Take An Oath Of Growth
£48.40 – £58.89
Take An Oath Of Growth

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The Jurys Inn

80, Jamaica Street


G1 4QG

United Kingdom

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Let's Take An Oath Of Growth Together. 

On Saturday, Novemeber 12th, join myself and guests for an eventful day where we will be sharing all the latest tips, tricks and strategies to live happier, healthier lives so that you can actualise your fullest potential. 

On the day we will look at the 5 major compenents to living an abundant life: mindset, movement, nutrition, inner peace and sleep. My goal is not to just motivate you on the day, but rather, it is to give you all the tools you need to bring about a new you, to spark something inside you that will forever alter the course of your life.

Here is a detailed breakdown of what you will learn.


-10 principles of abundance (the power of visualisation, affirmations, outflowing, etc).

-The Cube exercsie. A live demonstration and insight into your mind.

-How to boost your mindset through the use of morning rituals. 

-How to get super motivated through various practices.


-How movement impacts the lymphatic system. 

-Demos of movements used in eastern medicine and martial arts that bring about synergy (synched mind/body energy) 

-A look at why we move the way we do, how it's killing us and how we can restore our natual childlike vigour.


-A look at the GI Index and how we can use this to take our health to a new level.

-How we can lose wegiht through the process of alkalisation (the akaline diet).

-How to rid ourselves of disease, disorder, pain and ailments through our dietary habits. 

-A look at how what we eat dictates how we think and act and how we can regain control of this process.


-A look into our world, why we are all so stressed and how to combat this.

-The how and why of meditation and mindfulness.

-3 different meditation strategies performed live that you can also do at home (prepare to drool).

-Daily habits to take into your life to relax the mind, body and have you feeling in control of worrisome thoughts and headmess.


-A look into sleep hygene and how this can change your life forever.

-The science of sleep and the practical steps we can take to wake up feeling brand new.

-The latest research on the importance for sleep and health and how knowing this could be a game changer.

-And much much more.


-3 guest speakers will be joining us to share their motivational stories of how they rose from adversity to achievement, offering you their invaluable tips.

-Glasgow's first raw, vegan and healthy catering compay Coconut & Kale will also be offering various protein ball treats on the day.

-There are also some hidden extras that will be unvieled on the day which I'm sure you will love. So many secrets. 

You can contact me via my website for further details and if you require a group of five or more to attend. Here is my email ross@themotivationaldude.com 

NOTE! There will be a small admin fee of a few pounds added to your ticket to cover the cost of course materials, etc. And if you park in the car par just across from the Jurys Inn you will be provided with a 50% off token by the hotel. 

I will leave you with one of my favoute quotes that, after fully understanding and integrating this concept, changed my life in unimaginable ways.

'You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of' 

Jim Rohn

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Date and Time

The Jurys Inn

80, Jamaica Street


G1 4QG

United Kingdom

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