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Teacher Training Programme: Level One

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The Old Finsbury Town Hall

Rosebery Avenue

Studio 3



United Kingdom

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This is preliminary stage on the Vocal Balance Teacher Training Programme, for those who are wanting to further their understanding of the technique and professional development as a Vocal Balance Teacher.

Applicants should be encouraged to apply regardless of their previous experience or ability. Joining the programme will give you the opportunity to complete ‘optional extras’ or ‘electives’, so that your education is well-rounded - such as enhanced musicianship, piano skills and performance.

If you have a passion and commitment to discovering more about teaching vocal technique, you're already on the road to sucess.

This session will take place all-day, under the following schedule:

10:30am-12pm - Starting with a refresher of the last session, you will continue to follow the Level One syllabus.

12pm-1pm - Lunch (there are many places to eat around the area)

1pm-5pm - You will observe Julie & Richard as they work with participants on repetoire, giving you an insight into how the technique works in practice, having spent the morning learning the principles and technique behind Vocal Balance.

Below you will find more information about the VB Teacher training Programme.

How to have a successful career as a full or part-time voice teacher.

You may be a good singer and someone who genuinely enjoys the thought of helping others attain their vocal goals through teaching, but can you really make money from it?

Put simply - Yes You Can! It's a bit like starting your own business in that you will gradually find clients, work to your own schedule and enjoy a wonderful sense of autonomy. It is indeed a privilege to shape a career on your own terms especially when you enjoy with a passion "the thing you do!" Helping others doesn't have to mean working at a non-profit!

At first you will need to seek training and more experience of pedagogy. It may also mean you might have to offer Guinea Pig lessons as close to free as is possible, to get the ball rolling. The more voices you work with, the more you will begin to understand the utterly fascinating way each student works and how to cater for their needs.

Starting out, you will charge a nominal fee, but as you develop your craft and word gets around through recommendation, you will be able to increase your rates accordingly. With a decent understanding of method and pedagogy people will assume you possess knowledge of the subject and be more willing to pay a higher rate for your services.

Having studied the Vocal Balance Technique you will be more able to understand how the voice works and how to create a bespoke "treatment" for your students individually. Signing up for Vocal Balance teacher training will be the catalyst for change when it comes to your education and will prove to be an investment you won't regret.

A Better Teacher = More Students. More Students = More Money.

Before too long you will be able to choose your own hours, teach fewer lessons because you will be charging more and, this is the big one, do a job that you LOVE!

Job fulfilment is a life quest, a privilege and a motivator.

The Vocal Balance Teacher Training Programme is only the beginning of the new you!


What are the key aspects of Vocal Balance Teacher Training?

  • The goal is to get students to sing with freedom, released musicality with no discernible breaks through range from bottom to top.

  • Tonal clarity and flexibility are also important. Singers should then be free to investigate dynamics, long phrasing, clear text and better endurance, stamina, resonance, vocal strength and vocal quality in all styles, without fatigue or damaging the voice.

  • The results are accomplished by training teachers to train singers to find balance between airflow and intrinsic muscular resistance, ALL with a ‘floating’ larynx.

What are the intrinsic core values of Vocal Balance?

  • To understand how the voice works.

  • Smooth transitions through vocal bridges.

  • Devising exercises that encourage work against antagonistic muscles

  • How to smooth out breaks

  • How to maintain balance between adducted sound and airflow.

  • De-cluttering information

  • Application of Technique in different styles of singing. MT, Classical, RnB, Rock, Pop.

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The Old Finsbury Town Hall

Rosebery Avenue

Studio 3



United Kingdom

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