AcharichSpeaks without spoilers!

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Online event

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Organiser Acharich x Cocoon Talent x SurpriseLDN

Organiser of #SurpriseLDN Virtual Variety Lounge 2021

The Musical Director

Acharich has been working in & around the entertainment industries for over 13 years now. Whilst creating new work, writing for, collaborating with, managing & championing some of the best talent in the UK, he's also been investing in the the future of many upcoming artists, by taking them through fruitful processes of artist development, being that he has a real eye & ear for discovering world-class talent from very early on when they're still diamonds in the rough.

It's a very rewarding & fulfilling process, however it can be very demanding & challenging, both time & money-wise, with financial returns typically manifesting years down the line, which can make it difficult for the artists to focus on their craft the way they need to & not be overstretched with day jobs that wearing them out to the point where they find it hard to be creative, and also difficult for him to devote all the time they need without having to do other things to get by. This has the potential to make all of them pursuing their calling seem unsustainable and to keep them locked in jobs they hate to pay the bills, instead of delivering the greatest material & performances possible to you.

Partly for this reason, Cocoon Talent & #SurpriseLDN was born, to help keep the great work sustainable, whilst helping these often obscure gems maximise their potential, showcasing some of the most distinct, upcoming talent of substance in the country, with Acharich preparing the way for a special generation of world-changers that you will truly remember, and at the very least, be impacted by forever. SurpriseLDN has been widely praised as an incredible experience for the young & old alike. You will put it on your bucket list more than once!

Any of your support, whether through purchasing tickets, making donations to Cocoon Talent Development, following & interacting with us on social media, spreading the word and/or sharing our events with your network & social media followers truly helps us keep this work going, so that you can enjoy & be blessed by great work that may never have surfaced otherwise, from little caterpillars blossoming into beautiful butterflies!

Thank you!

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