TEDxWeekendTaipei Pre-Event in partnership with All Hands Taiwan

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Red Room

Jianguo S. Rd. Sec.1 #177 (1st building on the left, 2F)

Taipei, Lazio 00196

Taiwan R.O.C.

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Event description
TEDxWeekend Taipei Pre-Event in partnership with All Hands Taiwan and TEDxWeekendTaipei

About this Event

In mid 2019 I talked to Luke Lee - organiser of TEDxWeekendTaipei - and John Murn of All Hands Taiwan about the idea of doing a pre event before the Weekend started.

The idea of pre events is explained in this video about one we organised before the TEDFest NYC.

Both Luke and John agreed. I later met Luke in person at the TED Summit in Edinburgh in July 2019, and I knew John through his appearance on the Project Kazimierz podcast about entrepreneurship and innovation where he was talking about All Hands Taiwan here.

The main goal is community building among participants of the Weekend and members of the local community. In my experience pre events are particularly valuable for first timers, who may be nervous about going to an event where they know nobody, but.... they are for everyone.

We start at 18:00 at the amazing Red Room venue . They are providing the venue for free - the best way of saying thank you to them is to spend some money, buy yourself and a stranger a drink - if you are not into alcohol, that's fine, there are non alcoholic options..


18:00 -18:30 Soft start, informal networking, registration

18:30 Official welcomes, introduction, housekeeping Richard Lucas, John Murn, Luke Lee

18:40-19:10 Ice -breakers and "Connection cards"

19:10-19:20 Community Announcements. Get in touch if you have one.

19:20-20:10 Speed "introductions" meet 15 people in 50 minutes

20:10 -21:00 Informal networking.

21:00 Maybe you will want to go elsewhere with people you met/maybe stay.

At this stage, do whatever you want (subject to our Code of Conduct - see below).

Amanda Palmer - who gave a popular TED talk "The Art of Asking" - talked about the desirability of incorporating local communities into TED events at the TED Summit in 2019. This event can be seen as an implementation of her idea.

The Red Room entrance is located on the intersection of Jianguo S. Rd. and Jinan Rd. (TAF side entrance). Ours is the first building on the left as you enter. Make your way to the second floor. MRT[Zhongxiao Xinsheng Station Exit 6]Walk straight along XinSheng S. Road , then turn left on Jinan Road Sec. 2 , continue down and you’ll spot the entrance!B

What are Pre Events all about?

I started organising pre-events when I went to TED Global in 2011, and since then have organised them in Calgary, CapeTown, Cracow, Edinburgh, New York, and Warsaw. Pre Events solve a problem that I experienced when I go to events in places where I don't live and don't know people. "What to do before it starts" - often you end up in a noisy bar and many people are excluded.

Why Pre-Events ?

I've found that there just isn't enough time to meet all the other participants during TEDx-es, TEDFests and other TED events. A lot of the available time is taken up with the organised activities. At the networking and social events there is no way you can meet everyone. More time in a relaxed environment to hang out together is what we aim to offer with Pre-Events with ice breakers fun and integration.

The goal of this event is to build community among participants. When you are from out of town - it's always great to have a place where you can hang out before things get under way.

Richard Lucas

Curator, TEDxKazimierz and Pre-Event Organiser

About All Hands Taiwan

All Hands Taiwan, is a fast-growing platform for networking that seeks to make information and insights available and accessible to all professionals. In the span of just six months, All Hands has gone from a community-building platform to working with city and national governments, partnering with international commerce initiatives, contributing to the newly formed Alliance for a Globally-Oriented Taiwan, and commenting on nationwide labor bills.

About TEDxWeekendTaipei

TEDxWeekendTaipei is to celebrate 10 years anniversary of TEDx in 2019. The event follows the guideline and structure suggested by TED. TEDxWeekendTaipei includes TEDx workshop, corporate visit, reception night, cultural experiences, city exploring…,etc. TEDxWeekendTaipei is organized by Luke Lee, TEDxAmbassador and TEDxDaanPark organizer.


1. Q Is this an official part of the TEDxWeekend Taipei program ?

A. No - it is organised by Richard Lucas in collaboration with the TEDxWeekend Taipei organisers and team (and All Hands Taiwan)

2. Q Is it free ?

A. Yes - and the venue is not charging us. The best way to thank the venue is spend some money at the bar

3. Who is Richard Lucas, what is his connection with TEDxWeekendTaipei?

A. Richard has been active in the TED and TEDx Community since 2009 - as per his TED profile here . Apart from this he active in entrepreneurship promotion, is a businessman with companies in Poland, the UK and USA, and teaches entrepreneurship workshops at Business Schools and Universities. He has met the organisers at other TED organised events, and has organised pre events in Canada, Italy, Poland, Scotland, and the USA.

4. Q This sounds great - how can I help?

A. Thank you. We love you already. Such free events are made by the people who take part. In the sign up form you will be given an opportunity to volunteer and help.

5 Q Do you have a Code of Conduct?

A Yes. We take our Code of Conduct seriously.

We expect respectful, tolerant and civilised behaviour from everyone who takes part. Participation is subject to the TEDxKazimierz Code of Conduct https://tedxkazimierz.com/en/about-us/code-of-conduct

Q Do you have a data and privacy policy?

6 A Yes Our GDPR/Data privacy policy is stated here We respect your privacy and data. Information you provided will only be used for this event, you can ask me any time to tell you what data you have provided. I will delete it on request, and I won't share it.

Date and Time


Red Room

Jianguo S. Rd. Sec.1 #177 (1st building on the left, 2F)

Taipei, Lazio 00196

Taiwan R.O.C.

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