Swim Front Crawl - Learn Effortless Endurance

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Foxford School and Community Arts College

Grange Road



United Kingdom

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Total Immersion: Effortless Endurance Workshop: Coventry

  • Would you like to be able to swim a mile or more with easy grace, enjoy every stroke and feel energized, not exhausted, when you finish?

  • Would you like to make swimming the best part of triathlon or swim confidently in open water?

  • Our Effortless Endurance workshop will help you achieve those goals; give you a stroke you'll be proud of and a satisfying way to enjoy great health.

Who should take this workshop?

  • New swimmers who want to develop great habits (but can swim 50m frontcrawl unaided)

  • Swimmers who have struggled to improve

  • Self-coached swimmers who would like expert assessment and advice

  • Long-time swimmers who find themselves stuck on a plateau or who have lost motivation.

Why Easy Freestyle

  • Human swimmers are energy-wasting machines: typically we convert only 3% of energy into forward motion. (Dolphins convert 80% and even elite swimmers like Michael Phelps convert only 9%!).

  • Dolphins move through water, humans move water around. So swimming farther or harder, as traditional programs advise, will only make your 'struggling skills' more permanent.

  • The fastest, smartest way to increase your endurance or speed is to reduce energy waste.

What will you learn?

During the workshop you'll learn the three foundation skills of effortless distance swimming:

  • Balance and Stability: Become 'weightless' by learning to cooperate with gravity instead of fighting it. Learning balance transforms struggle into smoothness and calms churning legs. It also brings the body control and mental calm necessary to learn every skill that follows.

  • Sleek and Slippery: Learn to move through water, rather than move it around, by shaping your body to be longer, better aligned, more hydrodynamic; and Stroking in ways that minimize waves and turbulence. Slippery swimming means that you travel farther and easier on each stroke.

  • Whole Body Propulsion: Replace churning with effortless power by connecting arm and leg actions to rhythmic, relaxed weight shifts initiated in the core. Instead of generating muscular force you’ll direct 'available' forces of body mass and gravity.

What will you take away?

  • The tools to work on a transformed stroke that will let you swim from a mile to a marathon . . . and feel energized afterward.

  • The knowledge and awareness to begin a path of continuous improvement (we call it Kaizen) that can continue for decades.

  • You'll enjoy swimming as never before. And the more you enjoy, the more you’ll practice and the more you'll improve.


Is there a minimum age requirement to attend this course?

This course is aimed at adult swimmers so the minimum age is 18.

I can't swim at all is this course suitable?

This course is suitable for people who can already swim (any stroke, any how) and are confident in the deep end of a swimming pool. If you are not yet at this stage please get in touch with us to book some one-to-one lessons.

I can only swim breast stroke. Is this course suitable for me?

The course is aimed at people who can swim around 50m of front crawl and want to imrprove. You need to be comfortable putting your face in the water and swimming in the deep end.

I'm a Triathlete will this course help me swim faster?

Yes. We will teach you how to be more efficient and relaxed in the water so that you swim faster and and save energy. Video analysis will show you where you can improve, and we will give you all the drills and skills needed to practice in your own time.

How fit do I need to be? Will the sessions be physically tiring?

This course is about learning good technique so does not involve swimming lots of hard lengths. This means that it shouldn't be physically tiring, However, learning something new requires focus and concentration so sometimes people find it mentally tiring!

What shoud I bring with me?

Please bring your swimming costume or trunks, goggles and a towel. Swim hats will be provided.

Is there car parking?

There is plenty of car parking at the Sports Centre

What's the refund policy?

Unfortunately refunds can't be offered, but whereever possible we will try to accomodate you on a different course.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please email penny.wilkin@ntlworld.com or telephone 07971627428

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Date and Time


Foxford School and Community Arts College

Grange Road



United Kingdom

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