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What is the GBR Lifesaving Team?


GBR Lifesaving Team is the group of athletes selected to compete at European and World Championship competitions.

Under ILS rules a nation can only enter one team at the World Lifesaving Championships and European Lifesaving Championships. GBR Lifesaving is managed by a partnership between SLSGB and RLSS UK.

GBR Lifesaving Team are athletes are selected through a transparent declaration process (by submitting this form) and attendance at a Selection Trial. The results from the Trial, along with declared results from eligible events are submitted by GBR Managers to the GBR Selectors for scrutiny and a team of athletes is agreed.

All correspondence for athletes who are declaring their availability and eligibility for GBR Lifesaving Team should be submitted in writing through this form, and any questions submitted to All questions will be answered to the best of our ability at the earliest opportunity.

Who is running the Trial?

The Trial will be fully managed and set up by GBR Lifesaving working with Cornwall SLS and experienced Club members and officials. The Trial will be overseen by a qualified referee and all Trial competition arenas will conform to ILS regulations

Is there another Trial Date?

No. There is one Athlete Trial date for the GBR team selected for International competition in 2017. This team will compete in the European Lifesaving Championships in the Belgium

How do I declare my availability and eligibility for selection for GBR Lifesaving Team?

All athletes declaring their interest for European Championships 2017 and eligibility for selection MUST complete this form and submit it by the closing date.

Receipt of your athlete entry tells us that you consider yourself to be eligible for selection and that you will be available to compete, for GBR Lifesaving Team at European Lifesaving Championships in September.

When is the closing date for declarations of availability and eligibility?

The closing date is Friday 30 June 2017 by 23:59. We advise you to complete your declaration including all the supporting information (eligible results from events listed on this form) as early as possible

How will I know that my entry has been submitted and that GBR Lifeasving have received it?

All athletes who submit an entry will receive an automatic confirmation that their entry has been submitted from Eventbrite. Once the athlete has entered, and has received confirmation of the entry from Eventbrite, please consider that you are entered into the Trial, unless GBR Lifesaving contact you to advise otherwise. If there are any major anomalies with the athlete entry we will contact you. Please ensure that you complete all questions and parts of the form. Please provide as much information as possible.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes, you can log into your registration form and update it until the closing date.

What are the Selection Criteria for GBR Lifesaving and who selects the Team?

Athletes are selected through a transparent declaration process (started by submitting this form) and an athlete Trial. GBR Team Managers, Coaches and Selectors use the results from the Trial, along with your declared results to select athletes.

There is no obligation on any athlete seeking selection in the GBR Lifesaving Team 2017 to compete in all of the events listed in this Selection Process. However, athletes are reminded that our target is to select a team of athletes who are competitive in the Pool and on the Beach. Accordingly, GBR selectors expect to see athletes demonstrate their ability to perform in the pool and on the beach

Qualifying times for European Lifesaving Championships 2017 pool events

We will post the qualifying times for the pool events for Open and Youth Teams as soon as they are confirmed by ILSE

When will I know if I have been selected to compete for GBR Lifesaving Team?

GBR Lifesaving will take an attendance register at the Trial, and all athletes will be given a Trial number to aid our recording of results. The results from the Trial will be published online as soon as we are able to do this.

The Athletes selected to represent GBR Lifeasving Team (24 athletes in total) will be announced as soon as possible and by 28 July 2017 subject to all athlete verification being complete

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the Trial?

Yes. Athletes declaring themselves available for selection must bring a copy of their current British passport or if this is not available, a copy of their birth certificate to the registration at the Trial. This will be used to verify DOB and nationality.

Athletes who will be 16years and over by 31/12/17 will be eligible for the Open Team.

Athletes must be at least 15years by 31/12/17 and 18years or under by 31/12/17 to be eligible for the Youth Team

Which events and results gained are eligible for submission as part of my declaration?

Events are listed below. There is no requirement for athletes to have participated in all the events listed, however, we advise athletes to gain the best results and times possible from a selection of events to support their application and evidence their athletic ability.

GBR Lifeasving are looking for individual athlete results. Athletes submitting any results for team events that they competed in, for example, Board Rescue, Taplin, Tube Rescue, Sprint Relay, Manikin Relay, Medley Relay etc, please state the names of your team-mates for each race so this can be verified and help us with our planning.

Which races will I be expected to compete in at the Trial?

Athletes will know their strongest events. All athletes declaring for the Trial are expected to enter at least TWO disciplines, and you can enter as many as you want to. Results from the events you enter will be used to help select the team. We advise you to speak to your Club coach to determine which events you are entering. GBR Lifeasving are happy to discuss the race events with Club coaches.

Youth Athletes age 16-18 can declare their availbility for selection for Youth and Open Teams. If the Youth athlete age 16+ declares themselves eligible for the Open Team and the Youth Team, they must race in all the heat events they declare for at the Trial. For example if the youth athlete is entering the Ski race and wants to be considered foy Youth and Open Team, they must race on Ski race 1 & 2 in the Youth heats and Ski race 1 & 2 in the Open heats, therefore 4 events in total.

Please select the race disciplines that you are declaring and will enter at the Trial. You can edit this until the closing date, 30 June. The final declared list of athletes and events will help us to plan the final Trial format.

The Trial will run over one day, and all athletes who enter for selection, are expected to attend the whiole day of the Trial, and compete in the disciplines they register for, including all heats, and all races within a discipline. For example if the athlete declares for the Surf Race and there are 3 races, the athlete is expected to compete in all 3 races.

PLEASE NOTE: if the athlete does not participate in the whole day of the Trial, this may have a negative impact on their eligibility for selection. If the athlete does not participate in heats and finals for the race that they have registered for, this will have a negative impact on their eligibility for selection.

The Trial has been carefully selected to run to imitate the conditions of an International event, where Athletes selected for GBR Lifesaving will be expected to compete in the race disciplines they are chosen for, again and again, through heats, quarter, semi and finals. Stamina and fitness will be required at European Championships. We want to select the best team and the best athletes for this.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the Trial?

Athletes will need to arrange their own transport, including that for their kit/equipment to the Trial. All athletes and their supporters must park in the public car park at Portreath, unless they are a member of Portreath SLSC and have permission from the Club to park at the Clubhouse.

What facilities will there be at the Trial?

All athletes and supporters should use the public toilets in the village, and cannot use Portreath SLSC facilities (unless they are a member of the Club)

We advise you to bring a pop-up tent, lots of water and snacks. Portreath SLSC will be providing some refreshments and food which you can buy from the Clubhouse.

What can/can't I bring to the event?

You can bring anything that you need to the Trial. We advise you to bring several changes of clothes, lots of layers to keep warm, a pop-up tent, lots of water and snacks. Portreath SLSC will be providing some refreshments and food which you can buy from the Clubhouse.

Please ensure that your equipment/kit is in good order and compliant for racing under SLSGB rules. We will undertake kit inspection on the race line.

We advise you to bring wetsuit(s) however we will declare whether wetsuits are permitted for racing at the Trial, on the morning of the race day, once the ocean temperature has been checked.

All athletes need to supply their own equipment/kit for racing at the Trial. We will not be providing pooled kit

Will I be drugs tested?

Both RLSS UK and SLSGB are signed up to the WADA code. Athletes are expected to train and compete clean.

In order to ensure that you are compliant with the international regulations on drugs testing, you can look at the prohibited list here

**PLEASE NOTE** all athletes declaring (on this form) their availability for the trial, will be expected to bring any medication and herbal supplement with them to the trial in July. GBR need to see the medication/supplement and check that the contents do not appear on WADA's banned list. Please check your medication/supplements carefully using the link above. If you are taking a banned substance it may have an effect on your eligibility for selection.

Where can I contact the organiser with any questions?

We aim to provide as much information as possible on this form, and any attachments we send to registered Athletes. If you have a question which you can't find the answer for, on this form, please send an email to Sara Garner, Team Manager, Sara will respond as soon as possible. Please note that Sara is a volunteer so may not be able to reply immediately.

How much is the Athlete contribution for GBR Lifesaving Team in 2017?

RLSS UK and SLSGB contribute towards GBR Lifesaving Team. This is to reduce the Athlete contribution, however it is not 100% funded. We anticipate that the contribution in 2017 will be £500.

When will the selected team be travelling to European Championships 2017?

Current plans are that the Team will travel (Youth & Senior together as ONE Team) to the Belgium on Saturday 2 September and return on Sunday 10 September.

Will there be any training days for the selected Team?

Yes. All athletes who are declaring their availability and eligibility for GBR Lifesaving Team, must hold Friday 25th August as a Team training day. This will be held in Cornwall, and its compulsory for Team members.

Team Training Day - Friday 25 August

6:30am Registration

Training 7am-3pm inckuding SERC, Team pool events, Team Oceam & Beach events, Nutrition & well-being session, Team photos

What if I can't attend the Trial?

Athletes must make every effort to take part in the Trial.

Athletes who are unable to take part in the Trial must write to GBR explaining their extenuating circumstances before the closing date. This will be passed to the Selectors to take into conisderation when they meet to select the Team after the Trial.

Please note, extenuating circumstances will not be given for holidays, irrespective of when they were booked. Athletes who are ill or injured at the time of the Trial will need medical evidence to support this. If you believe that you have extenuating circumstances and cannot take part in the Trial, please continue to complete this form so that you are 'registered' as declaring your availability and eligibility and follow this up with an email explaining your extenuating circumstances to GBR Lifesaving at GBR Lifesaving will write back to you, by email, to confim receipt.

If you are unable to attend the Trial but want to be considered for the Team you MUST submit an online declaration by the closing date and you MUST email BEFORE 23:59 30 June with the following:
1. Athlete Full Name
2. Age (DOB)
3. Age athlete competes as
4. Team athlete would be declaring for - youth/senior or both
5. Reason for not being able to attend the Trial and evidence to back this up
6. Confirmation that you have completed the online declaration with as much information as possible and that athlete is declaring but unable to attend the Trial

What if a registered athlete is ill or injured before the Trial?

In the event that an athlete is ill or injured they must submit an email with a full written explanation for the circumstances with evidence of the injury or illness to GBR Lifesaving. We ask you not to withdraw your athlete declaration. The email explaining the situation should be sent to The athlete will receive a written response on eligibility for selection. We urge athletes to submit a written explanation for injury or illness as soon as they possibly can, when the incident occurs, to ensure fairness and transparency in the selection process.

Results from Eligible Qualifying Events (remember that qualifying events and results will be taken into consideration on your eligibility for selection):

  • World Lifesaving Championships, Lifesaving2016 (National Teams in Netherlands)
  • World Lifesaving Championships, Lifesaving2016 (Interclubs in Netherlands)
  • SLSGB Pool events 2017 only
  • SLSA Wales Pool events 2017 only
  • RLSS Pool Speeds 2017 only
  • SLSGB Open Ocean Championships 2016 only (held at Portreath)
  • SLSGB Youth Ocean Championships 2016 only (held at Exmouth)
  • SLSA Wales Ocean Championships 2016 only
  • Results from Other International Governing Body recognised events (i.e., Aussies, New Zealand etc)
  • Other ILS recognised Pool and Ocean Championships (athletes to supply results)

ATHLETE TRIAL - Final Running Order 22 July

(Event Manager & GBR reserve the right to make any changes based on any changes in weather and ocean conditions)

6:30-7:15am Registration (compulsory for all athletes)

7:15-7:45am Event Briefing (compulsory for all athletes)

7:45-8am Athlete warm-up

8am start

  • Sprints Race 1 (heats through to finals)
  • Surf Race 1
  • Ski Race 1
  • Sprint Race 2 (heats through to finals)
  • Board Race 1
  • Iron Race 1
  • Flags Race 1

1-1:30pm Crew Break

1:30-1:45pm Athlete warm-up

1:45pm start

  • Surf Race 2
  • Board Race 2
  • Flags 2
  • Ski Race 2
  • Iron Race 2
  • Surf Race 3

***Please Note*** each race will run in heats subject to athlete numbers

Athletes declaring for a race discipline, for example Surf Race, will swim in all Surf race events, and if more than 32 athletes register (32 is the maximum for a surf race), each event will run as heats through to a final. Therefore if 40 female youth athletes declare for the surf race, Surf Race 1 will run as 2 heats and a final, Surf Race 2 will run as 2 heats and a final and Surf Race 3 will run as 2 heats and a final, which if this was the case, an athlete reaching the final in each race would swim 6 times in all for this event alone

  • Each event will run as Youth and Open (separately) with exception of the Surf Race which we may run as one race, subject to numbers
  • Places will be awarded with points following the ILS system. Athletes dropping a race which they have declared for, will marked as such so the Selectors know
  • For confirmation, the guidelines for maximum athlete race numbers are: Board Race 16 - Ski 16 - Iron 16 - Surf Race 32
  • We will assess declaration entries and make a decision on whether to run sprints with 8 or 10 lanes
  • We will publish all results after the GBR Team is announced, and we will award a ranking number against each athlete. The reason for doing this is to reward the athletes who have entered the GBR Trial. There will be a Youth Ranking (age 15-18) and Senior Ranking (age 19+)
  • The courses will be set following ILS rules and Ocean arenas will be set with a rangefinder
  • The Trial will be run under ILS rules. All Referee decisions are final

REMEMBER you must enter a minimum of 2 race disciplines at the Trial. Select your choices (in advance) on this form

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Portreath Surf Life Saving Club



United Kingdom

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