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Matthews Yard

1 Matthews Yard



United Kingdom

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Day eleven of TF18

Running from 9th - 22nd July, Tempting Failure 2018 brings an international programme of noise and performance art to Croydon, South London.

Find out more at temptingfailure.com/TF18

Attend this event with a TF18 Day eleven ticket or a TF18 Festival pass. Day tickets will be available on the door for £15.

DARC - Transformance

Matthews Yard: Gallery

Transformance is a radical new methodology in how live performance can be experienced, transformed and translated, employing a range of disciplines in an act of imaginative exchange between artist, witness/documenter, and a wider audience. This project aims to foster dynamic collaboration between diverse practices and to engage artists, spectators and researchers with the scope and innovation of performance documentation. At Tempting Failure, the collective will present an installation of the multifaceted documentation created during their Transformance sessions with the participating artists.

This exhibition is FREE

River Lin - Bone Setting Service

Matthews Yard: Lounge

Bone-Setting Service is an one-on-one encounter looking at the relationship between physical and emotional pain. How emotional pain and heart-breaking experiences connect with one’s own body motivates this performance. A visitor at a time is invited to share a personal story about brokenness and receive a massage to re-set the fractured.

This one-to-one performance lasts 10 minutes. Please book your time slot after buying your ticket.

Performance Philosophy with Dr Dr. Laura Cull Ó Maoilearca

LADA - Live Art Development Agency in Bethnal Green

A reading and discussion session for artists and members of the public about about performance, philosophy and the TF18 provocation, Fractured Bodies. Facilitated by Dr Laura Cull (University of Surrey), founding convener of Performance Philosophy (http://www.performancephilosophy.org), the session will begin with a reading of selected texts chosen by artists from the Tempting Failure programme, followed by an open discussion about the intersections of philosophy and performance art.

This event is FREE

Sarah Davis - Push

Matthews Yard

Push an ever-growing work exploring the artist’s experience of receiving chemotherapy and having a stemcell transplant for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The work has been evolving since June 2017.

Over an 18-hour period artist Sarah Davis will be working in situ documenting and archiving the medical ephemera she has collected over the past year and a half and transforming these objects into plaster artefacts.

The work functions as a landscape of trauma, it sits on the floor so the audience views it from above, tracing the narrative suggested by each pill packet. It is a cathartic work that addresses themes of survival, unfairness and the burden of ill health.

This performance is FREE to attend

KUBOV - be (e) tangled

Matthews Yard: Gallery

Over three hours KUBOV (Jess Aslan and Emma Lloyd) and their robot erode and rebuild material remixed from Matthew Sergeant’s bet denagel. KUBOV read from a constantly shifting mobile score, fuelled with sounds found in the various districts of Sergeant’s indeterminate piece for detuned baroque violin. The mobile score reflects a self regulating system managed by the tangled robot, which is continuously pushing towards balance and harmony in the space. Unfortunately for the robot, this is not to be, as the sound environment can’t be predicted and so the system pushes towards chaos as much as order.

Pablo Pakula - UNNEGATIVE

Matthews Yard: Theatre

The prefix un-.
Added to nouns, adjectives, participles, verbs, adverbs, and their derivatives.
Denoting the absence, reversal or cancellation of a quality, state or action.
Deprivation, separation or reduction to a lesser state.
A lack. Not.

Charging words with opposite force, the prefix un- turns everything inside-out and up-side-down. It changes the positive into negative, the negative into positive. Un- is deeply transformative. It un-does, un-makes, un-breaks.

UNNEGATIVE invokes these powers as an incantation. Somewhere between sculpture and dance, this ritual-action-piece clumsily reaches towards the light, forever trying to overcome. UNNEGATIVE is about guilt and forgiveness, about shame and acceptance, and ultimately, about redemption.


8:30 pm
Matthews Yard: Theatre

After a childhood filled with insufficient explanations about what has happened in Chernobyl and, later, many years of struggle against a system that enforces nuclear power and other operations of vast destruction with a violent police apparatus and biased media, GRM has been still angry. Frustrated after the apparently desired incidents in Fukushima, GRM started to embrace a cynical resignation, that culminated into the series POLLUTANT by the live electronic project COLDSORE.

It is a sonic meditation on mankind's destructive ignorance. GRM uses mostly handmade sound-generators and -manipulators to project mentally into the steam-filled cooling towers of ancient NPPs all over the globe. Following the traces of serial failures, floating amid the H2O molecules that have just touched the radioactive cores of great dreams. We want to fly free like the original CLOUD, then rain down to bless the world.

Rocio Boliver With Thibault Delférière - The Sea Anemone and the Hermit Crab

Matthews Yard Theatre

The lato sensu symbiosis is defined like any biological interaction between species, no matter whether these affect positively or negatively among them.

Here, the Amphitryon is interpreted as harassing either side and supplants a host organism that hosts a parasite, a mutual partner, or a commensal partner.

At some point in the cycle, even if there is some benefit, the host receives damage from the parasite. Predation will be the objective in a close relationship in which one of the participants (the parasite) depends on the other (host).

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Date and Time


Matthews Yard

1 Matthews Yard



United Kingdom

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